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Ripley's Believe It Or Not! is a show that comes from the annuls of one of the great museum chains in the world. The amazing stories that were collected by Mr. Ripley for his first museum only served to make his empire bigger and more fantastic. He brought in the most amazing things that he discovered all over the world, and Dean Cain narrates many of these stories on the program.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (88 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2000.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ripley's Believe It or Not! on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play online.

Wednesdays at 9:00 pm et/pt on TBS
4 Seasons, 88 Episodes
January 12, 2000
Talk & Interview
Cast: Gregory Jbara, Dean Cain, Kelly Packard
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Ripley's Believe It or Not! Full Episode Guide

  • The major stories: A 17-year-old boy who's 8 feet tall A beagle that can walk like a human A college student who was impaled on a fence after falling from a building A mother who mastered the art of knife-throwing Two women attempting a challenge of breath-holding A soap which contains caffeine.

  • The major stories: A woman who had scissors in her stomach and didn't know A boy who excretes beetles along with his urine A 14-year-old girl who's one of the fastest rock climbers A dentist who carries very unusual toothpaste flavors An update on the rubberband ball, which has gotten bigger.

  • The major stories: A 3-year-old who can throw a baseball at a very high speed A church made like a balloon A man who can do two backflips in a row with a motorcycle A person who can jump rope while on a unicycle A baby developing inside a liver An entire city made from reeds.

  • The major stories: Japanese rooster tails which can grow almost 40 feet A man who can make scuptures out of junkA German restaurant where waiters and waitresses are in the nude A man with unusually large feet The world's youngest professional skateboarder at 6 Motorcyclists who climb one of the steepest mountains located in Modesto, CA.

  • The major stories: A pregnant woman who survived being impaled A paper airplane controlled by a fly A skateboarder attempting to jump 65 feet A 12-year-old model The world's longest lasso being used to herd in cattle A man attempting to walk a plank from hot-air balloon to hot-air balloon completely unprotected The most artistic sandcastle creator.

  • The major stories: A man who dressed himself up as a neon sign A man with a fatal condition which can only be cured with two hearts A basket made from the shell of an armadillo An elephant who gave birth in a tree Two very young girls who surf the most dangerous of waves in Hawaii Two men in a challenge to eat the most scorpions.

  • The major stories: A challenge of finishing a game of pool in one minute The world's largest web created by a group of spiders A girl who has a prosthetic jaw A girl who covers her body with hundreds of thousands of stinging bees A man who rides the world's smallest motorcycle.

  • The major stories: The youngest man to sail across the Atlantic in 25 days The world's youngest marriage A woman who can blow very large nose bubbles A man who has an obsession for Michael Jackson, also trying to change himself in order to look like him.

  • The major stories: A man who can keep his plane in a vertical position very close to the ground A cocktail which contains a human toe A legless man who won a marathon using his hands A man who can make paintings using blood A basketball competition to see who can do the most flip slam dunks.

  • The major stories: The world's only skateboarder who can pull of the "Loop of Death" A four-year-old girl who can name 50+ world leaders and the US presidents A boy who had his legs surgically turned backwards in order to save his life A rock formation which was actually dinosaur eggs A car filled with cameras.

  • The major stories: A boy who could possibly be the next Mozart A man attempting to put sand into his open eyes A man who had a hole in his stomach after being bitten by a snake A news channel where the reporters eventually take their clothes off Two men in a competition for breaking the most wood planks in 30 seconds A mummy that was well preserved by arsenic.

  • The major stories: The world's largest rubber band ball A man attempting to walk on very high stilts A bike shaped like an octagon Women who go rollerblading in the nude in San Francisco.

  • The major stories: A man attempting to do a backflip on a snowmobile A man who can make art with toast A woman who used trash to decorate her office A man who invented an inflatable surfboard A pig that looks more like an elephant A man who was blind for many years is now able to see again through the use of sunglasses which connect to his brain with a cable.

  • The major stories: A man who's the one of the world's fastest blind skiers A man who invented a surfboard that can let him elevate above the water over two feet A man with the world's fastest fingers A man who tattooed his entire body with a checkered design A woman attempting to parasail for the longest time in the world A tortoise who received a wheel for a leg after the leg was lost in an accident.

  • The major stories: A man who is able to open bottles with his belly button A woman attempting to dive in waters filled with sharks with no protection A man who decorated his house using animal bones The world's fastest barber The master paintball catcher A dog's helmet A man with an obsession for cows.

  • The major stories: A person who does almost everything standing up A man attempting to make 39 lay-ups with three basketballs A man attempting to lie in a cylinder filled with nightcrawlers A man who can make art using a typewriter.

  • The major stories: A man who is attempting to get shot out of a cannonball after an accidental crash prior to this attempt Ahe world's shortest 14-year-old girl who also has skin like rubber A woman with an obsession for animals A couple making a scale model of their hometown.

  • The major stories: A girl who had her legs stretched in order to fulfill her goal of becoming a stewardess A very young boy who's a champion weight-lifter A horse that received a prosthetic leg A woman who is able to sew just by using her tongue.

  • The major stories: A man attempting to break free after being entagled with many feet of ropes A girl who lost her scalp from a ferris wheel A ritual where holy men take baths in the ashes of dead people The first motorized snowboard.

