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  • TV-Y
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (15)

People who like romantic dramas will want to watch Pink Lipstick. It was developed by MBC network. It is the story of Ga-eun as she tries to make since of life after a devastating romantic break up. She grew up the daughter of a very well known and wealthy man. Despite the fact that she was spoiled, she has grown up to be a very sweet, sensible women. After she marries her college sweetheart, she and her new husband adopt a little girl. This is where the story line gets interesting. Ga-euns life gets very complicated and she finds out things are not as easy as they seem. She finds out that her beloved husband as been having an affair with her best friend. She is devastated and not sure what to do. Things do get worse though. She finds out her sweet adopted daughter is the child of her husband's affair. Her husband then takes over her business and leaves her without anything. Ga-eun has plans of her own and she remarries an even richer man who she uses to get back at her former husband and best friend. At some point she falls in love with this man's son who is also her stepson. So the plot thickens. She is not sure what to do. Should she follow her heart for love or stay in the marriage in order to get revenge? This is the gest of the story. This series is something adults would find interesting. It is worth watching and leaves the audience always wanting to see what is going to happen next. This is a Korean series and has Korean humor. Some people will find it hard to understand if they don't know the culture. There are 149 episodes to watch and most people agree it is worth the time. There are several well-known Korean actors in this TV show and most Korean people will recognize several of them. Anyone who enjoys drama will find this a great series to enjoy week after week.

Pink Lipstick
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Pink Lipstick 149
149. Pink Lipstick 149
January 9, 2011
Jung-woo ends up in jail but is soon to have visits with Nari. Miran goes to rehab. Jae-bum and Ga-eun get married and start their own company. Ga-eun wins an award for her work and her husband helped an orphanage. Miran is about to get out of rehab in a week.
Pink Lipstick 148
148. Pink Lipstick 148
January 9, 2011
The Chairman strikes Ga-eun with a golf club and she has to have emergency surgery. The doctor says that they need type O blood because she lost so much and Jae-bum gives it to her. The doctor says that she may not make it, only time will tell if she lives.
Pink Lipstick 147
147. Pink Lipstick 147
January 9, 2011
Jae-bum shows up at the wedding and takes Ga-eun away. Seo-jin helps them get away and betrays his father. Ga-eun and Jae-bum are hiding out in the countryside. Miran calls Jae-bum to tell Ga-eun that Nari is severely ill. It is a trap to take them back to the Chairman.
Pink Lipstick 146
146. Pink Lipstick 146
January 9, 2011
Jae-bum goes to the Chairman and asks him to reconsider his marriage to Ga-eun before he uses his trump card against the Chairman. The Chairman refuses and tells him to leave. Jae-bum is kidnapped until the wedding. The Chairman is planning to take Ga-eun to Hawaii for their honeymoon.
Pink Lipstick 145
145. Pink Lipstick 145
January 9, 2011
Ga-eun brings Nari home with Jung-hee and sees the state of the house and Jung-woo's mother. She stays with them so Jung-hee can go to another job. She cleans up Jung-woo's mother and talks softly to her. The Chairman takes a wedding invite over personally to Ga-eun's mother for the wedding.
Pink Lipstick 144
144. Pink Lipstick 144
January 9, 2011
Jae-bum shows up where Miran is holding Ga-eun for Jung-woo. Jae-bum saves her and takes her home to her mom, he tells her how he feels for her again. Jae-bum is determined to stop the wedding between the Chairman and Ga-eun. He found evidence of how Ga-eun feels for him.
Pink Lipstick 143
143. Pink Lipstick 143
January 9, 2011
Jung-woo kidnaps Ga-eun to coerce the Chairman into giving him money. He calls the Chairman and tells him that he has Ga-eun and he wants passports with a new identity and cash so he can leave the country. Miran finds out what he did and tracks him down to help.
Pink Lipstick 142
142. Pink Lipstick 142
January 9, 2011
Ga-eun is tricked by the Chairman. He bought out Paulo Luca's shares to give Star to Ga-eun as a wedding present he tells her. Now she has no choice but to marry him or hurt Jae-bum. Jung-woo is ruined and being investigated by the police for embezzlement and fraud.
Pink Lipstick 141
141. Pink Lipstick 141
January 9, 2011
Ga-eun meets with someone who she thinks is Paulo Luca, Star's largest share holder. At the board meeting, Mr. Choi asks for Jung-woo's job to be taken. Jung-woo claims he has 51% shares with the power of attorney over Mr. Luca. Mr. Luca shows up with the Chairman, Jung-woo is arrested.
Pink Lipstick 140
140. Pink Lipstick 140
January 9, 2011
Chairman Maeng gives Ga-eun a warning that if she betrays him he will hurt Jae-bum. Jung-woo and his family are going through seizure on their property until he can pay their debts. Miran's parents beg Jung-woo to get Miran out of rehab. Ga-eun is drinking because she is so sad.
Pink Lipstick 139
139. Pink Lipstick 139
January 9, 2011
The Chairman finds out about where Ga-eun was staying after she left the hospital. He tells her that he won't give her control over Star until she has married him. He says he has trusted her too much. Jung-woo puts Miran in rehab for alcoholism and is going to divorce her.
Pink Lipstick 138
138. Pink Lipstick 138
December 1, 2010
Miran is expected to act like Ga-eun is still married to Jung-woo when she knows that Ga-eun is faking. Ga-eun convinced everyone including the doctors that she has amnesia so everyone thinks that living with Jung-woo right now will help her get her memory back. Miran tries to make her leave.
Pink Lipstick 137
137. Pink Lipstick 137
December 1, 2010
Ga-eun is acting like she has amnesia to mess with Miran. Jung-woo comes home and tells Miran that Ga-eun is really sick that he checked with the doctor and she had disassociative amnesia. Her mother knows that she is faking and keeps her sister out of the mix of things.
Pink Lipstick 136
136. Pink Lipstick 136
December 1, 2010
Ga-eun leaves the hospital pretending to be suffering from amnesia. She goes to the Park house and talks of Nari being her daughter and her friend Ran. She claims she is married to Jung-woo and is Naris' mother. She stays in Nari's room and does not leave, she falls asleep there.
Pink Lipstick 135
135. Pink Lipstick 135
December 1, 2010
Ga-eun is in the hospital after being found in the parking lot unconscious. Miran was the one who pushed her down. She has a concussion. Mr. Cho let it out of the bag that Miran had him do a job on Ga-eun when she was pregnant with Dong-Dong to lose the baby.
