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My Life's Golden Age is a drama about family and the complications often come with it. This includes siblings, marriage, remarriage and children. It is about embracing the moments in life that are offered with the family connections and ties. Perfection and family does not always coincide. Secrets and mishaps are all part of this family clan. Achieving romance and dreams are usually found amongst the rubble.

My Life's Golden Age is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (56 episodes). The series first aired on April 30, 2009.

My Life's Golden Age is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Life's Golden Age on demand at Viki , Viki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 56 Episodes
April 30, 2009
Cast: Lee So-yeon, Shin Sung-rok, Jin I-han, Lee Jong-Won, Moon So-ri
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My Life's Golden Age Full Episode Guide

  • Kyung-Woo and Geum get married. Ki tells his family that he loves musicals and can't give them up. He decides to sing and dance for a year while working at the hospital. Tae-Young tells Ki that she wants to be an actress. Hwang goes into labor.

  • Father takes Mother to a restaurant after they find out she has fractured her arm. He helps her eat and she is happy. Father asks Mother to let Tae-ll to move out and to let him live his life. Father wants Mother move on so that they can live a happy life together.

  • Lee Ki meet with Kyung-Woo at a restaurant. They discuss her meeting her birth mother. She was mad that her birth mother never came looking for her. Kyung-Woo still has a lot of unanswered questions for her. Mother finds out that Lee Geum has met her birth mother. Mother is upset, but father is happy about this.

  • Lee Hwang meets up with her ex-husband and he tells her that he wants to try again. That he misses her and that she is carring his baby. He then meeets up with Yoon Soo and tells her that they can no longer see each other because he wants to try to patch things up with Lee.

  • Kyung asks Geum's birth mother to have her other children tested. Kyung makes a video to find a donor. Tae tells his family that he wants to get back together with Hwang.

  • Ki struggles with telling his family about his musical career. Hwang tells her family at dinner that there is no chance for her to get back together with Tae-Il. Her mother tells her to try to get him back, that she can't raise two children alone.

  • Hwang is pregnant with Tae-Il's child. Her family reacts to the news in various ways. Kyung-Woo's father tells him to end his relationship with Geum. Kyung-Woo has a fight with his mother about Geum.

  • After Kyung Woo shows up unannounced for what becomes an awkward breakfast, Man-seh tells Kyung Woo and Geum the history between their mothers. Hwang tells the family about her new job and her pregnancy.

  • Hwang discovers she is pregnant and that her ex-husband, Tae-il, is dating again. Geum and Kyung Woo agree to stay together and to get married, but their mothers’ shared history, over a stolen boyfriend, threatens the relationship.

  • Lee Geum and her family go to the doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor tells them that while she will have to take medicine for the rest of her life, she can still have a normal life. Lee Hwang and her husband discuss their separation.

  • Geom and Kyung Woo's relationship gets rocky when they face disapproval from both their mothers. Hwang's father begs his in-laws to forgive her and return Hyo Eun, after which she ran away. Tae-ll finds her and agrees to help Hwang get her back.

  • Hwang continues to battle her mother-in-law for custody of her daughter and has difficulty finding a job. Geom gets troublesome medical news and is fired by Kyung Woo's mother. Ki faces his father's disappointment after choosing to follow his dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

  • Tae-il has it out with his parents over where his daughter will live. He demands return the girl to Hwang. He informs them of his intentions to eventually study abroad.

  • Gyeong-woo and Geum reaffirm their feelings for each other as she asks him let the documentary air. Tai-il's parents tell him they will keep Hyo-eun with them. Hwang scouts out locations to sell rice rolls.

  • Jung-yoon confesses to Tae-il that she was the one who took the photo of Hwang and Dong-hwan and sent it to him. Lee Ki prepares to quit his hospital job for a musical.

  • The only job Hwang finds is as a supermarket cashier. Irritated by the low pay, she argues with her coworkers. When her father checks on her, she has been drinking and they end up arguing.

