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While it is important to realize that there are politically correct way to say and do things in today's society, wouldn't it be nice to be able to speak your mind without worrying about whether it is

Comedy Central
4 Seasons, 56 Episodes
July 6, 2005
Cast: Carlos Mencia, Brad Williams
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Mind of Mencia Full Episode Guide

  • The season finale finds crime fighting superheroes who are handicapped. And Mencia sings the blues about the elderly black men.

  • This episode features Mencia reading his hate mail on stage. Also, interviews are conducted on the street to see if citizens will speak ill of the dead.

  • Mencia tries to help politicians, celebrities and his own family by traveling back to the past in a time machine. Also, a trip to a racially themed amusement park.

  • An examination of the Jewish culture with Robert Schimmel, and Mencia explains what he loves about the USA. Also, a fitting tribute for the late, great George Carlin (1937-2008).

  • Mencia speaks on how to handle being invited to a gay wedding. Also, Mencia's opinion on emo music, and a special appearance by Cheech Marin.

  • Features ideas concerning the housing crisis. Also, a person on the street interview with the citizens to see what they would do if they were elected president.

  • A new crime syndicate arises after the price of rice increases. Then, a debate between teen and elderly arises over how tough it was to be a child.

  • Mencia pays homage to a gay man living in a small town. Also, ideas of how to make women happy.

  • Carlos "Bitch Smacks" Prius Drivers and proposes a unique service for celebrities who abuse drugs.

  • Season four begins with Mencia acting as host of a children's show in a third world country. Also, a police officer who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

  • Highlights from the third season.

  • Carlos, the space alien, examines the human race. Later, Dean Carlos advises high-school students.

  • Carlos questions why there aren't more Mexicans in movies. Later, the second annual Stereotype Olympics is held.

  • Carlos puts gamers in a real version of Grand Theft Auto. Also: a segment of "Future News."

  • Carlos spoofs "Man vs. Wild" by setting an episode in the ghetto. Also: a session of "ER Carlos."

  • Mencia does a take on First Gentleman Bill Clinton; Punji, the electronics-store owner, clashes with his customers. Also: the announcement of the "So You Think You Can Rant" winner.

  • Carlos teaches wild animals about urban living. Later, Judge Carlos presides.

  • Carlos finds people doing racial-stereotype impressions; and takes on voter apprehension about electing a black president.

  • Carlos heads across the border to spoof "Borat." Also: E! channel programming for Iraq.

  • In this episode, P.O.D. drops by to help Carlos reveal the world's first Latino Superhero: Beaner Man. Later, Carlos meets up with Joseph Cano, Brad Williams and Josh Blue to talk about some of the worst jobs in the world.

  • In this episode, Carlos decides to improve his sensitivity by attending a class. Later, he goes to a speed dating event dressed up as a large woman, to see whom he can fool.

  • In this episode, Carlos decides to interview people on the street to se if the country is ready for a female president. Later, he hosts a special poetry jam and some surprising guests drop by to participate.

  • This week Carlos visits prison to shoot a rap video that addresses a topic famous rappers never discuss...their experience behind bars. Then he hosts a game show that asks the question: "Are You Smarter than a Wetback?"

  • This week Carlos crosses the border to introduce us to Barato and his movie "Barato: Cultural Explorations of Differentness Between US of A and Mexicanos." Then Carlos takes us overseas to show us the new fall line-up on Iraq E! TV.

  • Carlos returns for season 3 and can't wait to tackle events he missed while he was off air. He returns as the favorite foul mouthed children talk show host, Carlosaurus Rex, and sings his advise for confused kids everywhere.

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