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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons

Prince Hours is a South Korean TV drama that aired on MBC between January and March 2007. It is also known as "Goong S" and is the sequel to the popular drama "Goong", which aired in 2006. Prince Hours follows a similar plot to its predecessor, but with a new cast of characters.

The show revolves around an alternate reality where Korea is still a monarchy. The main character, Lee Hoo (played by Seven), is the Crown Prince's half-brother and the grandson of the Queen Dowager. He is a carefree, rebellious young man who often gets into trouble with the law. Despite his roguish behavior, Lee Hoo is well-liked by the people of Korea, who see him as a symbol of the changing times.

Lee Hoo's life changes drastically when he learns that he is next in line for the throne. He is suddenly thrust into a world of politics and protocol, where every move he makes is scrutinized by the royal family and the public. Lee Hoo is not prepared for the duties of a prince, and he struggles to adapt to his new role.

The show also follows the love triangle between Lee Hoo, his childhood friend Yang Soon (played by Heo Yi-jae), and the princess, Lee Joon (played by Park Shin-hye). Yang Soon is a tough, independent young woman who runs a food stall in the palace. She has been friends with Lee Hoo since they were children, and she harbors a secret crush on him. Lee Joon, on the other hand, is the Cold-hearted princess who despises Lee Hoo at first but later develops feelings for him. The two women both compete for Lee Hoo's attention throughout the show.

The drama explores themes of love, duty, and tradition, as Lee Hoo navigates his new role as prince, and the women in his life struggle to find their place in the complicated world of royalty.

In addition to Seven, Heo Yi-jae, and Park Shin-hye, there are several other notable cast members in Prince Hours. Kang Doo-jee, the winner of the Korean reality show "Superstar Survival", makes his acting debut as the prince's bodyguard. Also, Hwang Jini, who starred in the popular drama "My Love Patzzi" plays the Queen Dowager, who is a significant figure in the show.

Overall, Prince Hours is a compelling drama that builds on the success of its predecessor. The show features a talented cast and a well-written story that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Prince Hours is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on April 30, 2009.

