Midori Days

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Midori Days is a fantasy anime television series. It is about a boy who has his hand replaced. Seiji is a student. He would rather not study and his grades reflect his attitude. He will fight to protect others and is considered a bully. He doesn't have a lot of friends and cannot find a girlfriend because of his reputation. One day his demon hand is replaced. The replacement is a young girl who really cares for him.

This is a story of major life changes. This anime cartoon shows a boy with a reputation who wants change. He is joined by a girl who cares for him.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 3, 2004
Cast: Mai Nakahara, Kishô Taniyama, Drew Aaron, Kether Fernandez
Midori Days

Midori Days Full Episode Guide

  • After Seiji tries to get Midori to take a math test for him, Seiji and Midori play rock-paper-scissors over it, but Seiji loses... Midori decides that for her reward, Seiji has to say he loves her. Will Midori get what she wants? Will this change their relationship even more?

  • Kouta, a childhood friend of Midori's, has a strange dream that makes him believe that she is in a Snow White like coma. He finally asks Seiji to come with him to Midori's house to try to wake her up. Will a kiss from Seiji wake up the life size Midori? If so, what will happen to 'his' Midori?

  • Seiji catches Shuichi Takamizawa taking pictures of him and Midori throughout town. Soon they find out that he has created a popular internet website, and Midori is the star! Is Midori ready for fame? Will Seiji let Shuichi continue to follow them without recourse?

  • Seiji wakes up one morning and discovers that he has switched places with Midori! Midori is now actually sized, and Seiji is her right hand! How or when will they turn back to 'normal?'

  • After Ayase tricks Seiji to go to a movie with her she completes a carefully planed day for the couple. As Seiji gets to the date, Midori sees Ayase all dressed out, to her surprise. Will Seiji and Ayase end up together?

  • Seiji's neighbor Shiori decides she doesn't want to go out with her father and stepmother for the day, because she hates her stepmother. So Seiji ends up watching her instead. Ayase, still trying to get the courage to ask Seiji out, sees them walking together and soon believes Seiji is a pervert. How true are her fears? Is Seiji really a pervert?

  • After an accident, Seiji and Midori relize she needs some new clothes. So after some thought, they go to a doll shop. After Takamizawa Shuichi, a fellow student discovers that Seiji collects dolls, Seiji pretends to be his friend and have the same hobby to keep his mouth shut. But how long before Takamizawa discovers thier secret?

  • Seiji's older and very cruel sister comes home for a 'visit,' after she takes all the money Seiji recieved from his parents, her and the members of her former motorcycle gang decide to take Seiji along to a bathhouse. Will she discover Seiji's secret?

  • Just as Seiji is learning to deal with the fact that his right hand is now Midori, a group of thugs from a nearby high school begin to start trouble as to force Seiji to fight. Can Seiji really fight without his "Demon Right Hand?"

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