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  • 2012
  • 1 Season

My Momma Throws Down is a cooking competition show that aired on TV One back in 2012. The show is hosted by actor and comedian Ralph Louis Harris, who introduces the contestants and adds humor to the overall production. The show is directed by Ardra Sinett, who brings a fresh approach to the cooking competition genre.

The premise of the show involves three contestants who are challenged to cook their favorite recipes while their mothers watch and provide commentary. The catch is that the mothers then have to cook the same dish as their child, and a panel of judges will determine whose version of the dish is better. The winner of each round advances to the final round, where they compete for a cash prize.

The show has a fun and light-hearted tone, with Harris frequently joking around with the contestants and their mothers. The contestants often talk about their background and how food has played a significant role in their family history. This creates a personal touch to the show, as viewers get to know the contestants beyond their cooking abilities.

One of the interesting aspects of the show is its focus on comfort food. The dishes featured on the show are often traditional recipes that the contestants have learned from their families. This plays into the show's theme of family cooking and adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the competition.

The judges on the show are a mix of culinary professionals and celebrities. They include chefs, food writers, and TV personalities, all of whom provide expert commentary on each dish. The judges offer constructive criticism to the contestants, pointing out what they did well and where they could improve.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the show is the banter between the contestants and their mothers. As the mothers cook their version of their child's dish, they often offer commentary on what they're doing differently or what their child missed. This creates a fun, competitive atmosphere as the children and mothers try to one-up each other in the kitchen.

Overall, My Momma Throws Down is an entertaining cooking competition show that offers a fresh approach to the genre. With its focus on comfort food and family traditions, the show is more than just a competition. It's a celebration of food and family, and the bond that exists between the two.

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Episode 10
10. Episode 10
July 1, 2012
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Shrimp Scampi & Pasta
9. Shrimp Scampi & Pasta
June 24, 2012
It's a battle of Shrimp Scampi and Pasta when Le'Dor Phoenix-Milteer and Lisa Callens face off in the MMTD kitchen.
Pork Chops and Collard Greens
8. Pork Chops and Collard Greens
June 3, 2012
It's a battle of pork chops and greens, when Tammy Martin and Ardra Tippett face off in the MMTD kitchen.
Stovetop Fish and Macaroni Salad
7. Stovetop Fish and Macaroni Salad
May 27, 2012
It's a battle of Stovetop fish and macaroni salad when Kellie Alexander and Satari Frances face-off in the MMTD kitchen. Momma Satari is a pescatarian who only makes healthy food while Momma Kellie is a mother of six who is used to making 30 minute meals on a tight budget. Who will reign triumphant when the heat is turned up in this cooking competition?
Baked Chicken and Yams
6. Baked Chicken and Yams
May 20, 2012
It's a battle of Baked Chicken and Yams with Yvette Humphries and Liza Barney facing off in the MMTD kitchen. Both free-spirited mommas feel confident in their cooking abilities, and don't hold back when it comes to taking risks in the kitchen. They push the limits to create unique dishes, but their bold cooking styles could backfire, as they race to finish in time.
Fish Tacos and Coleslaw
4. Fish Tacos and Coleslaw
May 11, 2012
Fish tacos and coleslaw; Debbie Moore and Dorothy Clarke.
Crab Cakes and Green Tomatoes
3. Crab Cakes and Green Tomatoes
May 6, 2012
It's a battle of Crab Cakes and Fried Green Tomatoes, when Avarita Hansen and Natascha Sherrod face off in the MMTD kitchen.
Chili and Cornbread
2. Chili and Cornbread
May 6, 2012
It's a battle of Chili and Cornbread with Stella Crowell and Terri Grace competing in the MMTD kitchen.
Squash Casserole and Green Salad
1. Squash Casserole and Green Salad
May 4, 2012
My Momma Throws Down is an original food competition show where the only thing that matters in the end is taste. But, along with healthy portions of food, these contestants and their families will be serving up a serious side-order of attitude as family dynamics becomes as important as the competition itself.
  • Premiere Date
    May 4, 2012