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Passions is an American soap opera set in the fictional town of Harmony, New England. Passions' story line centers on the Crane family and several other families within the town of Harmony; their passions, lives and paranormal experiences are depicted in the story lines.

The Cranes live in their mansion on Raven Hill, controls the town of Harmony. Julian, son of Alistair Crane, is the current head of the Crane family. He lives at Raven Hill with his fianc

10 Seasons, 907 Episodes
July 5, 1999

Passions Full Episode Guide

  • Father Lonigan is brought into the house so that he can baptize Tabitha. Rebecca and Gwen are arrested after everyone watches the videotape. Ethan pledges his future to Theresa. After Tabitha admits all her past crimes she is baptized and it stops the volcano from erupting. Sam is shocked when he finds out that all the women in the Standish family are witches. Gwen's marriage to Ethan is exposed as being invalid. Endora cures Father Lonigan and he is able to see again. Luis is happy when Fancy tells him that he is going to be father. Paloma lets Noah know that he is going to be a father as well. Theresa and Ethan are announced as husband and wife, when they finally get married.

  • Rebbecca and Gwen are worried that everyone will find out what they have been up to. Endora returns to her child form. Esme lets everybody know that they are in great danger. Kay tells Tabitha that she needs to baptized if everybody is to be saved. The truth about Rebbecca and Gwen is revealed.

  • Both Gwen and Theresa try to convince Ethan that he should be with them. Juanita refuses to back up Theresa's story. Theresa tells Ethan that Ethan Jr is really his son. Ethan finds his son with the video camera after Rebecca is unable to get it off him and he decides to see what is on it. Endora brings Norma, Edna, Kay and Miguel into the house. When they all try and stop the volcano from exploding everyone vanishes except Kay and Endora. Kay and Endora receive a message from Timmy in Heaven.

  • Tabitha and Endora are still unable to get out of the house. A bored Tabitha materializes Julian and Eve into the house. Julian admits to Eve that Endora is his daughter. Gwen and Etan are married but after the ceremony Ethan discovers that Theresa is still alive. Juanita is stopped from escaping. Ethan tries to stop the bomb from going off.

  • Tabitha and Endora work out that the earthquake is just the beginning of the bad things about to happen in Harmony. Juanita wonders why her bomb hasn't gone off yet. Gwen and Ethan get ready to continue with the wedding following the earthquake. Evil forces prevent Tabitha and Endora from leaving the house. Theresa finds Juanita's bomb and Juanita tells her she knows who she really is.

  • Ivy and Sam work out that there must of been something important on the video camera. Ethan decides to stop the wedding after discovering that his and Gwen's parents aren't there. Noah and Paloma get married instead. Gwen is promised by her mother that nobody will ever find out what they have been up to. As Noah and Paloma are announced husband and wife an earthquake hits the town.

  • Tabitha and Endora manage to defeat the elf and it is sent back to hell. Everyone is shocked to see that Antonio is still alive. Gwen and Rebbecca are shocked when they find out the camera has been filming them and Rebbecca tries to steal it. Gwen and Ethan's wedding begins.

  • The elf returns and tells Tabitha that she has to die as she has become good and given up her evil ways. Endora tries to save Tabitha. Ethan hears Pilar call Gertrude by Theresa's name. Sheridan is surprised to see Antonio and he tells her her father held in captive in Boston but he escaped to be with her. Luis and Fancy are married and Sheridan reveals to Antonio's family that he is still alive.

  • Tabitha worries when she cant find Endora again. Edna and Norma get married. Pilar offers her daughter some advise. Sheridan is forced to let Luis go. When Gwen and Rebbecca discuss all their past schemes, Sam's video camera films it.

  • Tabitha finds life difficult without her powers. Kay is shocked after finding out what happened at the church and that Tabitha has lost all her powers. Kay is also surprised to discover that Julian is Endora's father and thinks that Tabitha should reveal she is a witch and that she saved everyone. Tabitha wants to leave town but her daughter wants to attend the wedding. Gwen goes to see Gertrude to tell her that she knows that she is really Theresa.

  • Juanita is concerned that her plan will work. Viki and Vincent are pleased that everything has gone the way they planned. Tabitha agrees to give away all her powers to help those who have died and after she has they start to recover. Theresa lies to Ethan once again. Tabitha refuses to be seen as the hero. Viki and Vincent are taken away by the police. Endora is unable to return to the way she used to be.