Pink Lipstick 134
134. Pink Lipstick 134
December 1, 2010
Miran gets upset at Jung-woos' mother and pushes her and hurts her hip. Jung-woo screams at her and she leaves drinking all night long. She comes home the next morning starting a scene. Miran gets a surprise set of pictures. The person wants money for them not to send to Jung-woo.
Pink Lipstick 133
133. Pink Lipstick 133
December 1, 2010
Nana throws a fit about a gift that Ga-eun supposedly sent to Jae-bum for his birthday. Ga-eun did not send the package and it turns out that Miran did to try to trick them. Miran's parents set up a plan to get Ga-eun and she is locked in an elevator.
Pink Lipstick 132
132. Pink Lipstick 132
November 9, 2010
Jae-bum's birthday is tomorrow and everyone is rushing around trying to find a gift and plan a good family dinner for him. Nana comes to dinner and the Chairman gives Jae-bum two tickets to Bali telling him to take Nana. He refuses and tells Nana she is like a little sister.
Pink Lipstick 131
131. Pink Lipstick 131
November 9, 2010
Nana is left in Jae-bum's care until she is better but the Chairman is pushing for Jae-bum to marry her, especially after she overdoses. Park Jung-woo bought into the PJ Company that Ga-eun is using to lure him into failure. Miran finds out that she threw away her real diamond ring.
Pink Lipstick 130
130. Pink Lipstick 130
November 9, 2010
Nana overdoses on sleeping pills and the Chairman and her mother think it is time to rush a wedding between her and Jae-bum. Miran's diamond was found out to be very low quality and not worth the money that she thought it was. She swears that Ga-eun is behind it.
Pink Lipstick 129
129. Pink Lipstick 129
November 9, 2010
Nari takes off from her grandparent's home and is missing. Ga-eun is stricken with grief worried that she will be lost like Sung-eun was when they were little. Miran was hiding Nari out at her parents pretending she was missing to hurt Ga-eun. Miran's parents let Nari eat peanuts.
Pink Lipstick 128
128. Pink Lipstick 128
November 9, 2010
The Chairman and Nana's mother set up a family dinner in hopes of convincing Jae-bum that it is time for him and Nana to marry. Jae-bum ends up taking Nana home but tells her that he will not marry her. He says she is like a little sister to him.
Pink Lipstick 127
127. Pink Lipstick 127
November 9, 2010
Jung-woo finds out that the painting he paid $500,000 for is a forgery. Jae-bum tries to buy the old Sun company to stop Ga-eun from marrying his uncle. Jae-bum calls Ga-eun and tells her to come home early that they are having guests over for dinner that night.
Pink Lipstick 126
126. Pink Lipstick 126
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun brings gifts to Nari and her ex-mother-in-law. Jung-woo is having Ga-eun followed but is unimpressed about videos of her moving paintings. The Chairman clears Ga-euns schedule and sends a car for her. He hired a wedding planner for their wedding in hopes of getting her to set a date.
Pink Lipstick 125
125. Pink Lipstick 125
November 9, 2010
Miran rushes into Ga-eun's office to confront her about pictures of Mr. Cho and Yumi. She throws a fit and is taken out of the office. Jung-woo's mother has a stroke and is suffering from dementia. Ga-eun shows up at the Park house and Miran asks her why she is there.
Pink Lipstick 124
124. Pink Lipstick 124
November 9, 2010
Chairman Maeng walks in as Jung-woo is about to hit Ga-eun for the death of his unborn child. Ga-eun tells Jung-woo about Miran taking sleeping pills. He confronts Miran to find out that she miscarried long before she told him. He blames her for losing the baby saying her drinking caused it.
Pink Lipstick 123
123. Pink Lipstick 123
November 9, 2010
Jung-woo is arrested. Jung-woo's mother calls Ga-eun's mother and demands that she have Ga-eun pay for Jung-woo to get out of jail and fix the mess he is in. Ga-eun's mother refuses. Mr. Cho calls Yumi again and wants to have some fun. Ga-eun tells Yumi to get a picture.
Pink Lipstick 122
122. Pink Lipstick 122
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun and Jae-bum both go to a place that Jung-woo is storing fake clothing. They are almost caught. Miran decides to take a tonic to get pregnant again and her mother brings her a gift to help her get pregnant. Jung-woos's mom sees the tonic and Miran's mother says its hers.
Pink Lipstick 121
121. Pink Lipstick 121
November 9, 2010
The Chairman decides to hold a dinner. He wants to have Ga-eun's mother and sister over for a family dinner. He invites Nana as well. Jung-woo sells land he has saved for a new building but the Chairman secretly has Secretary Yoon buy the land. Miran tries to get pregnant again.
Pink Lipstick 120
120. Pink Lipstick 120
November 9, 2010
Jung-woo tries to coerce the Chairman into saving his shops by offering to give him information on Jae-bum and Ga-eun's relationship. The Chairman tells him to get out. Miran admits to her mother that she lost the baby and has been hiding it to keep Jung-woo from divorcing her.
Pink Lipstick 119
119. Pink Lipstick 119
November 9, 2010
Nana shows up to visit Jae-bum but he tells her does not want to talk right now. Mr. Han takes Jung-woo's money and leaves Oriental and leaves town. Ga-eun argues with Jung-woo about Oriental. He accuses her of paying off Mr. Han. Jung-woo goes to the Chairman about Ga-eun again.
Pink Lipstick 118
118. Pink Lipstick 118
November 9, 2010
Jae-bum begs the director to give him Ga-eun back. He pleads with him to give her up but the Chairman refuses. Miran decides to give a story to a reporter named Kim about Ga-eun. Jung-woo calls executive director Ha up. The newspaper comes out with Ga-euns picture on the front.
Pink Lipstick 117
117. Pink Lipstick 117
November 9, 2010
The Chairman broke his leg and after recovering for a night in the hospital goes home to have Ga-eun move in and take care of him since they are engaged. Jae-bum comes back home but decides to find an apartment after he finds out that Ga-eun is moving in the house.
Pink Lipstick 116
116. Pink Lipstick 116
November 9, 2010
Miran miscarries the baby but refuses to tell the family. Ha Jae-bum refuses to come home. Ga-eun tells Jung-woo she will have revenge. The Chairman decides to go to Jae-bum and tells Captain Yeo to get his bike. The Chairman gets into an accident on his way to Jae-bum.
Pink Lipstick 115
115. Pink Lipstick 115
November 9, 2010
It is found out that Jung-woo bought all of Miran's clothes to make the sales figures look good. Miran and Jung-woo are determined to break up the Chairman and Ga-eun. They decide to come up with a plan to get her back with Ha Jae-bum instead so she leaves the chairman.
