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In the fantasy adventure series, dogs from all over the world slip through magical portals and travel to a magical school. There they'll learn how to be loyal friends to humans. They'll also have unexpected adventures. Christian Convery, Chance Hurstfield, and Dylan Schombing star.

Pup Academy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on August 26, 2019.

Pup Academy is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pup Academy on demand atNetflix online.

Weekdays at 2:00 PM on Disney Channel
1 Season, 19 Episodes
August 26, 2019
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family
Cast: Christian Convery, Don Lake, Chance Hurstfield, Aria Birch, Dylan Schombing
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Pup Academy Full Episode Guide

  • The Stray's Last Day

  • Spark goes head to head with Bite in the final Fetchball game of the season as they compete for the title of Most Valuable Pup; Morgan's mom forms an opinion on Spark.

  • Spark enlists her classmates and Morgan to help her get King and the Lost Dogs out of a bad situation; Morgan discovers a long-lost trunk belonging to his father.

  • Morgan, Charlie and the pups are trapped when the school is taken under siege from a very mysterious, and very smelly, force of nature.

  • Spotlighting the freshman class at Pup Academy, a secret school where pups become dogs. There's goofball Corazon, shy Whiz, stray Spark and Morgan, the new apprentice human caretaker.

  • Morgan sneaks Spark into his house until he can get her back to Pup Academy; Corazon and Whiz overhear two dogs plotting against Spark.

  • After Spark's expulsion, the school is abandoned, Charlie moves in with Morgan, cats reign supreme, and worst of all, dogs are no longer human's best friends.

  • When King calls in a long overdue favor, Spark has to decide whether to help out her fellow strays by giving them access to Pup Academy, or risk the lives of her new friends.

  • When Morgan gets sick, the pups prepare to prank their new substitute; when Corazon sees who it is, he has a change of heart and must protect the sub from Bite's pranks.

  • When Morgan accidentally sends academy photos to Leon, the school's biggest blabbermouth, the academy is in danger of being revealed to the entire school.

  • Morgan and Spark are paired for a class assignment, only to get lost in the Wildwood forest.

  • Three unlikely puppies and their human friends work together to discover the power of friendship and create everlasting bonds between dogs and humans.

  • Izzy embarks on a mission to find out where Corazon goes all day.

  • After a rough day, Spark isn't sure she belongs anymore; Morgan is tasked with operating the Wolfehead Middle School hot dog stand without any help.

  • With classes in session at the same time, Morgan struggles to balance his own school and Pup Academy, much to the frustration of his cooking partner Izzy, who really wants an A.

  • Spark gets into a sticky situation when she makes up a best friend to avoid telling her friends she's a stray, and Morgan endures Charlie's off-the-wall caretaker training.

  • The freshman class at a secret school for dogs includes goofball Corazon, Whiz the shy smartie, Spark the stray, and their new human caretaker, Morgan.