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Minoriteam is a super-heroic comedy that had one season of nineteen episodes, each of which was only eleven minutes in length, plus its pilot. The show focuses on the exploits of the Minoriteam, a group of superheroes whose powers are inspired by racial stereotypes, as they do battle with The White Shadow group, an organization whose members are derived from various Caucasian stereotypes.

Specifically, the Minoriteam's roster includes Dr. Wang, the paraplegic Chinese polymath; El Jefe, a Mexican who employs a leaf-blower in his crime-fighting; Fasto, an African-American with the designation of "fastest man alive;" Jewcano, a muscular Jewish man with fire-based abilities; and Non-Stop, an Indian man whose lead skin renders him impervious to heat and gunfire. Conversely, the White Shadow group's membership consists of the titular White Shadow, a man dressed in robes similar to a member of the Ku Klux Klan and with a helmet inspired by the eyed pyramid on U.S. currency; "The Corporate Ladder," an anthropomorphic ladder; Racist Frankenstein; and the robotic Standardized Test.

The show is drawn in a manner very similar in design to Jack Kirby comics of the 1960s. The pilot for Minoriteam debuted in 2005, while the series arrived in 2006.

Adult Swim
1 Season, 19 Episodes
November 6, 2005
Comedy, Action & Adventure, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Dana Snyder, Nick Puga, Peter Girardi, Todd James
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Minoriteam Full Episode Guide

  • While galactic widebody Balactus continues to own the paint with his doomsday machine, Fasto gets in touch with his funky alien ancestry. Can Minoriteam and White Shadow just get along and save the earth? Will Fasto have what it takes to turn this mother out?

  • Alluding to hero lore as disparate as Superman I and Superman II, this episode sees a coming of age of sorts for Fasto as he learns the truth about his past. Meanwhile, a galactic power forward with mad inside game known as Balactus prepares a doomsday machine for earth.

  • The White Shadow uses a secret weapon to take on others' cultural traits.

  • Beyond business class, beyond first class, there is only tremendous class. While Nonstop nurses his body cavities in a terrorist shakedown room at the airport, Wang, Neil, and Landon revel in an elite flight class reserved for the likes of African Warlords and Charles Durning.

  • Every villain has a back-story, and one time successful restaurant owner John Le Zoq is no exception. Watch as, in exciting flashback form, White Shadow recounts the rise and fall of the Black Cock.

  • Fasto's loyalites are put to the test when his mild-mannered alter ego, Landon, is romantically pursued by a beautiful fellow professer.

  • As far back as he can remember, Corporate Ladder always wanted to be a minion. Follow his rise from a step-stool in White Shadows boardroom to a full-blown minion.

  • The inscrutable herbaceous substance known as Nonstop's Old Country Smoke may be the key to safety when an evil, grape-flavored fog overtakes Corporate City.

  • White Shadow's implausible Book of Prophecies has predicted a cataclysmic event should the Bahamas win events in the undeniably Olympic-flavored Universal World Games, he purchases the team.

  • What would the life be like if Wang hadn't left his wheel-print on the world? A supernatural hippie in an unearthly van takes Wang on a highly derivative journey to restore his belief in himself.

  • The White Shadow has a new secret weapon a tool known to technology aficionados as the Internet. The Minoriteam must stop him before he uses deadly search engines to uncover their true identities.

  • One woman holds the key to saving summer when questionable weather forecasting becomes deadly.

  • The Minoriteam is abducted by other-worldy creatures who wish to learn more about stereotypes. Back on Earth, the White Shadow and company get a little bored without the Minoriteam to fight.

  • The White Shadow is audited by a more evil corporation then his own, the IRS! After years of shady schemes and poor funds he finds his own corporation is in trouble.

  • The White Shadow uses a celestial white sphere to send himself and his minions back in time to stop major historical events from happening. Dr. Wang, with help from Dr. Brilliant, use their powers to send the other members of the Minoriteam back in time to stop the past from being altered.

  • After a racist bomb blows Fasto right past the black exit to Heaven and lands him in Valhalla. El Jefe is the only one, with this 1/19 Viking blood, to go and save Fasto from the dead Nordic women.

  • A lifetime achievement award is held in Corporate City in honor of El Jefe and his great accomplishments. The famous wrestler, and El Jefe's father, known as El Yo interrupts the ceremony and begins attacking the city, eventually taking Fasto and Jewcano prisoner. El Jefe must confront his father and challenge him in a wrestling match.

  • The Minoriteam is called upon to help a group of Indians after their plans of building a casino are halted, due to Pilgrim Burial Grounds beneath the casino. As the team searches for clues in the catacombs, El Jefe is having trouble getting past the border control.

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