Pink Lipstick 114
114. Pink Lipstick 114
November 9, 2010
The Chairman introduces Ga-eun as his fiancee and then takes her to Dream to announce that she is taking over Director Ha Jae-bum's position as Director of Dream Star. She is determined to avenge her brother and father's death. She moves Miran out of her office and into the main area.
Pink Lipstick 113
113. Pink Lipstick 113
November 9, 2010
Everyone is in an uproar after Sung-eun dies in prison. Ga-eun gives up her love for Jae-bum to commit to marrying the Chairman for revenge on Jung-woo and Miran. Miran comes by to tell her that she is pregnant. Jae-bum is insists that the chairman reconsider but he does not.
Pink Lipstick 112
112. Pink Lipstick 112
November 9, 2010
Uncle tells the boys that he is marrying Ga-eun and Jae-bum finally tells him that Ga-eun is the woman he wants to marry. Uncle is confused but unwilling to change his mind. He has decided to make Ga-eun the director at Dream. Miran and Jung-woo tell Nari about the baby.
Pink Lipstick 111
111. Pink Lipstick 111
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun walks out with the Chairman and Jae-bum is uspet that she is the person that he has been seeing. He can't believe it. He runs after Ga-eun just for her to tell him that it is true. She says that she is the woman that his uncle's woman now.
Pink Lipstick 110
110. Pink Lipstick 110
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun visits the Chairman out of the blue. She now wants revenge on Park Jung woo again. Ga-eun finally decides to let the Chairman introduce her to his family and she tells him that they already know her. They go out to dinner and Jae-bum is completely beside himself.
Pink Lipstick 109
109. Pink Lipstick 109
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun agrees to meet Jae-bum's uncle to set a date for marriage. Jae-bum thinks that they have never met and does not know that Ga-eun was the one that the his uncle had been in love with, too. Miran finds out that she is pregnant with Jung woos child again.
Pink Lipstick 108
108. Pink Lipstick 108
November 9, 2010
Miran sneaks into Ga-euns room and finds the evidence that she had against her and steals it. Miran uses Nari to get to Ga-eun and uses an excuse to go to her house that Nari was missing her. Miran is reprimanded by Director Ha but the Chairman keeps Star Designs.
Pink Lipstick 107
107. Pink Lipstick 107
November 9, 2010
Jung woo and Miran fight about Ga-eun again. Miran turns over her money to pay the damages and tells Jung woo that Ga-eun will not be a problem anymore. Jae-bum and Ga-eun talk about marriage. They go to visit her brother in jail and bring food to him from mother.
Pink Lipstick 106
106. Pink Lipstick 106
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun finally confides in Jae-bum telling him of her family being split apart and losing her brother when they were so young. She felt its all her fault and that everyone will leave her. Jae-bum tells her that he will never leave her. He almost kissed her and her phone rings.
Pink Lipstick 105
105. Pink Lipstick 105
November 9, 2010
Jae-bum wakes to have Ga-eun tell him that she loves him. Ga-eun goes to see Chairman Maeng and tells him that she was using him all along and that she cannot continue to be friends with him anymore. Ga-eun spends the day at the hospital with Jae-bum making him happy.
Pink Lipstick 104
104. Pink Lipstick 104
November 9, 2010
Jae-bum ends up in the hospital after his fall. Jung-woo walks in as Ga-eun tells an unconcious Jae-bum that she loves him. Ga-eun admits her feelings to Jae-bum and he is upset. He wants to know all kinds of things like if that is why she came to Dream Star.
Pink Lipstick 103
103. Pink Lipstick 103
November 9, 2010
The Chairman and Ga-eun meet at his home again and Jae-bum shows up early. She can't let him see her there. All of a sudden, Jae-bum gets a call that the culprit behind the design leak is on the move. He goes after him and is pushed down the stairs.
Pink Lipstick 102
102. Pink Lipstick 102
November 9, 2010
Ga-eun and the Chairman go out together after painting. She takes him to shop in the streets and buys a couple of shirts. Jung-woo sets up a meeting between himself, Ga-eun, and Jae-bum. Dream star is looking for a new main designer and have started advertising for someone to try out.
Pink Lipstick 101
101. Pink Lipstick 101
November 9, 2010
Mr. Cho contacts Miran's mother and she is supposed to contact Miran right away but she changes her mind. Ga-eun gets Miran's mother to meet her saying that it is Mr. Cho. When she shows up Ga-eun confronts her and gets her to confess that Mr. Cho leaked the designs.
Pink Lipstick 100
100. Pink Lipstick 100
November 9, 2010
Jae-bum and Mr. Han chase a guy who might be the one who leaked Ga-eun's designs. He gets away. Ga-eun gets a call from someone who she has following Mr. Han and they tell her that Mr. Cho is behind the leak in the designs. Jae-bum doesn't know who it is yet.
Pink Lipstick 99
99. Pink Lipstick 99
August 24, 2010
Miran is upset about Jung-woo meeting with Ga-eun secretly. Jae-bum and Mr. Han get closer to finding out who the culprit is who leaked Ga-eun's designs. Gae-un goes to a concert with the Chairman. She knows he is figuring out who she is and is a little concerned about it.
Pink Lipstick 98
98. Pink Lipstick 98
August 24, 2010
Ga-eun tells Chairman Maeng that she resigned her job. He asks her if it was with Dream Star and she says yes. Mr. Han calls Ha Jae-bum and tells him that he found the culprit who leaked Ga-eun's designs. The Chairman starts asking questions into Yoo Ga-eun to see who she is.
Pink Lipstick 97
97. Pink Lipstick 97
August 24, 2010
Ga-eun puts in her resignation. Jung-hee and Young-eun both make kimbap and bring it to Seo-jin for lunch. They end up fighting over him and he tells them both he already ate and leaves. Miran packs up Ga-euns stuff and takes it to her to find her and Jung-woo together.
Pink Lipstick 96
96. Pink Lipstick 96
August 24, 2010
Director Ha is being brought before the committee on the charges of taking responsibility for Ga-eun's designs being leaked. Ga-eun goes to Madam Oh and asks her to help find Mr. Cho. Miran's mother brings her stuff to the Park household and says she is staying with them for now.
Pink Lipstick 95
95. Pink Lipstick 95
August 24, 2010
Dream and Star are in an uproar about Ga-eun's designs being leaked. Everyone is trying to find out who the culprit is. Mr. Cho talks about laying low and Ga-eun confronts Miran's daughter about him. She does not tell Ga-eun anything. Ga-eun goes to see Nari and bring family tonics.