  • Tabitha refuses to help the victims of the poisoning because she knows that all her powers will disappear if she enters the church. After Endora pleads with her to enter, Tabitha ends up doing so. Pilar collapses after she stops her mother from taking the poison. Fancy and Luis both pass out after discovering that Pilar has died. Viki and Vincent tell Tabitha she has arrived too late.

  • As everybody prepares to eat, Viki and Vincent watch on. Sheridan decides to let Fancy eat the poison food and then reveal what is going on. Sheridan has a change of heart but before she can reveal what is going on Vincent locks her up. After eating the food people start to be effected in the church. Esme is shocked when Tabitha tells her that Viki is the killer. Endora shows her mother and Esme what is happening in the church but Tabitha refuses to help.

  • As Little Ethan is brought out of the OR, Ethan is unable to recognize him and soon feels sorry for him since his family isn't there for him. Ethan and Gwen then go be with Jonathan while Theresa goes to her son's recovery room. As they walk, the doctor tells Ethan and Gwen that he fears Jonathan may be rejecting the liver. While Theresa sits with Little Ethan, the monitors start going off. When the nurses come into his room, they are concerned about complications since Little Ethan has a fever. After Fancy rushes off, Luis, Pretty, and Sheridan hear Marty calling out for help. After Luis rushes off in the direction of the voice, Pretty and Sheridan bicker over who Luis is going to spend the rest of his life with. At Tabitha's, Kay is missing Endora and Miguel when Endora zaps in some presents for her mother. When Tabitha walks into the kitchen and sees the presents, she zaps them away and looks for people to torture in her bowl. After dueling with Kay, Tabitha tries to use her magic to make Fancy and Noah kiss on the pier. Kay then uses her magic to transport Fancy to Tabitha's and send Paloma to Noah. Upon her arrival in Tabitha's kitchen, Fancy starts to wonder how she ended up there again.

  • Upon her arrival at the hospital, Paloma sees that Theresa is upset. As Theresa tells her sister about what's going on with Ethan and their son, the doctor, Gwen, and Ethan show up. When the doctor tells them that complications have arisen for Jonathan, Ethan sees a relieved look on Theresa's face and angrily thinks she wants his son to die. He then insists on waiting by the OR to meet the donor. Elsewhere, Julian arrives back at Eve's room and sees that Eve has passed out with Valerie there, looking to discuss the baby. As Eve dreams about exposing Vincent, Julian decides to take Valerie home, fearing that Eve might be lost to addictions for good. At the warehouse, Luis and Pretty explain to Sheridan and Fancy about Alistair kidnapping them and the only way he would let them go is if Luis got Pretty pregnant. However, Fancy refuses to believe their story, fearing that Luis actually fell for her sister and that Pretty is working with Alistair. Sheridan also doesn't believe their story and remains convinced that finding Marty will bring Luis back to her.

  • At the hospital, Gwen has a dream that Ethan found out about Little Ethan's paternity and now hates her for keeping the truth from him. She then wakes up and goes to find out what's going on with Jonathan. In a waiting room, Ethan searches for the mother of the donor and is surprised to find Theresa there. He then asks her if she's the mother of the donor, but gets told that a woman was just in here, but soon left. After Ethan goes off to find the woman, Gwen shows up and threatens Theresa that if she were to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan, her whole family will die. Pilar eventually shows up with news about her sister's death. Fearing that the rest of family will be next, Pilar reminds Theresa that Ethan can never know about their son. Meanwhile, as Pretty wonders if Luis can ever love her, Fancy and Sheridan join forces in trying to find Luis.

  • In Gwen's room, she has a nightmare that Jonathan died and is having a funeral for him. She soon wakes up and realizes that she should tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan so they can see if he's a match for Jonathan. However, Rebecca hears this and decides to give Gwen a sedative in order to stop her. Elsewhere, Ethan is shocked when Little Ethan calls him daddy and becomes furious at Theresa for making her son think he can be a replacement for Jonathan if he were to die. After he furiously walks off, Theresa reminds Little Ethan that he shouldn't have told Ethan the truth. Upon Ethan's arrival in Gwen's room, he discovers that there is a match to Jonathan. After stopping Luis from beating him, Alistair tells him and Pretty that they'll be rotting in the warehouse. However, Luis was able to steal Alistair's keys and tells Pretty that she should go, but she refuses. Elsewhere, Alistair meets with Spike and orders him to kill Pretty and Luis.

