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Entrepreneur and single mother, Jennifer, is raising her son alone after the untimely death of his father. As the owner and operator of a catering business, the harried mom finds little time for herself. When the nanny agency she utilizes to help her out during her busiest times refers a male nanny, she is taken aback, and the series follows Jennifer, her son and her male nanny as they grow accustomed to a man in the house once again.

4 Seasons, 20 Episodes
September 25, 2012
Cast: Dakota Johnson
My Manny

My Manny Full Episode Guide

  • Jennifer's family and friends come together for a special dinner that she prepared, and Mike teases Jennifer about her concerns with taking their relationship to the next level. Just as everyone is about to start feasting, Grandpa arrives with Terry - could there be a new coupling on the horizon?

  • Terry unexpectedly - and tearfully - breaks the news to Jennifer and Melanie that her boyfriend dumped her. But with the food that was purchased for Terry's romantic dinner, the ladies decide there could be a delicious way to mend a broken heart.

  • Moments after Jamel witnesses Mike about to kiss Jennifer, she knows it's time for mother and son to have a conversation. Mike leaves to give them some privacy, and Jennifer gently begins to tell Jamel the truth. Will Jamel accept her explanation?

  • Jennifer shares some good news with Mike, which causes him to move in for an unexpected kiss. But then Jamel sees them and interrupts - will Jennifer be able to explain what's going on without hurting her son?

  • during Meet BrownsJamel is excited to use the new video game chair that Jennifer bought him, but she tells him he has to finish his chores first. But after Jamel's decision to use the chair anyway results in a minor accident, Jennifer decides he needs to learn a lesson about trust.

  • Jennifer and Melanie struggle to win over a very picky client named Terry with their menu ideas. However when Grandpa comes into the house and begins flirting with Terry, it looks like he might come to the rescue once again.

  • At the close of season three, Jennifer and Mike finally admit they have feelings for each other. During this season's kick-off, Jennifer dishes to best friend Melanie about their blossoming relationship. As she ponders how Jamel will feel about her new love life, Grandpa makes a surprising announcement that could help things along.

  • Jennifer finally agrees to go out with Mike.

  • Jennifer gets some romantic advice from a Princess Tiana on whether her "frog" is really a prince.

  • Will Jennifer be honest with herself and admit she has feelings for Mike?

  • On a weekend trip to Disney World, Grandpa gives Jennifer some fatherly advice about Mike.

  • Melanie insists Jennifer is making a mistake with Mike.

  • Mike has something to tell Jennifer, but it can't wait until after she comes back from Disney World.

  • Grandpa shows up just in time to hear Jennifer's surprise.

  • Jennifer continues to give Mike mixed signals about asking her on a date.

  • This season opens with Jennifer's best friend Melanie wanting to know more about the kiss.

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