Pink Lipstick 94
94. Pink Lipstick 94
August 24, 2010
Jung woo is suspicious of Miran. The Chairman is irate and does not want to wait for Ga-eun to make more designs. He tells Jae-bum that he messed up and he needs to figure out how to fix this. Jae bum says he has a plan but the Chairman doesn't approve.
Pink Lipstick 93
93. Pink Lipstick 93
August 24, 2010
Ga-eun's designs are leaked somehow and her clothes are on store shelves before their debut. Dream and Star are both in an uproar about who did this and why. Miran tries to pin it on Ga-eun saying that she was careless and sold her designs for money because she needs it.
Pink Lipstick 92
92. Pink Lipstick 92
August 24, 2010
Ga-eun crushes Jae-bum's heart by telling him that she is still in love with her ex-husband Park Jung woo. He is crushed. Miran tries to make up to Jung woo. Dream is having trouble keeping up with new competition. Ga-eun meets with the Chairman for drawing lessons with a famous artist.
Pink Lipstick 91
91. Pink Lipstick 91
August 24, 2010
Yoon Nana comes to Ga-eun's home and tells her that she wants to marry Jae-bum and asks Ga-eun to back off. Ga-eun accepts and asks Jae-bum to one final picnic but he thinks she is finally going to accept him. Jung-woo wants to talk to Ga-eun, he calls her phone.
Pink Lipstick 90
90. Pink Lipstick 90
August 24, 2010
Miran and Jung-woo's mother fight over Nari and her getting in trouble at school. She tries to throw Miran out but she swears she will stay til she dies. Miran finds lipstick on Jung woo's collar and they fight. Jung woo moves out of the family house and leaves Miran.
Pink Lipstick 89
89. Pink Lipstick 89
August 24, 2010
Ga-eun and Miran argue at the office and Director Ha has to step in. Jae-bum tells them if they don't stop that he will fire Miran himself. Ga-eun sets up a meeting and a photo for Jung woo and some young woman to make him look suspicious to Miran later.
Pink Lipstick 88
88. Pink Lipstick 88
August 24, 2010
Miran swears to everyone that she is not the one who locked Ga-eun in the storage closet. Jae-bum gives Ga-eun an earring he thinks she dropped that he thinks is hers. She says that it isn't but she knows who it is. The chairman tries to make-up for his ex-wife.
Pink Lipstick 87
87. Pink Lipstick 87
August 24, 2010
Miran locks Ga-eun in a storage closet and she is claustrophobic. Ga-eun is rescued by Jae bum and he looks for the person who did this to Ga-eun. He accuses Miran but she says she is offended and that he should not accuse her without having proof that she's guilty.
Pink Lipstick 86
86. Pink Lipstick 86
August 24, 2010
Jae bum tries to be nice to Ga-eun. He brings her something to eat and a neck pillow at the office. She falls asleep so he runs home to make her tea. He finds her walking home and gets her to let him give her a ride. She is smiling finally.
Pink Lipstick 85
85. Pink Lipstick 85
August 24, 2010
Miran asks Mr. Cho to leak Ga-eun's designs since she took the lead of head designer away from Miran at Dream. Miran is determined to ruin Ga-eun now. The Chairman's third wife insults Ga-eun and throws a drink on her when she is waiting for the Chairman to finish his call.
Pink Lipstick 84
84. Pink Lipstick 84
August 24, 2010
Miran uses designs she stole from Ga-eun's desk to make her collection and was caught for plagiarizing another designer. The chairman almost fired her for it. She has to keep working with Ga-eun for now. Miran's parents take a loan out on the family house and do not tell her.
Pink Lipstick 83
83. Pink Lipstick 83
August 24, 2010
Ga eun and Jae Bum sit at her home with Nari until Jung woo comes to get her. He takes her home and yells at Miran for being a bad mother and making him look bad. Then he slaps Miran. Miran steals Ga eun's designs for the fashion show competition.
Pink Lipstick 82
82. Pink Lipstick 82
August 24, 2010
Miran's parents come back home to find out that Nari is missing. No one can find her. Jae bum lets Ga eun leave work to look for her as well. Jae bum finds Nari at the department store where Ga eun works, Madam Oh's store. She was looking for Ga eun.
Pink Lipstick 81
81. Pink Lipstick 81
August 24, 2010
The chairman confronts Park Jung woo about his wife's family. Ga eun and the Chairman go back and forth over two paintings. Ga eun's mother and sister want her to marry Jae bum but she is determined never to lean on a man again. She is against marriage forever.
Pink Lipstick 80
80. Pink Lipstick 80
August 24, 2010
Miran's parents are found out and their scheme revealed. It drags the name of Dream through the mud. Dream decides to make Miran and Ga eun compete for the main designer position for the next line that comes out. They are given a week to come up with a design.
Pink Lipstick 79
79. Pink Lipstick 79
August 24, 2010
Mi-Ran refuses to work anywhere near Ga-Eun at her office. Jung-woo tells her not to be so picky. A Dream Star blind test is coming up with Mi-Ran as a designer judge. Despite needing to concentrate, she will have no choice but to work in close quarters with Ga-Eun.
Pink Lipstick 78
78. Pink Lipstick 78
August 24, 2010
Ga eun comes back after taking a month away from everyone. She is different and it upsets Jae bum. Ga eun shows up as Maria the winner of the fashion contest for Dream. Miran goes off and refuses to give her the prize when she is announced as the winner.
Pink Lipstick 77
77. Pink Lipstick 77
August 24, 2010
Things take an unexpected turn causing Yoo Ga Eun to show an interesting side. Finding out that her husband is a cheater and their adopted baby is the product of his lustful ways, Yoo Ga Eun decides to do the unexpected. What happens next is a jaw dropping surprise.
Pink Lipstick 76
76. Pink Lipstick 76
August 24, 2010
Jung woo decides that Nari does not need to see Ga eun because she is doing so much better with Miran. He tells Ga eun not to see her anymore. Jae bum rents out the restaurant for the evening so he can sing to Ga eun about how he feels.
Pink Lipstick 75
75. Pink Lipstick 75
August 24, 2010
Ga eun continues her resolve to ruin Jung woo and Miran. Miran tries to be a good daughter to her mother-in-law but Mother wants so much in return. She expects her to cook huge meals for breakfast when she has a job. Miran talks Nari into seeing Ga eun secretly.
