Mushi-shi -Next Passage-

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Mushi-shi -Next Passage- is the stand-alone second season to Mushi-shi, a Japanese anime about a man who has dedicated his life to protecting humanity from the harmful influences of supernatural creatures known as Mushi. Mushi-shi -Next Passage- is 20 episodes in length, with each of its episodes taking place within the same universe, but without any continuity between each other--similar to -Next Passage-'s relationship to the base series of Mushi-shi.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
April 4, 2014
Mushi-shi -Next Passage-

Mushi-shi -Next Passage- Full Episode Guide

  • The one place that has stood the test of time, but humans have come. But the memories aren't lost.

  • Death clings and grows, what should have stayed in the ground has started to creep up.

  • Thirsting for and beguiled by water, the boy continues to live his life, as though lost or responding to a distant memory from the womb.

  • A myriad stars adorn a solitary patch of an otherwise pitch-dark sky above her. The girl gazes upon the eerie sky and familiar light.

  • A lost boy seeks solace, but the skies only offer a glimpse of unattainable affection. Man is capable of becoming attuned to what lies outside of the five senses--the brilliance of life, the light that shines from within.

  • Dusk--an uncertain hour that is neither day nor night. When two long shadows intersect, a darkness awakens from its long slumber.

  • In time and place unknown, the boy with white hair and green eyes sees the light illuminating the natural order and his own place in the world.

  • On his way to answer a summons, Ginko is trapped on a mountain that has been sealed by the mountain lord, and is experiencing an eternal winter. Why has the mountain lord sealed the mountain, and how will Ginko escape this eternal winter?

  • Ginko falls unconscious on a snowy mountain. He is helped by locals who somehow manage to grow their fields despite the weather, mainly because of a worker with unabated stamina. But at what cost does this vigor come?

  • While on board a boat, Ginko meets a young man who has developed a connection to a flock of bird-type Mushi able to create wind.

  • Ginko meets a beautiful woman that lacks all five senses and according to the man who takes care of her, is over 80 years old. While investigating the Mushi responsible for it, Ginko discovers an even darker secret involving the two.

  • Ginko encounters a young woman being followed by a mysterious, watery creature. Ginko reveals the truth of the Mushi attached to her, but the woman must decide whether to give up her body to the Mushi, or to dispel it and continue living.

  • A hunter roams the mountains at night without the tools of his trade. The being that toys with life, and then extinguishes it is a fragile "thing" caught between the realm of man and Mushi.

  • Snow constantly falls around him. Impervious to the freezing cold, the man is gripped by the searing memory of a winter he had spent together with his little sister.

  • Birdsong is suddenly heard when a sea shell is held up to a girl's ear. In a fishing village still reeling from a tragedy years before, a strange Mushi indicates an ill omen. What misfortune will be brought to bear on the people?

  • Once a sake brewer chanced upon a strange ceremony where he tasted a sweet, glowing sake that he's never been able to forget. Years later, when his son encounters a late-night ceremony, he pretends to be part of it and meets Ginko.