Pitchmen is a reality, docudrama TV series featured on Discovery Channel. The series is hosted by celebrity infomercial favorite, Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan. On this show, the stars sell newly built inventions through direct response marketing with the use of telebrands. Telebrands is a well-known company for its massive direct marketing and infomercial companies. Each episode has two different products that the host focuses on selling while being narrated by Thom Beers. The inventor lists all the products with pros and then they are field tested. Billy and Anthony then create an infomercial, which they tell the inventors how successful their products were.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
July 9, 2009
Cast: Anthony Sullivan, Billy Mays, Thom Beers

Pitchmen Full Episode Guide

  • In the season 2 finale - Sully gives advice to 3 junior pitchmen and endures some poor pitches. A fighter pilot pitches his new fitness tool, and a friend pitches Flippin Sticks.

  • Sully tests a Frisbee flying fishing tool; one inventor presents his fitness tool in hopes of saving his best friend's life; Sully and Kennedy field test a patent pro's new suction device.

  • It's a call for fitness products. A female fitness star returns to the spotlight with her Chest Magic machine. Also, BMXers test two new concepts: one a bicycle meets elliptical trainer and the other a bicycle meets rowing machine.

  • An inventor gives his all for a Stadium Back chair. A mother of four pitches her alternative to the chip clip. Sully and Kennedy try out an electric skateboard.

  • Sully is impressed with a collapsing trashcan but a manufacturing short cut may destroy the product's future. Two friends believe a simple piece of plastic can keep you safe from intruders. A legendary knife man gets a chance for one last pitch.

  • Sully and assistant Kennedy head to a Chicago home and houseware convention and hear pitches for an easy stringer and a tater tornado. Then Sully heads to the circus to test a revolutionary new needle.

  • Revolutionary razor; Sully is on a closed set with a hungry grizzly and a snack-food safe; an invention keeps prescription drugs safe.

  • A 16-year-old boy has survived five heart surgeries and invents a cool tool. A victim of identity theft creates a new way to combat electronic pickpocketing.

  • A former marine believes he can revolutionize the flashlight; Sully puts his life on the line for an inventor carrying on his father's legacy.

  • After banding together to take on a new pitchman on the block, tensions between Billy and Sully come to a head in Philadelphia as both are determined to win a pitch-off that will decide once and for all who is the best pitchman in the business.

  • A windshield wiper gets promoted; "Survivor: Africa" winner Ethan Zohn pitches a new way to eat cereal.

  • The father and son of Billy guest star as the former makes a pitch for a luxury item and the latter takes a shot as the director of his first commercial. Also, Sully and Billy make a promotion for a lawn fertilizer in a can called "Green Now."

  • Billy risks his safety and then he and Sully travel to a college to talk about what they do.

  • Sully and Billy go on the road to find new products.

  • A lawn-improvement product surprises Sully and Billy and an infomercial causes a rift between a woman and Sully and Billy.

  • Sully feels excited to shoot a new infomercial for Grabit, a device for extracting broken screws, but Billy may have thrown a wrench in the works after making a deal without Sully. Meanwhile, the Tool Bandit seems to work well enough but is lacking that "wow" demonstration and Sully is sick on the shooting day.

  • Billy & Sully help a 17 year old boy's new cleaning product he has invented, get off the ground. And a woman with a foot salve comes to the guys to take her business to the next level

  • A German inventor needs Sully to sell his gadget but this perfectionist might be too much for Sully and his team. Then a former hockey player creates a stink-eliminating spray that gets put to the test when Billy is sprayed by a skunk on shoot day.

  • Billy and Sully take to the road to shoot a hands free cellphone spot that proves to be traffic stopping.

  • Dual saw and a cleaning product.

  • The Discovery Channel aired a special Billy Mays tribute episode of PitchMen called "Pitchman: A Tribute to Billy Mays". The show documented Mays' early life and his rise to fame, with commentary from his friends and family and showing video from his funeral including the pallbearers dressed in Mays' trademark blue shirt and khaki pants, ending with an emotional farewell from fellow PitchMen host Anthony Sullivan.

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