Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

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In 1972, an American tradition began called the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. All but one year, it has taken place on Independence Day at Nathan’s Famous Corporation, located in Coney Island, New York. The event has been televised on sports channel ESPN since 2003, and has seen its ratings of the event grow yearly.

Contestants from all around the world compete in a 10 minute competition to determine who can eat the most Nathan’s hot dogs. The contestants are placed on a stage, and thousands of spectators witness the event. Announcers keep the crowd involved; scorekeepers are assigned to each competitor, and flip boards are utilized to keep everyone abreast of the number of hot dogs every competitor has consumed.

Competitors can use many differing tactics to gain a presumed edge versus their peers. For example, some break the hot dog in half in order to devour both at one time, and then finish off the bun. Others dunk the hot dog in water, so that the hot dog will get down one’s throat a bit easier. Finally, some simply jump up and down to attempt to force down the hot dog quicker.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 4, 2006
Cast: Joey Chestnut, Kobayashi Takeru
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

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  • 94th annual hot dog eating contest.

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