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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a family centered kids show that portrays a happy little bug family that lives in the area of Sunny Patch. Miss Spider and her husband Holley have adopted bug children and live happy lives in Sunny Patch. Each and everyday is a new adventure for the buggie children. Their Spider mother and father teach them to be good to bugs and learn how to deal with life in Sunny Patch.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on August 23, 2005.

Where do I stream Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends online? Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is available for streaming on Nick Jr., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu online.

Nick Jr.
3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
August 23, 2005
Kids & Family
Cast: Kristin Davis, Julie Lemieux, Cameron Ansell, Aaryn Doyle, Tony Jay
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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Full Episode Guide

  • When Whiffy and Stinky go to the annual perfume festival they leave Gracie for the first time overnight. Although a sleepover at Miss Spider's house with the spider siblings sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, Gracie can't help but miss her parents. The first day, Gracie just watches time go by. Time sure goes by slowly when you're missing somebuggy. But then when Gracie starts having some fun the next day, time whizzes by and she's more than a little disappointed it all has to come to an end when Whiffy and Stinky get back home;Dragon takes off on a high-flying adventure with Flying Aces Rocky, Roxy and super ace Wilver who are in town for Sunny Patch's annual Corn Carnival. Before Dragon leaves he promises to bring a cloud home for Bounce. A short while later, Sunny Patch is socked in by fog and Bounce thinks Dragon has sent him down a cloud. At first the kids have fun playing in the fog, but when mist fails to go away everybuggy starts to worry. How is Dragon going to get home when he can't see? Meanwhile, the Ant Brothers, Ted and Ned are delighted with the fog. It gives them just the cover they need to secretly move the corncob they've discovered without anybuggy seeing them. The fog eventually clears and the Flying Aces make it home safely with the help of some volunteer fireflies. To everybuggy's delight, the Ant Brothers provide treats for all when popcorn erupts from their ant hole after they inadvertently place a lantern too close to their precious corncob.

  • All the Spider kids are excited about learning new languages, like cricket and butterfly. That's all the spider kids except Dragon who is learning firefly. He's a dragonfly. Dragon thinks learning a new language is hard and doesn't see the point. But Dragon changes his mind about learning a new language when their friend Flint the firefly's bum-light goes on the fritz, Dragon uses his knowledge of firefly to help Flint reunite with his fiancĂ©e;To everybuggy's surprise, their friend Cookie 'drags her wings' over leaving Sunny Patch for the winter. When Miss Spider's buglets find her trying to stay warm on a crisp morning, the shivering Monarch butterfly makes a confession. She's lost her confidence and the butterfly instincts she needs to make the long journey south! Without those instincts, the befuddled butterfly can't even find her way around Sunny Patch! After the buglets' attempts to help their friend regain Cookie's confidence fail, Miss Spider offers to put her up in the Cozy Hole for the winter. With grey snow clouds looming overhead, she happily accepts. Next morning, Miss Spider and the kids take Cookie out to experience her first snowfall. Amazing! When a sudden blizzard catches them by surprise, Miss Spider and her buglets turn to the butterfly for help. With her friends in danger, Cookie's instincts kick in and she leads them back to the Cozy Hole and safety! That afternoon, her confidence and butterfly instincts restored, Cookie thanks her bug friends for believing in her before winging south for her warm winter home.

  • Miss Spider and Eunice Earwig have planted a small orchard of shrub cherry bushes so they will have a nice harvest to make into pies. They ask Bounce and Squirt, who are playing nearby, to be careful around the seedlings. The bugs promptly forget and inadvertently trample one of the little plants. Bounce and Squirt volunteer to care for the seedling, who they name "Shrubby." The buglets come to learn that there's more to growing a plant than just a little water now and again. When a frost threatens Sunny Patch, Bounce and Squirt rescue all the ground cherry seedlings and eventually everyone enjoys the "fruits" of their labor - some tasty ground cherry pie;It's a beautiful day in Sunny Patch and Dragon can't wait to spend the whole day making pinecone castles...until Miss Spider asks that he include Spinner, who loves making pinecone castles, too! Dragon rolls his multi-faceted eyes and pouts that he doesn't like the idea of being stuck with his slowpoke brother. Miss Spider points out that family needs to stick together. Dragon gives in, but reluctantly. In the pine forest, Spinner decides to build his own castle when his bossy brother takes over and leaves him to do all the work. The battle to build the best pinecone structure leads the buglets to an eventual 'tug-of-war' over the perfect flagpole to top their respective castles. When the sap-covered twig glues the brothers together, the battling buglets must find a way to work together and get home safely. Meanwhile, when Bounce, Pansy and Snowdrop want to play 'monsters,' Shimmer offers to take them out to find a real one! After a few false alarms, the brave monster hunters eventually track down a very scary two-headed bug beastie -- the stuck-together, but now cooperating, Dragon and Spinner!