  • As Harmony's Christmas celebration gets started, Tabitha discovers that Norma and Edna are back in town, working as Santa and an elf. After talking to them for a little while, Tabitha decides to ruin the celebration in order to get Endora back. As she zaps away the children's presents and brings in severed head chaos begins to break out. Before returning home, a light she thinks is Endora appears to Tabitha. While walking on the pier, Fancy replays the video of Luis and Pretty in her mind. Meanwhile, as Luis and Pretty make love, Pretty begins to dream about the life she is going to have with Luis. However, that dream is soon shattered when Luis calls out Fancy's name. At the hospital, Ethan is furious with Theresa for thinking she doesn't want to save Jonathan. After he storms away from her, Theresa vows to find a way to have Little Ethan save Jonathan. In Mexico, Maria is being attacked by Juanita when Pilar calls to check on her sister. After hearing gunshots on the phone, Pilar begins to fear that Juanita will now come after her and her children.

  • In the hospital, Eve discovers that Julian put her into rehab. At first she doesn't like how he tricked her into this, but agrees that she needs help. After he leaves, Vincent shows up, dressed as an orderly and spikes her food with drugs, vowing to make sure Eve never gets better. At the mansion, Fancy tells Esme that she's concerned about Luis since nobody has seen him for a while. Just as Julian arrives to see Esme, Fancy gets a video message on her phone and is shocked to discover Luis making love to Pretty. Elsewhere, Paloma and Noah arrive at Tabitha's looking for clues into Luis' disappearance. When Paloma comes across a spell book, she begins to think that Noah was telling the truth about being in bed with Fancy. She then accidentally recites a spell that causes Luis and Pretty to make love again. Back at the hospital Theresa decides to have Little Ethan tested to help Jonathan while Ethan prays for a miracle.

  • At the hospital, the joy Gwen and Ethan feel about Jane being Jonathan's liver donor soon turns to disappointment when they discover she has an ear infection. As they begin thinking of who could be a donor, Theresa wonders why Gwen won't mention Little Ethan. Ethan then becomes suspicious when Theresa orders her to test Little Ethan or else. In the warehouse, a groggy Luis believes he is making love to Fancy when he is in bed with Pretty. On the pier, Sheridan finds Spike and orders him to help her out. Meanwhile, Eve is less than thrilled when Valerie brings Julian home to tell him her secret.

  • As Tabitha continues to use her magic to make life in Harmony miserable, Noah and Fancy wonder how they ended up in bed after Sheridan and Paloma walk in on them in bed. It is at this point when Kay discovers what Tabitha is doing to her brother and decides to use her magic to get Tabitha to stop toying with Noah. In the warehouse, Pretty pretends to be shocked at Alistair's request. At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan are thrilled that Jane is a match for Jonathan, but when the doctors warn them of the health risks that Jane can face as a result, Theresa refuses to sign the consent forms. Meanwhile, Pilar gets a call that makes her fear for her family.

  • As Tabitha looks to find a way to wreak havoc on Harmony, she discovers that Fancy, Sheridan, Paloma, and Noah have found their way to the Book Café. When Fancy and Sheridan cross paths in their search for Luis, Sheridan cuts her off when she suggests they look for him together. Meanwhile, Tabitha decides to zap Noah and Fancy into a room at the B&B and cast a lust spell over them. In a little while, Sheridan and Paloma arrive and are shocked at finding them together. In the warehouse, Pretty and Luis start talking about how they ended up as Alistair's captives. As Luis comforts her, they get a message from Alistair that the only way to get out is if Luis gets Pretty pregnant. At the hospital, Theresa tries persuade Gwen into letting her tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan.