Pink Lipstick 74
74. Pink Lipstick 74
August 24, 2010
Ga eun tries to sell last years fashions on the street after she bought them from Madam Oh. She was not able to sell anything and even lost a few dresses somehow. She hatches a new plan to alter the clothes and let her sister model them for her to sell.
Pink Lipstick 73
73. Pink Lipstick 73
August 24, 2010
Ga eun continues her plan for revenge. Madam Oh invests in her business plan and gives her ten thousand dollars. She told Ga eun to double the money. Jung woo's mother is on a pretend hunger strike to get rid of Miran. Nari is even in on the plan.
Pink Lipstick 72
72. Pink Lipstick 72
August 24, 2010
Ga eun keeps her rouse going with Jung woo and he gives her money. She starts an even bigger fight with him and Miran. Jae bum comes by to see Ga eun play piano at one of her jobs. He tells her he has feelings.
Pink Lipstick 71
71. Pink Lipstick 71
August 24, 2010
Miran and Jung woo get married. Ga eun finds out where they are going on the honeymoon and comes up with a rouse to get Jung woo away from Miran on their honeymoon. He ends up driving Ga eun back home and is gone the entire night of the honeymoon.
Pink Lipstick 70
70. Pink Lipstick 70
August 24, 2010
Ga eun tries to kill herself and Jae bum finds her in time to save her life. She recovers to go see Madam Oh about her ex-husband Park Jung woo. She asks Madam Oh to make her powerful so she can avenge her families undoing. Madam Oh gives her a task.
Pink Lipstick 69
69. Pink Lipstick 69
August 24, 2010
Miran's mother and stepfather go to meet Jung woo's mother and sister. They end up in a fight with Jung woo's mother. Ga eun's mom is happy to invite Jae bum to dinner after helping to clean up the new shop that they are opening. He scrubbed the floors.
Pink Lipstick 68
68. Pink Lipstick 68
August 24, 2010
Ga eun's mother loses the families money when she tried to invest the security deposit for their apartment into a fund that would draw interest. She was scammed and lost all the money that the girls had and she couldn't help Ga eun get her sister out of jail.
Pink Lipstick 67
67. Pink Lipstick 67
August 24, 2010
Ga eun sister is set up by Miran and Mr. Cho. She pushes Miran to the ground when they are arguing and harms her arm. She goes to jail. This forces Ga eun to make a decision to get her sister out of jail and a record by signing the divorce.
Pink Lipstick 66
66. Pink Lipstick 66
August 24, 2010
Ga eun's mother comes to the Park house and her and her sister drag Ga eun out of the house and away from Nari. Both mothers fought the whole time they were there and agreed to get Ga eun away from Nari forever. Ga eun and Nari are uncontrollaby upset.
Pink Lipstick 65
65. Pink Lipstick 65
August 24, 2010
Ga eun feels as if her hand was forced so she goes against everyone's wishes and moves back into Jung woo's home. She is planning to live as his wife to stay with Nari. Nari comes back to herself when Ga eun moves back home. She starts speaking for Ga eun.
Pink Lipstick 64
64. Pink Lipstick 64
August 24, 2010
Na-Ri will not eat, especially when Jung-woo attempts to feed her. Her reaction to Mi-Ran is often even worse, and Jung-hee tries convincing Jung-woo not to upset Na-Ri further with a change in living arrangements. She is used to, and better off with, Ga-Eun.
Pink Lipstick 63
63. Pink Lipstick 63
August 24, 2010
When Jung-woo confronts Mi-Ran about the online rumor of being the 14th wife of a man in America, she pours herself a drink. She then drags sympathy from him by telling him how hard her life was after losing Na-Ri. Byun-nyeo urges Jung-woo to leave Mi-Ran, the tramp.
Pink Lipstick 62
62. Pink Lipstick 62
August 24, 2010
Mirans secret about her past is finally revealed. She fights with Jung woo about when she should have told him. She was married previously to a man with 13 other wives. She was the 14 wife to him. Nari is improving and is not sucking her thumb but won't talk.
Pink Lipstick 61
61. Pink Lipstick 61
August 24, 2010
Jung-woo’s coaxing to have Na-Ri returned to her birth mother does nothing to change Ga-Eun’s mind. He offers her a store, a reduced sentence for Sung-eun, and alimony. She refuses, unless he can meet one little condition. Then, she tells Jung-woo, she might change her mind.
Pink Lipstick 60
60. Pink Lipstick 60
August 24, 2010
Ga eun still won't give Jung woo a divorce. Her sister shows up at the celebration party for the new company that Jung woo opened after ruining their fathers company. She tells his secrets and a big uproar ensues. Nari regresses after being told by Miran that she is her mother.
Pink Lipstick 59
59. Pink Lipstick 59
August 24, 2010
Sung-eun faces an investigation on charges of embezzlement while his father is sick in the hospital. Jung-woo and Mi-Ran meet opposition to their latest plan to take Na-Ri back. This opposition comes from the most unlikely people – Byun-nyeo and Jung-hee.
Pink Lipstick 58
58. Pink Lipstick 58
August 24, 2010
Mr. Cho dresses up like a lizard for a party in honor of Na-Ri. The problem is Ga-Eun will not let go of Na-Ri. Mi-Ran throws a fit. Ga-Eun’s mother arranges for the family attorney to visit so Ga-Eun can sue Jung-woo for adultery and claim lots of alimony.
Pink Lipstick 57
57. Pink Lipstick 57
August 24, 2010
Ga eun swears to Miran that she will never divorce Jung woo and she will never let her have Nari. Ga eun decides to take Nari to her mothers for a while. Jung woo leaves Sun and begins his own company. Dream decides to stay with him for now.
Pink Lipstick 56
56. Pink Lipstick 56
August 24, 2010
Ga eun gets released from the hospital. She goes back to her old home and goes to the bedroom to tear apart her wedding photo. Jung woo comes in and argues with her for a while before asking her for a divorce. He already resigned from her father's company.
Pink Lipstick 55
55. Pink Lipstick 55
August 24, 2010
The findings from Mi-Ran’s DNA test shock Ga-Eun enough to land her in the hospital. She now knows that Na-Ri is the product of Jung-woo’s relationship with Mi-Ran. Jae-bum shows up for a visit beside Ga-Eun’s hospital bed, bringing her a bouquet of flowers.