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Prince Hours Episode 20
20. Prince Hours Episode 20
March 15, 2007
After losing the competition, Hoo regrefully prepares to leave the palace. However, imagining a private life with Yang Soon Eui as an ordinary royal make him happy. Meanwhile, Yang Soon Eui ponders the unexpected proposal Grand Prince Hyosung offers.
Prince Hours Episode 19
19. Prince Hours Episode 19
March 14, 2007
As the royal kins find out about the empress' love life, they demand Hwa In step down from the throne, and the elders gather to figure out the solution to this ruckus. Jae Man suggests announcing the engagement of Hoo and Se Ryung to avert the people's eyes. But Hoo strongly opposes it since he's determined about the marriage. Meanwhile, the competition to decide the next crown prince comes to an end.
Prince Hours Episode 18
18. Prince Hours Episode 18
March 8, 2007
The whereabouts of the evidence, which the dead director had that can free Grand Duchess Kang of the false charge, is unknown. Yi Hoo finds Grand Prince Hyojang and tells him everything will soon be revealed.
Prince Hours Episode 17
17. Prince Hours Episode 17
March 7, 2007
Hoo feels sorry for and is displeased about Yang Soon Eui working at the school cafeteria and doesn't let her out of his sight. Professor Alexander invites Hoo and Yang Soon Eui to dinner because of their help at Onyang Palace.
Prince Hours Episode 16
16. Prince Hours Episode 16
March 1, 2007
Imperial Court Records revealed unexpected truths that shock and confuse Hoo. The Empress Dowager strips Hoo's regency rights after he abused his authority and Hoo forcibly backlashes against her, making her worry.
Prince Hours Episode 15
15. Prince Hours Episode 15
February 28, 2007
After leaving for a district palace, Yang Soon Eui returns as a Student Attendant at the the Royal Academy. Hoo can't hide his excitement about her return, but Yang Soon Eui's calm and indifferent attitude makes him feel awkward.
Prince Hours Episode 14
14. Prince Hours Episode 14
February 22, 2007
The marial arts competition, the second assignment of the Crown Prince qualification test, begins with the Imperial Court, Royal Kin, and of course, the Empress, in attendance.
Prince Hours Episode 13
13. Prince Hours Episode 13
February 21, 2007
With the price of returning the wedding ring to Hoo, Soon Eui is transferred to a district palace much to Hoo and Joon's distress. As the feelings toward one another intensify, the Empress announces that the second task will be a martial arts duel.
Prince Hours Episode 12
12. Prince Hours Episode 12
February 15, 2007
Through Yi Hoo and Yi Joon's efforts, the misunderstandings and secrets entangled in "Gunsangokdo" get revealed with Masters Byuksoo and Yangjoo reconciling and participating on the project to restore that artwork together.
Prince Hours Episode 11
11. Prince Hours Episode 11
February 14, 2007
The empress announces before the royal family and the council that she'll start evaluating whether Hoo or Joon is qualified to be the crown prince. She'll test the basic virtue values of ideals of education and the necessary capacity of the crown prince. And finally, the battle to become the successor begins.
Prince Hours Episode 10
10. Prince Hours Episode 10
February 8, 2007
Even the trustworthy Cho Sang Ki rejects Hoo's request to investigate his mother's incident. Sang Ki tells Hoo that even if he discovers the truth, if Hoo doesn't have the adequate power to deal with it, it's useless.
Prince Hours Episode 9
9. Prince Hours Episode 9
February 7, 2007
Feeling somehow anxious, Hoo uses a rather excessive method and rushes to see Soon Eui. However, Soon Eui gives him cold shoulders and refuses to talk to him, which makes her toss and turn at night. Joon encourages Soon Eui to go to the Royal Academy. After Joon confesses his feelings for her, Soon Eui feels confused, but she can't help but listen to his sincere pieces of advice.
Prince Hours Episode 8
8. Prince Hours Episode 8
February 1, 2007
Joon and Hoo accompany the Empress to a charity auction where a terrorist incident arises. The terror plot targeting the Empress gets foiled by Hoo who intervenes. Hoo loses consciousness and the royal family is in shock.
Prince Hours Episode 7
7. Prince Hours Episode 7
January 31, 2007
Hoo wants to resolve the awkwardness between him and Yang Soon Eui, but it's not easy. The more she's around him, the more she hears scoldings and is worse off. Yang Soon Eui also hates herself for hurting Hoo with the words she exchanges with him.
Prince Hours Episode 6
6. Prince Hours Episode 6
January 25, 2007
Joon feels uncomfortable about Yang Soon Eui and Hoo's childhood friendship, but he can't stop his feelings for her. Grand Prince Hyojang, who got Joon into the palace, and the royal clan put pressure on Empress Hwain again to install a crown prince.
Prince Hours Episode 5
5. Prince Hours Episode 5
January 24, 2007
After going through a hard time, Yang Soon Eui gets promoted to official palace attendant. Feeling excited, she goes to her new post at Jipyoung Tower, but then feels embarrassment more than joy when she sees the new residents.
Prince Hours Episode 4
4. Prince Hours Episode 4
January 18, 2007
Empress Hwain tells Hoo that if he is to live as a royal, he needs to give up his past life of 20 years and the choice is his to make. Hoo then promises the Empress to try to adapt to life in the palace.
Prince Hours Episode 3
3. Prince Hours Episode 3
January 17, 2007
Hoo makes an irrevocable mistake and Grand Prince Hyojang alerts the Royal Kin of this. Through that scheme, the decision to put Hoo on the royal family register gets postponed. To get the situation under control, the Empress takes on the hits directly.
Prince Hours Episode 2
2. Prince Hours Episode 2
January 11, 2007
Kang Hoo unexpectedly enters the palace because of Empress Hwain. With his sudden appearance, the investiture of Yi Joon
Prince Hours Episode 1
1. Prince Hours Episode 1
January 10, 2007
It is 2007 and for the first time since its establishment, Korea is ruled by a female empress. Today, too, The Palace's steel case shows the face of Kang Hoo, the self-proclaimed most handsome guy in Chinatown who rides around on his old motorbike.
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    April 30, 2009