  • At Tabitha's, she is getting everything ready for Thanksgiving and immediately starts to miss Endora. Remembering that Thanksgiving is Endora's favorite holiday, Tabitha becomes determined to use her magic during the day to get her daughter back. However, it doesn't take Kay long to figure out what she's up to and decides to use her magic to stop Tabitha. As a result of their magical war, Tabitha has to erase everyone's memories and send them home and warns Kay that she'll have no problem roasting everybody in Harmony if it means getting Endora back. At the hospital, Gwen reluctantly agrees to drop the charges against Theresa since she is going to let Jonathan's doctors test Jane. Meanwhile, Eve learns the truth about Vincent and Valerie when she wakes up from her drunken stupor.

  • In Theresa's cell, Ethan is confused when Theresa says Little Ethan might be a match for Jonathan and eventually proceeds to explain about wanting to have Jane tested. At her cottage, Sheridan becomes scared when Luis tells her how he'll give up his life to save Marty. At their homes, Pilar and Juanita reminisce about what caused their relationship to go bad when Pilar still lived in Mexico.

  • At Tabitha's, she decides to cast a spell on Fancy that will make her kiss Noah whenever she sees him. In a little while, Noah stops by looking for Kay to help him find a job good enough to provide for Paloma. It doesn't take long for Kay to decide to use her magic to make her brother happy, but as usual, her plans backfire. Meanwhile, Fancy confronts Luis and Sheridan at the cottage about what she heard. After Fancy refuses to listen to story, Luis begins to believe that if he believed Sheridan from the beginning, Marty would be home safe with them. At the hospital, Gwen and Ethan learn they aren't matches for a liver transplant to help Jonathan. As Ethan contemplates going to Theresa to have her agree to let Jane be tested, Gwen becomes hysterical if Ethan where to suggest having Little Ethan tested. At the police station, Ethan arrives to see Theresa, hoping she will be able to help Jonathan.

  • At home, Tabitha is using her magic to break Fancy and Luis up, and soon reminds Kay about their deal. When Kay discovers that Miguel is being tortured, she finally agrees she won't get in the way of Tabitha's evil magic. Later, when Tabitha tells the dark side she paid the ransom, a magical orb carrying Endora floats into the living room. At the cottage, Fancy walks in on Luis and Sheridan making love and upon seeing them, tells Luis that she's had enough of Luis and breaks up with him. At the hospital, Vincent finds out that Eve is still alive after learning a shocking secret about his health. Meanwhile, a drunken Eve returns to the ER and as a result, Gwen attacks her for putting her son's health at risk. Elsewhere Pilar gets in a fight with Rebecca after finding out she plans on revealing her secret.

  • When Sam is getting ready to arrest Kay, Tabitha arrives home, making Kay happy to know she didn't kill her. As they talk, Kay begs Tabitha to help her out of the mess she's in, but Tabitha says the only way is if she lets her work her evil magic. Meanwhile, several ghosts arrive at Tabitha's for her annual party and make Ivy think she's going crazy, especially after everyone else doesn't see them. At the hospital, Gwen slaps Eve for poisoning her son. Julian eventually shows up and convinces Eve to wait in her office while they straighten everything out. In the ER, Theresa snaps at Rebecca for suggesting she listen to Pilar and stay away from Ethan. When Julian returns from Eve's office, Gwen and Rebecca refuse to listen to Eve's explanation of what happened.

  • At the hospital, Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen bring Jonathan in to be checked out by a doctor. Rebecca eventually shows up and asks Gwen she's allowing Theresa to comfort Ethan. Soon Eve arrives to give Jonathan and IV to help get his temperature under control. She then tells Gwen that if that treatment doesn't work she'll prescribe some medication. Later however, Vincent shows up and decides to change the baby's medication dosage to make Eve look bad. Elsewhere, Kay tries to counteract Tabitha's evil magic when Sam and Ivy arrive, with news that the blood they found is being analyzed. At the Crane estate Fancy arrives in Esme's room and discovers her lover's dead body. After searching for clues, she discovers Kay's fingerprints on the headboard. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis fight about their search for Marty when Tabitha uses her magic to make them kiss.

  • At the mansion Theresa decides to ignore Pilar's warning to stay away from Ethan in order to keep their family safe. Upon her arrival at the church, Ivy starts feeling guilty about Fox's death. Kay eventually shows up and they soon get into a catfight. After a little while Pilar shows up and breaks up the fight between the women. She then sends them on their way and says a prayer to keep her family safe. At Tabitha's, Paloma and Noah try to decipher what the Timmy doll is telling them when Kay walks through the door.