Pink Lipstick 54
54. Pink Lipstick 54
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun’s mother shows up at Mi-Ran’s and has Mr. Kim ransack the apartment. After asking Mi-Ran how it feels to be a victim, Mi-Ran replies that Jung-woo only wanted Ga-Eun for social status. Jung-woo retaliates with a rumor that Sung-eun has embezzled funds from Sun Apparel.
Pink Lipstick 53
53. Pink Lipstick 53
August 24, 2010
J is not Julia. Everyone at Dream tries telling reporters this after the online news story accusing the Hollywood designer of adultery breaks. Despite attempts at damage control, Mi-Ran finds her publisher hesitant to go ahead with signing contracts because, she is told, Koreans do not take adultery lightly.
Pink Lipstick 52
52. Pink Lipstick 52
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun tells Jung-woo she wants a divorce, but he denies doing anything wrong. More precisely, he denies deserving to potentially lose his hold on the company. Ga-Eun has photos to prove he went to Mi-Ran’s when he should have been home with his sick daughter. She wants a divorce.
Pink Lipstick 51
51. Pink Lipstick 51
August 24, 2010
Mr. Cho and Betty Jung plead with Bun-nyeo to let them take Na-Ri out for a day. Bun-nyeo refuses. She gets about a minute of peace before Jeong-hee demands to know how she kept the truth about Na-Ri to herself for so long. Jae-bum makes his formal apology to Ga-Eun.
Pink Lipstick 50
50. Pink Lipstick 50
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun visits Mi-Ran to deal with matters herself, but Mi-Ran vows that she will never give up on Jung-woo. Mi-Ran tells Ga-Eun her best bet is to simply let Jung-woo go. Jae-bum finally realizes he had Ga-Eun all wrong, confusing her deeds with Mi-Ran’s. He decides to apologize.
Pink Lipstick 49
49. Pink Lipstick 49
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun realizes Yung-eun always warned her that Jung-woo might end up disappointing her. Jeong-hee, helping out around the house more, suggests she torture Jung-woo all she wants, but Yung-eun takes matters into her own hands. She finds out where Mi-Ran lives and threatens to have her arrested for adultery.
Pink Lipstick 48
48. Pink Lipstick 48
August 24, 2010
Ga eun confronts Jung woo and Miran about their affair after seeing them shopping together when she was out with her friend that was recently divorced. Her mother in law and Nari both beg Ga eun to forgive Jung woo one time and his mom threatened to keep him loyal.
Pink Lipstick 47
47. Pink Lipstick 47
August 24, 2010
Ga eun finds a friend to hang out with that was recently divorced. When they went out shopping she sees her husband Jung woo with her best friend Miran. They were together as a couple and her friend saw them too. She makes Yumi promise to keep it quiet.
Pink Lipstick 46
46. Pink Lipstick 46
August 24, 2010
Ga Eun decides to fight for her family. She tells Jung woo that he must fight for their family with her. His sister just had her husband ask for a divorce and the women want Jung woo to punch him in the face for hurting her. Ga Eun asks questions.
Pink Lipstick 45
45. Pink Lipstick 45
August 24, 2010
Ga Eun ends up in the hospital after finding out about her husband and Miran having an affair behind her back. Miran starts her job at Dream. Ga Eun ends up at home and fainting again. Nari tells daddy she wishes mommy was always sick so he would come home sooner.
Pink Lipstick 44
44. Pink Lipstick 44
August 24, 2010
Miran messes up and lets Ga Eun see how upset she is. When she passes out from drinking in their home, Ga Eun asks Jung woo to take Miran home. She finds out that Miran and Jung woo are having an affair behind her back. She is completely shattered.
Pink Lipstick 43
43. Pink Lipstick 43
August 24, 2010
Shockwaves are felt everywhere when Na-Ri disappears. Mi-Ran is responsible for taking her, and she tells Jung-woo it is because she cannot help but want to see her child. Jung-woo understands, but warns Mi-Ran not to do anything more, or she may potentially mess up their plans.
Pink Lipstick 42
42. Pink Lipstick 42
August 24, 2010
After Ga-Eun injures herself badly enough to need a hospital visit, Jeong-hee wonders if Jung-woo is having an affair since no one could reach him. The accusation shocks Ga-Eun, but even she has to wonder as she continues to try, in vain, to reach him.
Pink Lipstick 41
41. Pink Lipstick 41
August 24, 2010
Jung woo decides to stay the night with Miran when he was supposed to go home and have supper with his wife. When his sister comes home after being hit by her husband, Ga Eun goes to serve her stew and burns herself, he takes the battery out of his phone.
Pink Lipstick 40
40. Pink Lipstick 40
August 24, 2010
Jung-woo reassures Ga-Eun he loves her and all she does for Bun-nyeo and Na-Ri. Na-Ri is frightened of the fox lady who visits her school. Bun-nyeo warns her never to mention fox lady, a/k/a Betty Jung, or she might get snatched up. Mr. Cho makes demands of Mi-Ran.
Pink Lipstick 39
39. Pink Lipstick 39
August 24, 2010
Miran finds out that the little girl Ga Eun is raising is actually the daughter she had given birth to. She found out that her mother lied to her and that her baby did not die at birth like she was told. Miran is totally devastated at the news.
Pink Lipstick 38
38. Pink Lipstick 38
August 24, 2010
Jung woo is cheating on Ga Eun with her best friend Miran. They had a daughter Sa rang together that died 7 years earlier. Miran finds out that Jun woo and Ga Eun adopted a girl the same age as the one she lost at birth. She is suspicious.
Pink Lipstick 37
37. Pink Lipstick 37
August 24, 2010
Yoo Ga Eun's mother in law tells her how bad she is to her son and that she treats Park Jung Woo so badly. She thinks about going home and decides that she can't go back there either. She goes home and decides she hasn't tried hard enough on marriage.
Pink Lipstick 36
36. Pink Lipstick 36
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun gets a call from Mi-Ran. She invites Mi-Ran to visit and to meet Na-Ri, the child Mi-Ran believes is Ga-Eun’s. Jung-woo arrives home from work, notices Mi-Ran and flashes her a knowing smile. Jeong-hee’s marriage is, ironically, also on the rocks after her husband is caught cheating.
Pink Lipstick 35
35. Pink Lipstick 35
August 24, 2010
Julia Kim officially signs contracts with Vice President Park in his office. Afterwards, he invites her to another special night out. He wants to know everything about her, the woman he has always loved. Meanwhile, Ga-Eun's demanding mother-in-law expects her to do more work around Jung-woo’s house.
