National Open House

National Open House is a documentary style TV series that debuted in 2006. The series explores the costs of living in some of the largest and most famous cities and towns in the United States. The costs of living in a variety of housing styles is shown in major metropolitan areas throughout the country.

From the Southeast with expanding cities such as Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina and Virgina Beach, Virgina to the Midwest with major cities such as Chicago, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota, National Open House gives an idea of what it is like to live in these areas and how much it will cost you.

Mondays on HGTV
6 Seasons, 76 Episodes
April 29, 2006
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Andy Steinlen
National Open House

National Open House Full Episode Guide

  • Explore what kind of home you can find at various price points from Key West to Los Angeles to Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • Tour homes at various prices from Kona, Hawaii to Chicago to Atlanta.

  • See what a housing budget gets you in Los Angeles vs. Raleigh, North Carolina and Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Shop for homes at different prices in Providence, Key West and Milwaukee.

  • Explore what type of home you could afford in San Diego, Portland and Atlanta.

  • See how far your money you can go toward homes from Kona, Hawaii to Las Vegas to Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Homes at varying levels of prices are toured from San Diego to Fort Collins, CO to Nashville.

  • Tour homes at different price points in Providence, Las Vegas and San Antonio.

  • Explore what kind of home you could buy in New York City, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Milwaukee.

  • Several homes in Chicago, Virginia Beach and Nashville are toured and compared in terms of their selling prices.

  • Homes at various price points are explored from Raleigh, NC to Lincoln, NE to San Antonio, TX.

  • Several homes at different price points are compared from Los Angeles and Portland on the West Coast to Cape Cod on the East Coast.

  • Homes at various price points are compared in San Diego, Virginia Beach and San Antonio.

  • Four price tags, three cities. Shop for homes in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville.

  • Go comparison shopping for homes in Key West, Portland, Oregon, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • See how home prices stack up in New York, Kona, Hawaii and Morgantown, West Virginia.

  • What kind of homes can you afford in Providence, Virginia Beach and Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

  • See what kind of homes money can buy in Cape Cod, San Diego and Morgantown, W.Va.

  • We'll compare home prices in three major cities: Providence, Portland and Milwaukee.

  • Real estate prices area compared in Ft. Collins, Cape Cod and Lincoln, Neb.

  • See what kind of homes money can buy in Jackson Hole, Raleigh and Atlanta.

  • Find out what kind of house you could afford in Cape Cod, Nashville and Milwaukee.

  • New York City, Chicago, Atlanta

  • An assessment of houses in the Key West, Las Vegas and Virginia Beach markets.

  • An appraisal of homes in Kona, HW, Ft. Collins, CO. and San Antonio, TX.

  • A look at the values of homes in Las Vegas, Chicago and Raleigh.

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