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  • 2021
  • 3 Seasons
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Heralding a fresh perspective on traditional home renovations, HGTV's No Demo Reno is a captivating series that premiered in 2021. The show is hosted by the affable, talented, and well-known home renovation expert and social media influencer, Jenn Todryk. She's admired for her charismatic personality, her impressive skill set, and, of course, her unique and imaginative approach to home renovation.

No Demo Reno breaks away from the stereotypical, time-consuming, and labor-intensive renovation models. As suggested by the title, the series does not rely on the usual method of demolishing or tearing down homes before rebuilding or refurbishing them. Instead, Jenn Todryk guides the audience and homeowners on how to achieve dramatic transformations, turning dull living spaces into dream homes without the mess or the fuss associated with demolitions.

Spread across each exciting episode, Jenn displays her creativity, expertise, and problem-solving skills, remodeling homes room by room. Her methods range from straightforward decorative tweaks to seamlessly combining rooms and reconfiguring layouts. She believes that even minute details can contribute significantly to enhancing the living environment, and she never fails to charm with her ingenuity. The way in which she integrates existing architectural elements with her design concepts is truly immersive, providing new insight into how our homes can be reinvented.

Another outstanding feature of No Demo Reno is that it not only revolves around home improvements. It beautifully incorporates elements of family and emotion. As Jenn Todryk applies her magic touches to each renovation project, she also takes time to get to know homeowners, understanding their diverse needs and desires to best design their spaces. This heartfelt exploration of personal stories, wrapped in a blend of life-changing renovations, becomes a unique selling proposition of the show and succeeds in connecting viewers at an emotional level.

Each episode typically begins with Jenn visiting a client's home. She discusses the homeowner's needs, frustrations and vision for their space while giving advice and tips on their best path forward. After a careful examination of the home, Jenn then presents her design plan that is both practical and transformative to create a new living environment that blends style, function, and, most of all, the personal touch of the people who reside within those walls.

The innovative solutions provided by Jenn in redesigning space, plumbing, interiors, painting, and furnishings result in stunning before-and-after comparisons that leave viewers in awe. The transformations are indeed a testimony to Jenn's philosophy that significant change does not always have to start with sheer destruction. She deftly proves that with creativity, planning, and an eye for design, all-in-one living areas, luxurious master suites, serene and functional kitchens, or comfy and chic living rooms are never too far from reach.

But No Demo Reno isn’t just about home makeovers. It's about helping families rediscover their love for their homes by seeing their space in a new light. It highlights the joy and bonding that comes from creating beautiful and comfortable living spaces. By balancing aesthetics with practicality, Jenn ensures homeowners can fully enjoy their homes without worrying about maintenance or future wear and tear issues.

Jenn Todryk's charisma, coupled with her one-of-a-kind home transformation techniques, makes No Demo Reno an addictive watch for HGTV viewers. Her signature style and approach to renovations, friendly interactions with homeowners, sympathy to their living needs, and the dramatic reveals at the end of each episode make the show a must-watch for anyone interested in renovating their home or merely seeking ideas for home improvement.

In sum, No Demo Reno is not only a show about redesigning and renovating homes without demolition, but also is about the innovative use of space, artistic design, family stories, and the creation of personalized dream homes. It's a highly recommended watch for enthusiasts of home improvement, budding interior designers, or anyone interested in witnessing spectacular transformations of ordinary spaces into something extraordinary.

No Demo Reno is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2021.

No Demo Reno
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13. Familyness
December 7, 2023
A couple's blended family is leaving the nest and they want to take back their house while still maintaining what they call, "Familyness." With a new kitchen, living room and bathroom, Jenn updates their '80s rancher with a rustic, industrial design.
House of Quirks
12. House of Quirks
November 30, 2023
A couple loves the outdoorsy vibe of their lot, but not the house's many quirks. Jenn integrates orangey wood ceilings and a dining room the size of a banquet hall into a traditional organic design that will usher their eccentric house into the present.
Organic Coastal NOLA
11. Organic Coastal NOLA
November 16, 2023
A couple's kids have moved out and now his mom is moving in, so it's time for an update. They're each wanting a New Orleans style office, a Florida Coastal suite and an organic modern kitchen, and now Jenn looks to cohesively fuse their diverse styles.
Custom Contemporary
10. Custom Contemporary
November 9, 2023
When a couple left their custom home in Utah for her job, they left a home they loved for a house they had to settle for. Now, Jenn's goal is to get them to fall in love all over again by infusing a custom, contemporary vibe without changing the layout.
'60s Refresh
9. '60s Refresh
November 2, 2023
A couple is so perplexed by the layout of their 1960s home that they're ready to move. Jenn, however, wants to convince them to stay with a homestead-style renovation that combines vintage elements and cozy functionality with a modern organic twist.
Fresh Start
8. Fresh Start
October 26, 2023
A couple began renovations on their home when he suddenly passed away. Now, Jenn is taking the reins to help her finish their dream home, bringing a traditional yet modern design that will keep his spirit alive while giving her a fresh start.
DIY Don't
7. DIY Don't
October 19, 2023
For years, a woman and her father attempted to DIY her house, resulting in sloppy paint jobs and bare concrete floors. They're now ready to pass over the keys to Jenn, who wants to incorporate vintage style into a modern, single-woman home.
Vegas Luxe
6. Vegas Luxe
October 12, 2023
A family's DIY renovations quickly died on the vine when their busy lives got in the way. Now, Jenn swoops in to take over, finishing their uncompleted projects and delivering his dream of a luxury Vegas bathroom with her love of coastal design.
Fresh Start
5. Fresh Start
October 12, 2023
A couple began renovations on their home when he suddenly passed away. Now, Jenn is taking the reins to help her finish their dream home, bringing a traditional yet modern design that will keep his spirit alive while giving her a fresh start.
Tudor is Cuter
4. Tudor is Cuter
October 5, 2023
After getting married, a couple bought their beautiful Tudor home, started a business, had a baby and now another is on the way. Jenn looks to heighten their Tudor vibe and create a cohesive, cozy space to finally make their house feel like a home.
Bachelor Pad
3. Bachelor Pad
September 28, 2023
A man and his two older sons move back in together after the passing of their wife and mother. Keeping her design vision in mind, Jenn delivers a modern space with rustic and industrial elements that recognize the past while ushering hope for the future.
Porcelain Punch Up
2. Porcelain Punch Up
September 21, 2023
With their children in school, a couple has the opportunity to refurbish their home. Jenn is ready to embrace their informal and traditional style, but there's a squabble in No Demo City about some porcelain worktops.
Truth Bombs
1. Truth Bombs
September 14, 2023
In the season premiere, Jenn will upgrade a 1960s home for a family of five, infusing the refreshed spaces with an organic modern design. She'll add practical storage in the galley kitchen including a custom appliance cabinet and install a striking double vanity and bold floor tile in the bathroom making it ideal for both kids and guests.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 25, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (358)