Pink Lipstick 34
34. Pink Lipstick 34
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun catches Jung-woo texting someone before bed. He tells her it is no one she needs to know about. The next morning, she catches him applying lotion. She wonders if he has a special meeting. It turns out that he does, but Ga-Eun has no idea it is with Mi-Ran.
Pink Lipstick 33
33. Pink Lipstick 33
August 24, 2010
In order to get total control of Sun Apparel, Jung-woo needs to secure the success of Star Fashion. He plans to succeed at his venture by buying a line designed by Julia Kim. Julia, or Mi-Ran as she was formerly known, accepts Jung-woo’s offer with some demanding contingencies.
Pink Lipstick 32
32. Pink Lipstick 32
August 24, 2010
Six years have passed. Ga-Eun is the happy adoptive mother to Na-Ri, Jung-woo’s biological daughter with Mi-Ran. Mi-Ran and her mother arrive back in Korea after a long absence. She shows up at a business dinner hosted by Jung-woo’s company, introducing herself to Jung-woo as designer Julia Kim.
Pink Lipstick 31
31. Pink Lipstick 31
August 24, 2010
After seeing a compelling picture in the Dream newsletter, Ga-Eun believes she has finally found her missing brother, Sung-eun. Ga-Eun calls Dream and asks that she get a chance to meet the young man pictured. It leads to a tearful family reunion, with lots of mixed feelings.
Pink Lipstick 30
30. Pink Lipstick 30
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun wakes up in a hospital bed knowing she has had some kind of surgery, but is more interested in finding out if the baby is all right. Jung-woo must deliver some upsetting news while keeping thoughts of the birth of his other child out of his mind.
Pink Lipstick 29
29. Pink Lipstick 29
August 24, 2010
Bun-nyeo gets a visit from a desperate Betty Jung who begs for money for her unborn grandchild. A shocked Bun-nyeo places a call to Jung-woo to let him know the truth about Mi-Ran. Ga-Eun is led into thinking she is meeting up with her long-lost brother when tragedy strikes.
Pink Lipstick 28
28. Pink Lipstick 28
August 24, 2010
Betty Jung decides to phone Jung-woo. It is time he either gets divorced from Ga-Eun or starts paying alimony to her daughter. He is just as responsible for the baby as Mi-Ran. Ga-Eun’s morning sickness, meanwhile, is so bad she cannot even drink the tonic Bun-nyeo brewed for her.
Pink Lipstick 27
27. Pink Lipstick 27
August 24, 2010
There is no trace of Mi-Ran anywhere in America. This comforts Jung-woo. There is also no trace of Sung-eun, Ga-Eun’s missing brother, but evidence shows someone else is looking for him. This unnerves Jung-woo, despite the fact he has lots to be happy about now that Ga-Eun is expecting.
Pink Lipstick 26
26. Pink Lipstick 26
August 24, 2010
Bun-nyeo puts on a show for Ga-Eun when she fakes a severe attack from her diabetes. The act works to make Ga-Eun think she has come up with the idea to continue living at Jung-woo’s to care for her. A surprise encounter with an unprepared Mi-Ran shocks Betty Jung.
Pink Lipstick 25
25. Pink Lipstick 25
August 24, 2010
Knowing Jung-woo would have her followed, Mi-Ran fakes a purchase at the pharmacy to keep him from finding out that she did not have the surgery. Mi-Ran’s mother comes to the conclusion that she cannot survive on her own with Mr. Cho in jail, so she takes drastic action.
Pink Lipstick 24
24. Pink Lipstick 24
August 24, 2010
Mi-Ran returns home to recuperate after having surgery to terminate her pregnancy. At least, that is what her mother and Jung-woo believe. Although Jung-woo has arranged for her plane ticket to New York, Mi-Ran will not necessarily arrive there alone. She left the hospital without going through with the operation.
Pink Lipstick 23
23. Pink Lipstick 23
August 24, 2010
Mi-Ran tells Jung-woo that she is keeping the baby. While she believes he has a ruthless intention to take over Ga-Eun’s family business, she believes that they can settle down and live happily. Jung-woo decides she must be followed. There is no knowing what she is capable of doing.
Pink Lipstick 22
22. Pink Lipstick 22
August 24, 2010
Bun-Nyeo unleashes fury on Mi-Ran when she is told she is the baby’s grandmother. Mi-Ran claims Jung-woo is going to marry her, but Bun-Nyeo believes she is a liar. She gets even angrier knowing Mi-Ran’s mother and boyfriend have threatened to divulge this fabrication to Ga-Eun’s family.
Pink Lipstick 21
21. Pink Lipstick 21
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun shows up unannounced to Mi-Ran’s apartment when she is entertaining Jung-woo. Meanwhile, Mi-Ran’s mother and her mother’s boyfriend show up to Jung-woo’s house for a confrontation. Bun-Nyeo reels when Betty Jung announces Jung-woo got her daughter pregnant just as he was marrying Bun-Nyeo's daughter-in-law.
Pink Lipstick 20
20. Pink Lipstick 20
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun seems unable to impress her mother-in-law from the start. She admits to Bun-Nyeo that she lost the family heirloom she received as a wedding gift. A torrent of guilt is unleashed on her, but Bun-Nyeo destroyed the ring on purpose so as to keep Ga-Eun in line.
Pink Lipstick 19
19. Pink Lipstick 19
August 24, 2010
The newlyweds return home from their honeymoon. Turns out that Mi-Ran managed not to destroy their wedding day. Settling in at home, however, is no easy feat. Ga-Eun and Jung-woo must now decided upon their living arrangements. For now, the plan is to live with Jung-woo's mother.
Pink Lipstick 18
18. Pink Lipstick 18
August 24, 2010
Jung-woo and Ga-Eun honeymoon in Jeju. Jung-woo gets a scare one morning when Ga-Eun spies a cake in the hotel room that she thinks is a surprise from Jung-woo. It features a bride and groom with names written in icing. A startled Jung-woo notices the bride’s name reads “Mi-Ran”.
Pink Lipstick 17
17. Pink Lipstick 17
August 24, 2010
Although Mi-Ran shows up at the wedding without making the entrance she imagined, she is dragged out just as Yung-eun falls to the floor in agony. At the hospital, Ga-Eun and Jung-woo are told that Yung-eun is fine. She has experienced nothing more than the results of being under stress.
Pink Lipstick 16
16. Pink Lipstick 16
August 24, 2010
Ga-Eun's mother has decided to allow the wedding to go on, even after discovering who it was that scuffled with her daughter, Yung-eun. Mi-Ran discovers something of her own, and must move out of Ga-Eun's house right after the wedding.