  • After leaving Kay and Esme, Noah and Paloma decide to go to Tabitha's and look for clues. While in the attic, they discover a severed hand that they suspect is a prop, but are soon startled to find that it is real. The hand then pulls out a box that has magic in it to make a romantic night for the couple. At the motel, a downtrodden Fancy calls Esme for advice on what she should do about Sheridan and Luis. However, Esme is less thrilled to be distracted while she is spending time with Jake. At the mansion, Theresa demands to know what Gwen told Pilar to make her stop encouraging Theresa to go after Ethan.

  • At the mansion, Theresa reluctantly goes along with Pilar's wishes to end things with Ethan. As Theresa talks with Ethan, Gwen tells Pilar that she is pleased with her help, but Pilar says the only reason she told Theresa that was to keep her secret between them. Later, Theresa demands to know why Pilar wanted her to break things off with Ethan. In the kitchen, Pretty tries to get Fancy to look out the window to see Luis with Sheridan. However, Fancy realizes she's late for work and rushes off, leaving Esme behind to investigate why Pretty would want to hurt Fancy. At the station, Luis sits down in front of a computer and deletes Spike's records. It is at this time when Fancy arrives and sees Luis deleting some files on his computer. After he walks away, she sits down and tries to look for Spike's record, but can't. Back at the garden, Luis returns and gives Spike his records. When it looks like Spike won't tell them where Marty is, Luis decides to attack him.

  • As Ivy continues to accuse Kay of killing Tabitha and Endora, Kay tries to tell Sam that Tabitha is a witch, hoping that her claim will keep her from being arrested. When Sam tells her that she has to start facing reality, Spike shows up, trying to ask Kay on a date, only to have Kay slam the door in his face. In the mansion's kitchen, Fancy and Esme talk about her strange behavior towards Luis. When Esme tells Fancy that she's worried that her behavior might send Luis back into Sheridan's arms, Pretty walks in, offering to help her sister hold onto Luis. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan meet Spike in the garden. At first Luis is reluctant to make a deal with Spike for information on Marty, but after Sheridan blames him for losing Marty in the first place, he consents to Spike's demands. Back inside the mansion, Gwen begins to blackmail Pilar again. Fearing that Gwen will tell her family about her secret, Pilar reluctantly agrees to help Gwen keep Theresa away from Ethan.

  • At Eve's, her intruder turns out to be Valerie. When Eve explains about the strange happenings with Vincent to her, she becomes convinced Valerie knows where Vincent is. At hearing this, Julian and Valerie try to convince Eve that Vincent is really dead. At the mansion, Kay arrives to say goodbye to Fox when Esme, Viki, Ivy and Sam arrive with new evidence that links Kay to Fox's murder. Later, after hearing that Tabitha and Endora are missing, Ivy accuses Kay of killing them. Upstairs in Fancy's room, Pretty decides to use Alistair's device to make her sister turn on Luis. After Luis leaves, Fancy wonders what's going on with her and Luis eventually returns to check on her, and suggests taking her to the hospital. Elsewhere, Gwen and Rebecca crack the code on J.T.'s and learn a shocking secret of Pilar's.

  • At Eve's, she begins searching for alcohol to drink while Julian goes to get dinner. Vincent eventually arrives to hand her pills to take. He then disappears when Julian returns, and Eve tries to convince him that Vincent was there. When Julian tells her that Sam has evidence that Vincent is actually dead, Eve begins to fear that she was just hallucinating. At her cottage, Sheridan is talking about Marty when Gwen comes in and then tells her about what's going on in the case. Gwen then tells her about her miracle baby and how she hopes to get Ethan back. Gwen then gets a call from her mother about J.T.'s memory stick, panicked that she almost erased all the information on it. Up at the mansion, Luis and Fancy are making love when a hysterical Esme calls about how Pete got attacked by the neighbor's dog and how the dog went after her. After finding Pete dead, Luis begins an investigation and discovers that a woman matching Esme's description was seen letting the dog out.