  • The major stories: A man who made a monorail system in his backyard An alligator that ate a lot of golf balls A woman with gray skin A tree that's been growing out of a clock tower.

  • The major stories: A cat that can surf A girl who had a bad habit of eating hair A man who literally stuffs cockroaches into his mouth The world's fattest boy A woman who can speed stack cups in a matter of seconds.

  • The major stories: A man who can draw the largest of portraits by using a tractor A man who can create and collect shrunken human heads A diving helmet made out of a water heaterA food fight which uses tomatoes.

  • The major stories: A man who can pull very heavy things while on a wheelchair The master of free throws A little girl who can identify many countries A woman who eats tarantulas as a delicacy Catacombs of Paris which can make the city go dark.

  • The major stories: A dog that was shot multiple times and livedA man who rides mountain bikes over anything A man who had a grenade stuck on him A woman who can scupt many things by chewing gum

  • The major stories: With Kelly Packard at the scene, a woman attempting to bungee jump while someone else is holding on to the bungee cord. The world's fastest wheelchair A man who had his arms ripped off and now is trying to reattach them A man with an obsession for gnomes.

  • The major stories: A man who can eat anything and suck it back out A magnet for cows that can attract any harmful substances in the cow A cult that has a ritual of dancing with spears A man with an obsession for pennies A hotel made completely out of ice.

  • The major stories: With Kelly Packard at the scene, a man attempts to throw a card the furthest anyone has ever thrown, and the most accurately A man who uses boxes for decorations A car that can become an airplane A man who plays a cello with his feet.

  • The major stories: A woman attempting to slide across a high wire by her teeth as was done 70 years ago A woman obsessed with rats A village where everyone walks on stilts A man who survived plane crashes and came out unscathed Sharks who eat their young, the sand tiger sharks.

  • The major stories: With Kelly Packard in the scene, a man attempts to go water skiing while hanging on to an airplane The master of the yo-yo who happens to be a boy A luxury ship made the size of a row boat Two people who throw anvils in the air to pay respect to their ancestors A motorboard with two wheels Three siblings who are very similar to monkeys.

  • The major stories: With Kelly Packard at the scene, three Playboy playmates are trying to float across water from an old prison known as Alcatraz, to San Francisco, and they are doing it while in floating balls A man who once crashed a motorcycle into a truck will once again ride a motorcycle A man who bury his head in sand A man who can turn his head 180 degrees while his body stays in the same position A man very interested by roller coasters that he made one in his backyard.

  • The major stories: A man who is covered from head to toe with hair, but is married, has a child, and lives a normal life. A boy who likes to float in a balloon device as a hobby A person with 1 extra finger on each hand A man attempting to drag race a jet Shoes actually worn by Elvis Presley.

  • The major stories: With Kelly Packard standing by, a man tries to catch an arrow with his bare hands and then catch it blindfolded A skier who mastered the four flip The world's fastest artist A masseuse who uses knife to massage people A dog that can surfboard by himself.

  • The major stories: A man attempting to make a backflip while on a BMX bike A blind monk who decorated an entire Church A cat who learned to walk with two legs after losing two A man who serves as his own dentist An American who wears a Mursi lip plate A boy who is the master of pool shots.

  • The major stories: A man attepting to knock down/break concrete slabs using his shoulder with Kelly Packard hosting A man trying to break the sandboarding record A rat-eating village A corn field decorated into the image of Mona Lisa A man who changed a boat into a car.

  • The major stories: Two men attempting to hold people up while they are being held up by hooks on their skin Portraits of people made of gumballs A blindfolded baseball league A temple in India where people shave their heads after walking in to express their devotion A boa contstrictor who survived after swallowing a heating pad.

  • The major stories: Shoes that allow for high jumps A man who lost his face after a bear attack A car which is also a coffin A man who lives with spiders Men performing rituals to vitalize the mind A town filled with hundreds of birdhouses.

  • The major stories: A man who can use his body parts to bend things A man doing a self-liposuction A man who uses a horse for seeing A very young boy who can skateboard A woman who makes scupltures out of bones A dog with the world's longest tongue.

  • The major stories: A man with skin so strong, he is attempting to pull an SUV A man who eats scorpions for a living The world's highest tree house which happens to be a truck Skiiers skiing in a dump A woman who makes clothes out of hair A woman using electronic arms and legs.

  • The major stories: A man attempting to hold back two motorcycles with his muscles A man who rides sharks A man attempting to ride a wheelie on a speeding bike An invention allowing people to handle any kind of slope for a skiier A man making sculptures out of matchsticks.

  • The major stories: A woman attempting to use her body to light up tube lights A man swimming with leeches A man with hiccups for 10 months Bikes that can bounce A cheese covered hotel room and house A sheep with prosthetic legs.

  • The major stories: A man attempting to get struck by a cannonball A man skating from a helicopter Two girls who sent a message to each other and both of their names were Laura A truck that can ride on walls Cow urine being applied on people's faces A man who lets his prosthetic arm get blown off.

  • The major stories: A man who'll eat just about anything A man attempting to be dragged by a jet An experiment with a "porthole" being injected into a cow's innards A woman who uses her tongue to get rid of particles.

  • The major stories:A woman who uses her feet for archery A guy with a huge skateboard doing some tricks with itA person who tracks prairie dogs with a vacuum cleaner Two people strapping balloons to themselves and trying to float away A very long neck ring about to be removed from a person.