Pink Lipstick 15
15. Pink Lipstick 15
May 4, 2010
Jung-woo's mother smells Mi-Ran's perfume on his clothes and berates him for conducting himself in such a manner the day before his wedding. Yet, he and Mi-Ran's relationship has had a sudden turn. He now wants her to wait for him until he has reached his goal with Ga-Eun's family.
Pink Lipstick 14
14. Pink Lipstick 14
May 4, 2010
Ga Eun gets a lecture from her sister about her engagement to Jung woo. Mom does not want her to marry him and now her sister says that her mother in law to be is mean because she met her at the wrong time. Jung woo breaks down about his past.
Pink Lipstick 13
13. Pink Lipstick 13
May 4, 2010
A chance encounter at lunch pits Yung-eun right in front of the girl she fought, Jung-woo's sister, Jung-hee. Their mothers exchange pleasantries, and Hae-shi asks that Jung-hee take good care of Ga-Eun. The only question is, what sort of family would have a daughter that fights like Jung-hee?
Pink Lipstick 12
12. Pink Lipstick 12
May 4, 2010
Jae-bum is eating a meal and finds out that his uncle and cousins are trying to set him up on a blind date. Mi-ran comes home after drinking with her boyfriend. She is confused about her engagement and does not know if she is really in love or not.
Pink Lipstick 11
11. Pink Lipstick 11
May 4, 2010
Mi-Ran's big reveal nears as she and Ga-Eun meet at a cafe to await the return of Mi-Ran's newly repaired laptop. The big reveal is a let down when it turns out the photos could not be recovered. Mi-Ran realizes this may have had something to do with Yung-eun.
Pink Lipstick 10
10. Pink Lipstick 10
May 4, 2010
Mi-Ran insists she will divulge everything about Jung-woo to Ga-Eun with a slide show when she reclaims her newly repaired laptop. Jung-woo goes to dial Ga-Eun's number, explaining calmly to Mi-Ran that he has no problem airing everything out in the open with Ga-Eun right then and there.
Pink Lipstick 9
9. Pink Lipstick 9
May 4, 2010
Jung-woo visits Mi-Ran to settle matters with her. While he will always care for her, he senses she had ulterior motives. He hands her an envelope and tells her she could have just asked for money instead of stooping so low as to send someone to try and blackmail him.
Pink Lipstick 8
8. Pink Lipstick 8
May 4, 2010
Yung-eun discovers her boss, Director Ha, possesses a laptop containing photos of Jung-woo with another woman. She tries telling Ga-Eun, but finds she cannot while her sister packs for her honeymoon. When Yung-eun finds out Mi-Ran is the woman in the photos she decides keeping the secret is better.
Pink Lipstick 7
7. Pink Lipstick 7
May 4, 2010
Ga-Eun’s sister arrives home after a girl fight and a trip to the ER. Mi-Ran envisions an all-out confrontation with Ga-Eun, but winds up getting drunk and simply knocking the flowers Jung-woo bought for Ga-Eun off a dressing table. Jung-woo considers doing a background check on Mi-Ran.
Pink Lipstick 6
6. Pink Lipstick 6
May 4, 2010
Mi-Ran and Jung-woo are at the Ruby Hotel Coffee Shop discussing problems when Ga-Eun calls and tells Jung-woo to meet her there. He says he is stuck at work, but Ga-Eun swears she sees him darting out of the coffee shop. Her mother suggests Ga-Eun’s eyes have fooled her.
Pink Lipstick 5
5. Pink Lipstick 5
May 4, 2010
Mi-Ran’s mother informs her that Mister Cho saw her kiss Ga-Eun’s fiancé. Intent on keeping her daughter from becoming her mother, Mal-ja threatens to tell Ga-Eun everything. She then takes Mi-Ran on a guilt trip insisting a caring friend like Ga-Eun deserves more respect from her.
Pink Lipstick 4
4. Pink Lipstick 4
May 4, 2010
Mi-Ran fakes enthusiasm when Ga-Eun invites her to dinner to meet Jung-woo at six o’clock. Mi-Ran quickly places a call to Jung-woo demanding he meet her at six o’clock. He does not realize the reason she needs to meet prior to dinner with Ga-Eun, so he refuses.
Pink Lipstick 3
3. Pink Lipstick 3
May 4, 2010
It surprises Ga-Eun that Mi-Ran did not show up, but Jung-woo suggests it was for the best since a proposal is an experience a woman should enjoy without onlookers. Mi-Ran did show up, but she left hastily, after witnessing her fiancé's proposal to her best friend.
Pink Lipstick 2
2. Pink Lipstick 2
May 4, 2010
As her visit begins, Mi-Ran has dinner at Ga-Eun’s. Afterwards, they try settling in for the night, but Ga-Eun gets a call from Jung-woo. He takes her on an impromptu date. Ga-Eun invites Mi-Ran to join them, and she arrives just as Jung-woo asks Ga-Eun a very important question.
Pink Lipstick 1
1. Pink Lipstick 1
May 4, 2010
Ga-Eun is shocked to learn that her husband and best friend are having an affair. Journey back in time to see how Ga-Eun falls in love with Park Jung Woo.

People who like romantic dramas will want to watch Pink Lipstick. It was developed by MBC network. It is the story of Ga-eun as she tries to make since of life after a devastating romantic break up. She grew up the daughter of a very well known and wealthy man. Despite the fact that she was spoiled, she has grown up to be a very sweet, sensible women. After she marries her college sweetheart, she and her new husband adopt a little girl.

This is where the story line gets interesting. Ga-euns life gets very complicated and she finds out things are not as easy as they seem. She finds out that her beloved husband as been having an affair with her best friend. She is devastated and not sure what to do. Things do get worse though. She finds out her sweet adopted daughter is the child of her husband's affair. Her husband then takes over her business and leaves her without anything.

Ga-eun has plans of her own and she remarries an even richer man who she uses to get back at her former husband and best friend. At some point she falls in love with this man's son who is also her stepson. So the plot thickens. She is not sure what to do. Should she follow her heart for love or stay in the marriage in order to get revenge? This is the gest of the story.

This series is something adults would find interesting. It is worth watching and leaves the audience always wanting to see what is going to happen next. This is a Korean series and has Korean humor. Some people will find it hard to understand if they don't know the culture. There are 149 episodes to watch and most people agree it is worth the time. There are several well-known Korean actors in this TV show and most Korean people will recognize several of them. Anyone who enjoys drama will find this a great series to enjoy week after week.

  • Premiere Date
    May 4, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (15)