Mom Caves

Men are known to have 'man caves,' their own space in the home where they can play their video games, form their own band or do whatever they please in absolute privacy. Moms, however, are often forgotten. They are stuck with their families all day with little to no alone time at all. In Mom Caves, HGTV builds a luxurious fort for moms so they can have a space to call their own. The result is usually more than they hoped for with extravagant d

Saturday 7:30 pm et/pt on HGTV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 12, 2012
Cast: Jared Dostie, Beth Stern
Mom Caves

Mom Caves Full Episode Guide

  • Former New York Giant, David Tyree, is known for his famous catch that won his team the Superbowl in 2008. But his main catch is his wife, Leilah. She home schools their six children and he wants to give her the ultimate learning center as well as a place to retire and relax.

  • Christina's husband calls Beth to give his wife her very own ladies lounge for her book club.

  • Kimberly has fond memories of being with her family in her Tuscan kitchen as a child while Matt wants to transform their kitchen into something more modern.

  • The backyard of a house devastated by Hurricane Irene is turned into a chic farmhouse-like oasis that features a fire pit made out of stones from the original structure.

  • Hazelle is a former nurse who gave up her career to raise her family. Although every mom deserves a Mom Cave her husband Ian is so grateful for her sacrifice and wanted to give his wife and mother of their three boys a space where his wife could relax and enjoy her love of photography, crafting and city lofts. It's a pretty hefty remodel to incorporate all three, so Ian called on the Mom Caves team, Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie to surprise Hazelle with her very own space ... a Luxe Loft! By mixing classic city loft elements such as exposed brick, intricate wall and lighting fixtures and contemporary seating areas along with Jared's special project of a photo booth, a showcase of Hazelle's personal photographs and a crafting place, Beth and Jared transfer a plain basement into a hip and cool Luxe Loft!

  • Christine left a high-powered job in the city to move to the suburbs and start a family. Her husband, Mark, has never forgotten her sacrifice and wanted to give his wife and mother of their two children (who's currently pregnant with their third) a very special thank you. So Mark calls Mom Caves host, Beth Stern, and her team to surprise Christine with a new kitchen and dining room. He wants it to reflect his wife's other love, the beach! Using classic nautical design such as wainscoting, light colored cabinets and wood flooring, accented by navy blue and sea foam and a high-tech porthole, the space is transformed into a beautiful Nantucket kitchen and dining room.

  • In college Heather loved to paint and created beautiful works of art. But in the balance of home and assisting her husband with their at-home business, Heather hasn't found much time to indulge in her passion for painting. Her husband Stephen wants to give Heather a pop art studio to reestablish her love for art. So Stephen's called on the Mom Caves host, Beth Stern, and her team to surprise Heather with a mom cave that will inspire her inner artist to reemerge. Using iconic pop art symbols, lots of bright colors and bold prints, the Mom Caves team transform an empty space into a vibrant Pop Art oasis.

  • Sommer is a graphic designer who works full-time and practically raises her two girls on her own. Her husband Mike works long hours to support the family and feels terrible that Sommer gets very little down time and that they don't get much time together. So Mike calls Mom Caves host, Beth Stern, and her team to surprise Sommer with a new master bedroom reminiscent of her favorite vacation: their honeymoon in Hawaii. By mixing classic Hawaiian design elements such flowers, a canopy bed, a thatched ceiling and a pebble mosaic water feature, this dated master bedroom is turned into a luxurious Maui Retreat!

  • Scott wants to give his wife and new mom Stephanie with a 30th birthday surprise she'll never forget. She runs a day care out of her home, so on top of taking care of her own baby; she looks after close to a dozen children during the day as well. With home and work combined, Stephanie doesn't really have a place where she can exhale. So Scott's called on Mom Caves team, Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie to surprise Stephanie with a mom cave that reflects this mom's love of all things Moroccan, a Moroccan Lounge. Using traditional elements such as layered rugs, hanging lanterns, bright, bold colors and a biofuel tiled fireplace. Beth and Jared transform an old tired sunroom into a serene and exotic Moroccan Lounge.

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