  • Hwang finds out who took the picture of her and Dong-hwan kissing in Thailand. She angrily confronts Jung-yoon. At first she denies it, but then admits she took the photo and sent it to Tae-il.

  • Hwang and Tae-il's divorce is finalized. Hwang's father approaches Tae-il and urges him to withdraw the divorce. Tae-il is understanding but admit. Upon realizing Hwang signed the divorce papers without a second thought, her father throws her out of his house.

  • Gyeong-woo stands up to his mother. During the film, he feels compassion towards Geum as he realizes the difficulties she has had to overcome. Hwang moves in with her parents. Her father makes no attempt to hide his unhappiness about her divorce.

  • Tae-il and Hwang come to an agreement about the divorce. It is up to Hwang to tell her in-laws she is leaving and taking her daughter with her. Her father-in-law is surprised with how determined the couple are to divorce. Gyeong-woo's mother opposes his plan to film a sick Geum.

  • Preparing to film a documentary about a leukemia patients, Gyeong-woo is shocked to learn the patient is Geum. Also surprised to see him, Geum debates allowing the filming in hopes of keeping her coaching job.

  • Hee-gyeong lets her son know he is as guilty as his wife. But she will still support whatever decision he makes. Tae-il and Hwang attempt to discuss the divorce details.

  • A confrontation between Tae-il and Hwang ends with a divorce request and a slap. Jung-yoon helps Tae-il home after he drinks too much. Hee-gyeong, Tae-il's mother, is disturbed to know both are guilty of infidelity.

  • Tae-il's mother continuously condemns Hwang for her affair until Hwang exposes Tae-il's own affair. Geum's angry father seeks out Gyeong-woo to find out the real reason for the broken engagement.

  • Geum lies to her parents about why the wedding has been cancelled. She tells them it was her choice due to his mother's disapproval of her. However, Hwang tells them Gyeong-woo broke it instead.

  • Hwang and Tae-il angrily confront each other about their affairs. Tae-il brushes his own one night stand off as a stupid mistake. Hwang seizes on that excuse and uses it to describe her own.

  • An infuriated Tae-il confronts Hwang after receiving the photo of her kissing Dong-hwan. Upset that she was caught, Hwang tries to dismiss it as a one time mistake. Tae-il refuses to listen to her excuses.

  • Geum introduces herself to Gyeong-woo's disapproving mother, who refuses to acknowledge her. Geum is startled to realize his mother is the director of the school Geum works at. Tae-il is berated for introducing Geum and Gyeong-woo.

  • Tae-il and Hwang rekindle their marriage at a karaoke bar. Their new found closeness is threatened by Dong-hwan, whom Hwang had an affair with on her business trip. Dong-hwan blackmails her into meeting him at a hotel.

  • Still smarting after his breakup with Min-sun, Gyeong-woo tries to rush into marriage with Geum. In-shik punishes Tae-young for her indiscretions by taking her credit cards from her. Hwang tries to placate her in-laws.

  • Hwang has a confrontation with her boss, because she believes the woman is jealous of her marriage. Geom and Kyung Woo's relationship begins to unravel when an argument results in her becoming locked in a freezer for 40 minutes.

  • Hwang's father-in-law pressures her to give up her job and become a stay at home mom. Hwang and Geum argue over their father's hospital bill. Unable to pay the bill, her father is discharged from the hospital.

  • Soo-gyeong and Geum cross paths again on a blind date. After a night of drinking, Gyeong-woo seeks out Geum and proposes marriage. A drunk Tae-young misses rehearsals, forcing Hwang to take her home.

  • Track coach, Lee Geum, attacks a referee she believes cheated and interferes with producer Gyeong-woo's camera crew. While on a business trip to Thailand, Lee Hwang has an affair with former boyfriend, Dong-hwan. She is seen by Jung-yoon, one of her husband's coworkers.

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