  • Mister Mantis has taken Bounce, Dragon, Wiggle, Squirt and Pansy on a field trip. When the bugs find out they are going to visit the Venus Flytrap they are very concerned. They all have heard stories about the "Venus Flytrap Monster" - most of them wild exaggerations. Mister Mantis tells the bug the old story of "Master Mantis," a mysterious praying mantis who saves a bumblebee princess from a "Venus Flytrap Monster." Each of the Sunny Patch bugs have a role in the old story, with Mister Mantis appearing as the mysterious hero. The tale instructs the bugs on how to act around a Venus flytrap to make sure they are safe. When the Spider sibs arrive at the bug eating plant, they use their new knowledge to keep an unaware beetle safe from harm;With 'Hug-A-Bug Day' fast approaching, Mister Mantis suggests his class put on a pageant celebrating 'insect diversity' in Sunny Patch. Each buglet is to chose one special bug and learn a 'fun fact' about them. Then, 'dressed' as that bug, the kids share the fact in the form of a play! Buggin'! The buglets can't wait to get started! They flit and scurry off to talk to their own special bug. When Wiggle can't decide what bug he wants to be for 'Hug-A-Bug Day,' Bounce offers to help! He suggests choice after choice to Wiggle, only to learn that somebuggy else has come up with the exact same idea! Intent on picking a 'special bug' that nobuggy else has chosen, Wiggle gets more and more frustrated as his list of choices dwindles. Finally, with every bug they know taken, it looks like neither brother will find that special 'somebuggy to be' in time. It's only after talking to Miss Spider that the brothers realize they're both very special bugs and decide to go to the pageant as each other!

  • Spiderus is tired of hearing what a great dad Holley is, so he plans a special foraging trip to the Snakey Woods - where only really brave bugs go. He's going to bring back something extra special for his little bugs. When Holley declines to go to the Snakey Woods too, Squirt starts to think maybe his Dad isn't as brave as he thought. But when the "special" toy that Spiderus brings back turns out to be a snake egg - and hatches! - Holley proves courage by using his flute to lure the baby snake back to the Snakey Woods where he belongs. Once the snake is reunited with its mom, Holley rejoins his kids and explains that being brave isn't the same as putting yourself in danger for no reason;Every year Miss Spider and the bug kids have a special "Thank-you, Dad" day for Holley. They send him out to do chores while they make him presents and treats for a surprise party that may no longer a surprise - but it's a fun family tradition. However, when new poppa Spiderus finds out about it, he's envious. He wants a special day, too. But he's disappointed that Spindella and the buggy triplets don't seem at all interested in "surprising" him with a party. So he decides to throw his own party and cajoles Holley into being his only other guest. After some un-fun festivities, Holley invites Spiderus back to the Cozy Hole to share his party... only to discover that Miss Spider and his buggy brood aren't there. Now Holley's disappointed - until the two dads find their families at Le Beestro with gifts and treats and hugs. Miss Spider and Spindella have pulled off the best surprise party ever!

  • Sunny Patch has been hit by a heat wave. While it's very inconvenient for Squirt and the other bugs, it's downright dangerous for Felix and family. Taddy Puddle is drying up and Felix and family are going to move on looking for more water - unless! Squirt gets the great idea to dam up the small outlet from the puddle and keep it as full as they can - just until the heat wave ends. But damming the puddle is no easy task and it takes all of Sunny Patch working together to save Felix' pond - and keep Squirt's best friend in Sunny Patch;Shimmer, Felix Squirt and Dragon are playing an animated game of Sunny Patch Superheroes and Lil Sis and Honey Bee are the babies that have to be rescued-over and over much to the little girls' dismay. They get tired of being treated like babies. They want to be super heroes too. Besides, they have Flower Power. The big kids think they're too little to have real super powers. Miffed the two little girls go off to play on their own. During a game of hide and seek, Lil Sis falls asleep in a flower. When the rest of the kids gather for lunch, nobuggy knows where Lil' Sis is. The big kids feel terrible. They were supposed to keep an eye on her. Everybuggy in Sunny Patch comes out to look for Lil Sis. Eventually it's the kids that find her but she's stuck in the nectar inside a flower. It's Honey Bee that has to use her Flower Power to rescue her friend, proving that she is big-or small enough to be a super hero.

  • Persistent rainfall has been keeping Sunny Patch damp and mushrooms have been proliferating all over the place. When Wiggle finds a mushroom he wants to take home, Holley tells him he can't. But Wiggle disobeys his Dad and when he lies about it his lie mushrooms into a big problem. The Sunny Patch kids end up with a house full of fungi;After a windstorm, the Sunny Patch kids are out cleaning up, when they find Berry, the crane fly, trapped under some debris at Taddy Puddle. After they save him Berry's injuries become apparent. He's lost a couple of legs, which is no big deal for a crane fly, but he's also mangled his wing. This hits Berry hard and Miss Spider and kids take him in until he gets better. They help him learn new ways to do old things and they even invent new flying apparatus to get him airborne again.

  • Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner are playing in the Taddy Puddle when they come across Felix the frog - a sweet natured amphibian who's tongue challenged. When the little bugs take pity on him and untangle his tongue from a cattail, they discover Felix, unlike other frogs, isn't a bug eater. The bugs and frog become instant playmates. Meanwhile, Dragon, Bounce and Pansy are looking for a little adventure since their regular bug games, like dew drop dodgeball, just don't seem as fun as they used to. So when Spiderus shows up with news of a scary frog sighting near the Taddy Puddle, Dragon convinces Pansy and Bounce to join the Sunny Patch Anti-Frog Squad. Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner realize they must keep their new froggy friend a secret. Unfortunately, Spiderus spots Felix from his watchtower and rallies his Anti-Frog Squad along with other Sunny Patchers to dispatch the green menace. Squirt and the bug pack have to work together to disguise Felix as a funny-looking bush - and Spiderus is left embarrassed when the other bugs think he was just seeing things.

  • It's Holley and Miss Spider's anniversary. And Holley's planned a big night out on the town. But he's forgotten to arrange a buggysitter. Spindella to the rescue! Problem is Spiderus is so lonely all by himself in their lair, he keeps thinking of excuses to come up to the Cozy Hole. Shimmer realizes he just feels left out and invites to join their fun. To everybuggy's surprise, grumpy Spiderus turns out to be a lot of fun - and a great buggysitter! By the time Miss Spider and Holley come home, Spiderus is sound asleep along with all the other little bugs;Squirt is in a quandary. Lil Sis has invited him to her birthday party and he promised her he would go. But when Dragon comes home and announces that all the kids are going to take part in a tuber tuba parade Squirt wants to do that instead. Squirt's in a pickle. He doesn't know what to do. Holley shows Squirt his Thinking Stone . Holley explains that when he has something serious to think about he takes time out and sits on his Thinking Stone. He suggests that Squirt find a Thinking Stone of his own. Squirt goes on a quest. He tries all kinds of stones all the while trying to solve his dilemma. He eventually finds a perfect Thinking Stone and finds a resolution to his problem. He finds a way to both go to Lil Sis' party and participate in the tuber tuba parade

  • Mr. Mantis has assigned the kids a project to build a Family Tree -- a tree made of twigs and leaves with a branch to represent each bug in their family, and a memento from the place where they hatched to decorate it. Of the three adopted kids, Dragon and Bounce are happy to find their special something in Sunny Patch. Shimmer, however, wants to find a memento from her real 'hatchday' place to decorate their tree. So Miss Spider offers to help her find where she was born. When Shimmer starts to wonder about her beetle mother along the way, Miss Spider shares her story of how she herself was adopted and how she came to find her new home. Although they are unable to find Shimmer's 'hatchday' tree, Shimmer is comforted by the fact that she found Miss Spider and the family she was meant to be with. In the end Shimmer decorates their Family Tree with a flower Miss Spider saved from a very special day -- the day Shimmer was adopted;Squirt is having a blast surfing the web on a windy day when he gets a little overzealous and decides to try a daring new stunt -- the super spider surfer loop-de-loop. Squirt's siblings think it's a bad idea, so when Squirt takes a tumble off his web and does several more loop-de-loops than he'd intended -- he's too embarrassed to admit that his super stunt was actually a very scary accident. But are the kids ever impressed! Squirt's a real pro-surfer! Basking somewhat uncomfortably in his newfound fame, Squirt turns into a bonafide jitterbug when word gets around and every buggy wants to see his amazing new stunt again. Too scared to surf, Squirt finally admits what happened to Miss Spider, who helps him find both the courage to admit the truth to his friends and to get back on his web again.

  • Dragon sees Spiderus pretend to hurt his ankle in order to get out of work. So when Miss Spider's family is invited to a "boring ol' tea party" at Spindella and Spiderus', Dragon pretends to have the bug flu. But when Miss Spider insists he stay in bed and eat healthy chickweed noodle soup instead of playing with his brothers and sisters, Dragon realizes he's sick of being sick! Dragon admits he had the fakey flu. The apologetic dragonfly makes it up to everybuggy by picking the most delicious berries at the top of the berry bush;Squirt's so busy playing, he's late for dinner, late for bedtime and late for school. So Holley and Miss Spider build a sundial in the middle of the Village Square. This way all the kids can see what time it is - from almost anywhere in Sunny Patch. Squirt's tardiness improves until a cloudy day comes along. Squirt is so busy web-surfing he misses his pal Eddy's hatchday party. So Holley teaches Squirt a cloudy-day way of telling time by singing "The Minute Long Song."