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In 2011 legendary stage composer Andrew Lloyd Webber brought the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz-with a few additional songs--to the stage. However, before they could do that Webber and the other producers had to carefully select just the right Dorothy and Toto to fill the all-important roles. Over the Rainbow is the 2010 British talent produced by BBC that chronicles this meticulous search. The show was hosted by Graham Norton with the contestants judged by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The end was result was the handpicked choices of this living legend. Along the way glimpses will be given on Webber's previous stage talent searches for past musical performances. In 2012 CBC produced a Canadian version of the show for the Toronto production of the same stage version. The Canadian Over the Rainbow was hosted by Daryn Jones with the contestants judged by Arlene Phillips, Thom Allison, Louise Pitre, and, of course, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
April 30, 2009
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Over the Rainbow Full Episode Guide

  • The band is auditioning a new bass player, but Neil and Spence are the ones who end up needing to prove themselves.

  • Michelle has been in a bad mood lately, and so Finn asks Uncle Roddy to take Michelle out for a night on the town. Neil grows jealous over the attention that Finn is receiving from customers at the bar, but he must restrain himself to avoid violating his parole.

  • Neil and Spence get into a competitive rivalry over who can write the best song lyrics and impress Finn, but their showdown has unintended consequences for the band.

  • Without steady jobs, Neil and Spence are broke and agree to rent their room out by the hour to a couple carrying on an extramarital affair. But when Finn finds a remnant of their activities, misunderstandings ensue-and that’s the least of the complications.

  • When Wicked Cleavage plays a gig at a rich kid’s party, Finn attracts the attention of the young heir of Latchmere Hall. As Spence frets over her, Neil tries to appreciate the new harmony of their unusual living arrangement, with mixed results.

  • Neil meets with his probation officer and tries to get his life in order. The guys get jealous when Finn goes out with Uncle Roddy to a fancy restaurant, but she uses the occasion to solicit a job opportunity for Neil. However, he’d rather focus on managing the band’s music career.

  • As he contemplates what to do with his life, Neil sets off alarm bells among his friends over his seemingly despondent behavior. Meanwhile, Spence and Neil jockey for Finn’s affections, and Michelle sets her eyes on Uncle Roddy.

  • On his wedding day to the beautiful songstress Finn, young Englishman Neil gets arrested for robbery. Upon his release a year later, he returns to his wife’s new flat in Brighton, over a pub named the Rainbow, and discovers to his shock that Finn is living with his best mate, Spence.

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