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Monster Croc Wrangler: In the dramatic scenery of Australia's Northern Territory the saltwater crocodile population has been protected for over 40 years. Which means they've had time to grow! But the bigger they come, the greater the need to protect these magnificent predators from human encounters. Matt Wright and his mates Jono and Wilo catch at least one monster croc! It's dangerous work but danger comes with the territory.

Monster Croc Wrangler is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2017.

Where do I stream Monster Croc Wrangler online? Monster Croc Wrangler is available for streaming on Nat Geo Wild, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monster Croc Wrangler on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, National Geographic online.

Nat Geo Wild
4 Seasons, 23 Episodes
January 13, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Matt Wright, Chris Wilson
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Monster Croc Wrangler Full Episode Guide

  • Fifty miles off the coast of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory lies the Tiwi Islands. The communities here are accustomed to living with big crocs, but one massive saltie has been causing problems at a remote fishing camp. Matt Wright and the team set sail to this remote area to restore paradise once more.

  • At Victoria River Downs Ranch, managers Rusty and Julie haven't had trouble with crocs for years, but recently several big salties have been spotted in the river. Matt Wright is called in to see what's going on and clear any problem crocs to keep the ranch workers and kids safe.

  • Crab Claw Island Resort is a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, palm trees and cabins on the waterfront. But in Australia's Northern Territory, any waterway is potentially home to crocodiles. Resort manager John is concerned about a croc hanging around the beachfront and calls in Matt and the team to ensure the safety of his guests.

  • Tommy, a local pub owner, regularly takes his family fishing on a river that runs through a nearby farm. But recently a big croc has been showing too much interest in this small boat and putting his family at risk. This problem croc needs to be moved before someone gets hurt.

  • Workers at the Paspaley Pearling Company farm have been spooked by a large croc hanging around the boats. Matt Wright urgently flies out to this remote paradise to capture and relocate this animal before someone gets attacked. It's a job made even more difficult because the only way to get this croc out is between the seats of a seaplane.

  • In Australia's Northern Territory, close to two million people visit every year and swim in popular waterholes. Matt and the team are busy clearing 15-ft. crocs from a remote cattle station when they spot a couple of backpackers camped on the banks of the river. After some friendly advice, the backpackers move on!

  • In Australia's rugged Northern Territory lies La Belle Cattle Ranch. John, the ranch manager, is having a few issues with several big crocs in his waterholes, including one monster that's been spotted swimming down the river with a fully grown cow in its mouth! For the safety of his cattle and crew, the croc must be moved.

  • Animal relocator Matt Wright receives a call for help from a crew that is camping alongside the river at a large cattle ranch.

  • A 15-foot croc unexpectedly bites the back of Matt Wright's boat, nearly capsizing them into the dangerous waters.

  • After an aggressive saltwater crocodile sinks a small boat, Matt Wright and his friends work to relocate the animal to a different area away from humans.

  • During peak tourist season, Matt receives a call about a huge saltwater crocodile that has launched himself into the back of a fishing boat.

  • Matt Wright must figure out how to get an agitated killer under control and out of harm's way...but the 15-foot croc proves to be a major challenge.

  • Matt receives a call from a couple, Simon and Lauren, who own a ranch alongside a major croc-infested river.

  • Matt Wright responds to a call about a possible sighting of a legendary crocodile that may be the largest he's ever seen.

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