  • After Theresa and Ethan return to the mansion, Gwen barges in on them with the baby. As Ethan holds the baby, Gwen pulls Theresa aside and lets her know that she plans on getting Ethan away from her and that she doesn't care if he loves her more. At Pete's, he and Esme are getting hot and heavy while someone spies on them. That person eventually lets the neighbor's dog out of the yard and leads it to Pete's place so he and Esme could be attacked. At Tabitha's, Kay decides to use her magic to reverse Tabitha's spell on Luis and Sheridan. As a result, she turns reverse time, ultimately clearing their memories of making out. As Luis goes to find Fancy, Sheridan vows that in time, she will get Luis back.

  • At the hospital, Rebecca fears that Theresa told Ethan the truth, only to discover Alistair is with Theresa instead of Ethan. At Eve's, Julian gets kicked out of the house for saying that Vincent is really dead. After calming down, Eve goes to find Julian to apologize for her actions, only to find Julian with Valerie. Upon their arrival at the safe house, Sheridan and Luis find several drawings that Marty made.

  • At the hospital, Theresa tells Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, but Gwen promptly says that the only reason he had that thought is because he treats Little Ethan like his son. Later, when Pilar takes Little Ethan out of his room, Theresa again tries to tell Ethan the truth, but Gwen stops her again. At the mansion, Luis and Fancy are shocked to find out that Fox was killed and Esme is the prime suspect. When Fancy swears Esme couldn't kill anyone, Julian chimes in with who he suspects killed his son: Miguel and Kay and orders Sam to investigate his daughter. Elsewhere, Alistair accuses Sheridan of spying on Luis and Fancy and lets her that she lost him to Fancy. Alistair then insists that Marty is dead and that may he be stricken dead if he is lying. Meanwhile, Vincent tries to make Eve go insane by projecting his "ghost" around her house.

  • In the basement, Tabitha and Kay are shocked to discover the demons have cleared out and have taken Endora and Miguel with them. After using a witch tracking device to see if they can find their loved ones, Tabitha fears that Endora and Miguel are gone for good. In Fox's room, Julian rushes in after hearing Esme calling for help. Seeing that his son got shot, Julian tries to keep Fox alive while Esme calls 911, but he dies before help arrives. It is at this point when Viki arrives and learns that Fox died and eventually gets comforted by her aunt. Julian then tells Esme and Viki that he will honor Fox's wishes of letting them stay at the mansion. Elsewhere, as Luis tries to convince Fancy to get checked out at the hospital for her nosebleeds, Pretty gets sent by Alistair to stop them from leaving, he then vows that Fancy will start acting like a true Crane or else. At the hospital, while Gwen surprises Ethan with their son, Pilar tells Theresa that she must tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan now or she will lose him forever.

  • At the mansion, Esme tells Fox the reason why Viki is living with her, unaware that Viki is listening to everything they say. On the pier, Vincent and Spike meet to discuss the latest list Alistair made. When Vincent realizes his name is on the list of people Alistair wants dead, he runs from Spike. On the mansion's grounds, Luis tries to convince Fancy they can be happy. He then takes her to a nearby inn and she realizes what lengths Luis would go to keep them together. In Theresa and Ethan's room, Chad, Whitney, Gwen, and Rebecca arrive and discover Alistair plans to kill them all. Later, Alistair flees the room and is less than thrilled at finding Fancy and Luis together.

  • After leaving the bar, Fox and Esme arrive at the airport, so she could pick up a package. When it turns out that the package is Esme's niece Viki. When Esme says she and Viki have no place t go, Fox offers to let them stay at the mansion as long as they want. At the pool house, Pretty tells Luis about what happened between she and Fancy years ago and he can't believe Fancy would purposely hurt somebody. After Fancy runs off, Sheridan tells Luis that she's sorry she had to find out the truth about Fancy. He then runs after Fancy, leaving Sheridan to hear she's a true Crane by Pretty. At the prison, Julian and Eve tell the psychiatrist that if Alistair was still alive they would suspect him in being behind Vincent's current condition. Meanwhile Vincent tells Alistair about Theresa's secret. At the Justice of the Peace, Theresa and Ethan finally get married, much to Gwen and Rebecca's displeasure. Gwen then tells Ethan that she plans on giving him a present he'll never forget.

