One Big Happy Family

A reality television show that follows the lives of a North Carolina family and their quest to lose weight together for health reasons. Tameka and Norris Cole and their two teenage children Amber and Shayne each weigh over 300 pounds. When fourteen year old Shayne is told he is at risk of developing Type II diabetes he and sister decide to lose weight, and after a trip to their doctors their parents are on board as well. Now the family has to figure out how to change their lifestyles before its too late.

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm pt/et on TLC
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
December 29, 2009
Cast: Amber Coles, Norris Coles, Shayne Coles, Tameka Coles
One Big Happy Family

One Big Happy Family Full Episode Guide

  • Tameka decides to give the backyard a face lift and enlists the family to create a "weight loss" monument.

  • Considering a career change, Tameka tries out truck driving school. Amber and Shayne visit their friend who just had a baby and when they arrive home they get the "talk."

  • Tameka is worried Amber ad Shane's weight lost has plateaued so the parents figure out a way to try to motivate their children to be active.

  • Tameka is looking for a career change and the family helps her with interviewing tips and the perfect outfit. Meanwhile, Amber searches for a prom dress.

  • The Cole Family is ready to kick of the season premier of One Big Happy Family. Tameka decides to have a party and Amber introduces her love interest to everyone.

  • Tameka decides it's time for a new family portrait. Will the boys let Tameka get her way and dress the boys in pastel shirts and ties? One thing that is for sure is that the everyone has dropped a few sizes

  • Tameka is determined to push the family beyond their comfort zone by trying something new and active by renting an RV and heading into the wilderness to go camping.

  • Norris regrets never proposing to Tameka, so he enlists the children's help to give her the proposal she has always deserved.

  • The Coles have a yard sale to clean out clutter in their house, and there is a lot of clutter. As an avid yard sale hopper, Norris has accumulated rooms full of junk that he feels are "priceless items" and isn't willing to part with any of his stuff.

  • Tameka tries to push everyone to eat right and exercise when the doctor reveals some medical issues.

  • For the Coles family, moving around can be very difficult since Mom, Dad, daughter and son are each over 300 lbs. Even though they are all big, their love for each other is bigger.

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