Pretty Insun

The television show Pretty Insun follows a young girl after she accidentally killed a person. Even though it was an accident she is sent to prison. When she is finally released she has to try to put her life back together and find a way to be happy.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on ViKi
1 Season, 16 Episodes
November 7, 2007
Korean Drama
Pretty Insun

Pretty Insun Full Episode Guide

  • Geunsu and Sangu are sitting face-to-face. Geunsu confesses that it was in fact he who killed Insun's friend.

  • The subway arrives, and people pour out of the train. Insun hides her face with a scarf.

  • On the laptop screen there is the letter from the victim's sister. As he reads down, tears well up in Sangu's eyes.

  • Sunyoung apologizes to the people on air, making a deep bow with her face covered in tears.

  • The past is like a shadow, stuck with one however hard one tries to shrug it off.

  • Sangu declares his love for Insun which she turns down.

  • Insun promises herself to become successful after being hurt from Sangu.

  • Sangu gets upset at Insun's attitude toward Kyeong-jun.

  • After the incident at the broadcasting station, Insun has become the main public interest instead.

  • Insun begins to receive public attention as she turns out to be the mysterious subway hero.

  • Leaving behind the ambulance, Insun manages to get out of the subway and heads to her home-town.

  • Insun accidently overhears Sunyoung's phone call and discovers Sunyoung's true feelings towards her.

  • Insun is touched by Sunyoung's offer to let Insun stay in her house.

  • Insun and Sun-young finally meet, however despite Insun's wish Sun-young fails to recognize her own daughter.

  • Insun is a steadfast character who shouts "Insun is pretty" more than 12 times a day like casting a spell upon herself.

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