  • When Tabitha and the others return home, Endora announces she wants to do more dancing and conjures up some conga music. They then have a limbo contest and Tabitha is less than thrilled when she throws her back out. At the Justice of the Peace's office, Whitney arrives in time to find out what Gwen and Rebecca plan to do to Theresa. At the mansion, Luis is furious to find out that Sheridan is thinking about helping Spike escape. Meanwhile Eve arrives back at the pool house and finds Pretty and Fancy fighting about what happened earlier. When Pretty tells Eve that she plans on telling Luis about Fancy scarring her, Eve tries to get Fancy to tell him first, but she is reluctant to do so, fearing Luis will hate her.

  • After Spike gets taken to the station, Endora surprises Noah and Paloma with a magical dinner in the clouds. As the cop gets ready to take Spike inside the police station, Spike fakes an injury and escapes. As Theresa and Ethan get ready to leave for their wedding ceremony, Gwen starts to have second thoughts again about telling Ethan Theresa's secret. At the pool house, Luis and Sheridan are surprised at seeing it is Pretty in the pool instead of Fancy. After Eve gives Pretty a clean bill of health, Sheridan goes to meet Spike at the mansion. Luis then takes Eve up to the mansion so she can make a call and is surprised at who he finds in the living room.

  • At home, Sam and the others are surprised when Kay tries to use her magic to get to Tabitha's house. Kay then runs next door with the others following her and thanks to Endora, the truth about the murders finally comes out. At the mansion, Theresa and Pilar are suspicious when Gwen offers to organize things for Ethan and Theresa's elopement. As Luis and Sheridan talk in the cottage, Fancy and Pretty fight in the pool house. When Luis and Sheridan go to see Fancy at the pool house, they are shocked at finding someone floating in the pool.

  • At the mansion, Sheridan pushes Pretty into breaking up Fancy and Luis' reunion. When they barge into Fancy's room, Sheridan is less than thrilled at finding nobody there and then calls security to find out where they're at. After learning Fancy and Luis are at the pool, Sheridan finds out she has a visitor at the cottage. Pretty then goes down to the pool and has some flashbacks to when she was still friends with Fancy. Fancy then starts having some dreams about Pretty crashing her reunion with Luis to let him know what happened. Meanwhile, Sheridan is surprised at finding Chris at the cottage with a present from James. At Tabitha's Norma and Edna have Spike working as their slave when Kay accidentally zaps everybody over there when she tries using her magic to stop her father from arresting Jessica. After Endora zaps them back over to the Bennett's, Kay uses her magic again, only to have it backfire yet again. Back at the mansion, Gwen almost lets the truth slip about Little Ethan's paternity to Ethan and gets a surprise at hearing Ethan and Theresa's happy news.

  • At Tabitha's, Spike is still trying to convince Tabitha and the others that there's a bomb upstairs while running away from Fluffy, but nobody believes him. After Tabitha saves Spike from Fluffy, he tells them again that they should leave, but Tabitha still doesn't believe him and decides to zap his voice away. Meanwhile, Rebecca finds Ethan talking to the inmate and is able to stop him from telling Ethan the truth. Elsewhere, Sheridan sits Theresa in the prison's electric chair, trying to convince herself that if Theresa dies then Luis will be spared. After a few failed attempts, Sheridan is able to keep the current going to the chair and leave Theresa alone. Gwen eventually comes across Theresa and is surprised at what she sees. Still trapped in the closet, Eve dreams Julian is able to save her. As Luis is being walked into the execution chamber, Pretty tries to tell him about Fancy, but soon gets knocked out by Pilar.

  • Upon their arrival back home, Tabitha and company are surprised to find Spike there being attacked by Fluffy. As they enjoy egging Fluffy on his attack of Spike, Tabitha and the others refuse to believe Spike when he tells them that there is a bomb upstairs. Back at the prison, Ivy begs Pretty to let Fancy be happy and let her get married to Luis, but she refuses to listen. Pretty then vows to tell Luis the truth about Fancy, but gets interrupted when a person walks in dressed as the blackmailer, and everybody decides to chase after them. After catching up with the blackmailer, everybody is shocked to discover its Rebecca and downtrodden when Sam informs them that she wasn't the blackmailer. It is at this point when Luis gets taken back to his cell where the Lopez-Fitzgerald's and Fancy say their goodbyes. In a hallway, Eve runs into Vincent and tells him that she is going to tell the truth, and promptly gets locked into a nearby closet by Vincent. As this is going on, Ethan goes to meet an inmate who claims he has information on Luis' case; he gets some news that wasn't expected.

