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Mr. Stain on Junk Alley is a 2006 animated comedy series produced by Studio Comet and TMS Entertainment. The show is brought to English-speaking audiences by FUNimation Entertainment. It follows the misadventures of Mr. Stain, a lovable but hapless scarecrow, and his friends and neighbors in Junk Alley, a literal dump where all the discarded and forgotten items of society end up.

The series is episodic, with each episode standing alone as a self-contained story. The show's humor is a combination of slapstick and wordplay, with occasional nods to pop culture and satire. The animation style is bright and colorful, with a cartoonish aesthetic that matches the tone of the show.

The show's titular character, Mr. Stain, is a scarecrow who has come to life thanks to a bolt of lightning. He is a kind and gentle soul, but also very naive and prone to getting into trouble. He often finds himself unwittingly causing chaos in Junk Alley, but his genuine concern for his friends and his boundless optimism always win the day.

Mr. Stain's best friend is Turpentine, a plucky and wise-cracking young girl who is always ready to lend a hand. She is a skilled mechanic and often helps Mr. Stain with his various inventions and schemes. Together, they make a great team and are always there for each other.

Other notable characters include Two Stacks, a grumpy old stack of tires who serves as the unofficial leader of Junk Alley; The Twins, a pair of troublemaking rats who love to cause mischief; and Inky, a friendly squid who lives in the nearby junkyard. Each of these characters adds a unique flavor to the show and helps to flesh out the world of Junk Alley.

One of the show's strengths is its ability to explore serious themes and emotions within the context of a lighthearted cartoon. Several episodes deal with issues such as loneliness, fear, and rejection, but always in a way that is accessible to younger viewers. The show's positive message of friendship and community is always at the forefront, even as the characters face adversity.

Overall, Mr. Stain on Junk Alley is a charming and enjoyable animated series that is perfect for children and adults alike. Its combination of zany humor and heartfelt storytelling make it a standout in the crowded field of children's programming. Fans of shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Adventure Time will find plenty to love here.

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14. Epilogue
Fortune seems to have found Mr. Stain when, while playing his harmonica, he sees a beautiful woman across the way and immediately falls in love with her.
13. Human
Mr. Stain finds an abandoned baby in Junk Alley's garbage dump. In order to nurture the infant, Stain decies to steal milk and a baby bottle, which incites the police to come after him.
Fishing Rod
12. Fishing Rod
When Mr. Stain and Palvan find a fishing rod, they decide to put it to use and end up catching a big fish in the nearby fountain.
11. Clay
Mr. Stain comes across some clay and molds it into a likeness of his face.
10. Seed
When Mr. Stain plants a mysterious seed, it rapidly grows before his eyes into a beautiful flower. Amazingly, the flower takes the form of a luscious woman, and Stan instantly falls in love with her.
Woolen Yarn
9. Woolen Yarn
On a snowy day, Mister Stain picks up a single thread of woolen yarn.
Toy Robot
8. Toy Robot
Mr. Stain discovers a remote-controlled robot. However, the robot refuses to obey the control's signal.
7. Binoculars
When Mr. Stain finds a pair of binoculars, he looks from a distance to see Palvan's softer side. As it turns out, the giant feline is secretly raising and nurturing a tiny kitten.
Magic Crayons
6. Magic Crayons
When Mr. Stain discovers what seems to be an ordinary box of crayons, he grabs his notebook and draws pictures that come to life...literally.
Cassette Tape
5. Cassette Tape
Mr. Stain and Palvan find a mystical cassette tape and use it, along with some spare junk, to make a doll that amazingly comes to life.
Heavenly Bird
4. Heavenly Bird
Mr. Stain stumbles upon an abandoned bird with rainbow-feathered features and a gift for dancing. Immediately, Stain decides to take the colorful creature in as his pet, but he's soon forced to realize the bird can only survive in tropical climates.
3. Portrait
Mr. Stain finds a portrait of a beautiful woman and falls in love with the picture. He is enthralled by the painting, as he doesn't move, drink or eat anything.
2. Refrigerator
When Palvan spots a refrigerator, his ravenous hunger convinces him to keep the prized possession to himself.
1. Egg
Mr. Stain finds a very uniquely colored egg and decides that he's going to take care of it. Palvan, on the other hand, wants to use the egg for food, and Stain is forced to violently fight him off.