  • A Tabitha's, she, Edna, and Norma are talking about Endora's power when her magical bowl wheels itself into the room, revealing the identity of the blackmailer. Esmeralda then shows up, hoping Tabitha will let Endora return to the good witch school. At Eve's, she remains convinced that the only reason why Julian wants to keep quiet about Vincent is to protect Crane Industries and they soon begin fighting about their relationship. At the prison, Fancy brushes off Luis' request to find out about Fancy. They then announce their plan to get married and Noah gets the idea to have a double ceremony. Theresa then gets her divorce papers from Jared, and Ethan gets the idea to have a triple wedding ceremony. At seeing Vincent talking with Sheridan, Chad begins to beat him up and soon shocks everybody by saying Vincent is Julian and Eve's son. Meanwhile, Sheridan is pleased to learn Pretty is on her way to the prison, but soon becomes worried when a guard won't let her past security.

  • At the mansion, Gwen surprises Theresa and her mother when she decides to keep Theresa's secret for a little while longer. Later, when Rebecca and Gwen are talking in the foyer, Jared discovers Theresa's secret. He then goes into the living room and tells Theresa that she's now free to be with Ethan since he'll give her a divorce. At Tabitha's, Endora uses her magic to save Miguel from Spike, ultimately making the boys in the basement mad. Outside, Spike tries to tell Fox about Tabitha and Endora but is hesitant to believe him. At the Russell's, Chad tells Whitney that she won't keep him away from their children. Later Vincent shows up and starts to taunt Whitney when Eve shows up. When Whitney goes upstairs to check on Miles, Eve gets a shocking surprise from Vincent.

  • As the blackmailer listens in on Eve and Julian's talk of their son, she rushes out of the apartment when she tries to let Julian know about how unique their son is. They soon take a walk on the pier and eventually run into a depressed Pilar, who just found out about Luis' moved up execution date. After Julian and Pilar leave to tend to work and visit Luis, Eve contemplates calling the cops on the blackmailer, when they arrive to find out what she's doing. At the prison, Fancy goes to see Luis and lets him know about what happened to Theresa at the Book Café. Upon their arrival at the mansion, Theresa shockingly discovers that Rebecca and Gwen knows her secret and intends to tell Ethan when he returns from the kitchen. At Tabitha's, she finds out that Fox intends to have Spike kill Miguel while he is working on his car. When Tabitha tries to use her magic to stop Spike, Mrs. Wallace and Norma make their way out of her basement to warn her that if she stops Spike, the boys in the basement will wreak havoc on Harmony.

  • Upon arriving home, Tabitha begins to explain to Julian about how her odd behavior in the past was to cover up her magical activity while he is trying to process the information that his daughter is a witch. It is at this point when Julian asks Tabitha to see if she can locate his son, and Tabitha agrees to try. At Valerie's, Eve tries to convince the blackmailer that she and Julian truly wanted to keep them when they where born, but they don't believe her. They then admit to Eve that they ruined Whitney and Simone's perfect lives as retaliation to the life they wished to have. While walking on the pier, Sheridan comes across Ethan and Theresa and agrees to stay with Theresa when Ethan has an errand to run. They then make their way to the Book Café and talk about Luis' case. When Theresa tries to convince Sheridan to let go of Luis if he were to get release, the Demon Elf possesses Sheridan and makes her poison Theresa's cup of tea. At the mansion, Ethan walks in on Gwen and Rebecca's celebration.

  • At the mansion, Sheridan and Gwen catching up on what's been going on while the Demon Elf spies on them. He later leaves in a good mood when he hears them discuss their odd urges of murder. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Pilar tries to convince Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, and is slightly disappointed when Theresa says she can't yet. Pilar then takes some of the food they cooked to Luis in prison, where she finds Fancy there with him. When Fancy tells Pilar that she's going to let Luis know about her past with Pretty, Pilar suggests that she shouldn't. In the cottage, the blackmailer tells Ethan that once he finds out Theresa's secret, he'll never want to be with her, and that as a result they can spend the rest of their lives together. At hearing this, Ethan tells the blackmailer that he will never love them, but wants to be to their friend. As a result, the blackmailer admits that they are tired of wreaking havoc on Harmony and asks for Ethan's help in turning itself in.

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