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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (90)

Que Sera Sera is a Korean drama series that aired on MBC in 2007. The show is a romantic drama that follows the lives of a group of young professionals who are struggling to find their place in the world. The show focuses on the relationships between four main characters: Kang Tae-joo (Eric Mun), Han Eun-soo (Lee Eun-sung), Yoon Ji-soo (Jung Yoo-mi), and Lee Min-chul (Lee Kyu Han). Kang Tae-joo is a successful businessman who is confident and charming but also ruthless in his pursuit of success. Han Eun-soo is a talented designer who works for Tae-joo's company but struggles to gain recognition for her work. Yoon Ji-soo is a hardworking and ambitious employee who is trying to move up the corporate ladder. Lee Min-chul is a struggling musician who is dealing with personal and financial problems.

The show begins with Eun-Soo accidentally becoming pregnant with Tae-joo's child. The pregnancy brings them closer together, but their relationship is complicated by Tae-joo's ambition and Eun-soo's desire to establish herself as a successful designer. Meanwhile, Ji-soo is also vying for Tae-joo's attention and becomes jealous of his relationship with Eun-soo. Min-chul's path crosses with Eun-soo's when they start dating, and he becomes involved in the love triangle.

Throughout the series, the characters face various challenges in their personal and professional lives. They struggle with their own insecurities, as well as with issues of trust and loyalty. They also face difficult decisions about their relationships and their careers.

The show has a compelling storyline that keeps viewers engaged throughout each episode. The writing is excellent, and the characters are well-developed, making it easy to become invested in their lives. The show also has a good balance of drama and romance, and there are many touching and emotional moments throughout the series.

The acting in the show is also impressive, with Eric Mun delivering a standout performance as Tae-joo. He portrays the character's ambition, confidence, and vulnerability with great skill. Lee Eun-sung is also exceptional as Eun-soo, bringing both strength and sensitivity to the character. The chemistry between the actors is also excellent, making the love triangle all the more believable.

The show is set against the backdrop of modern-day Seoul, and the city is beautifully captured in the cinematography. The set design and costumes are also excellent, adding to the overall visual appeal of the show.

In conclusion, Que Sera Sera is an engaging and emotional drama that is well worth watching. It is a compelling story about love, ambition, and the struggles of young professionals in modern-day Seoul. The excellent writing, acting, and visuals all work together to create a captivating viewing experience. If you are a fan of Korean dramas or are looking for a new show to binge-watch, Que Sera Sera is definitely worth adding to your list.

Que Sera Sera is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2009.

Que Sera Sera
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Que Sera Sera 17
17. Que Sera Sera 17
April 13, 2009
Tae Ju is shocked that Eun Soo refuses him. Eun Soo stumbles, and he tries to hold her from falling. At that moment, Jun Hyuk comes and takes her away.
Que Sera Sera 16
16. Que Sera Sera 16
April 14, 2009
When Eun Soo is at work, she gets the good news that there is a donor for Ji Soo's heart. Eun Soo tells Tae Ju, who happened to be there, the good news, and he is happy for her with a big smile. While Tae Ju and Eun Soo have a conversation, Jun Hyuk enters the office, and he stops when seeing them looking friendly. Eun Soo is surprised to see Jun Hyuk. Jun Hyuk takes her out of the office. Jun Hyuk tells Eun Soo to quit her job if the reason she wants to work is not to meet Kang Tae Ju.
Que Sera Sera 15
15. Que Sera Sera 15
March 26, 2009
Eun Soo is very disappointed that Jun Hyuk dropped the strategy to unify streetwear brands into the World Department Store she had prepared. So she decides to go to her mother's apartment for a while. Eun Soo goes to a market to buy groceries for Ji Soo's dinner and runs into Tae Ju. When Jun Hyuk comes to the apartment of Eun Soo's mother, worrying about her, he finds her with Tae Ju at the apartment.
Que Sera Sera 14
14. Que Sera Sera 14
April 13, 2009
Jun Hyuk and Eun Soo have a meeting between their families. The meeting between families is tense and awkward. When Hye Rin's mother asks Ji Soo if she is still in school, Ji Soo says she dropped out because she was bullied. Tae Ju talks about Ji Soo as if he knows her well, and Hye Rin's mother asks how he knows Ji Soo. Eun Soo says Tae Ju used to live next door to hers. As Tae Ju and Ji Soo continue to talk about the past, Jun Hyuk and Hye Rin get uncomfortable.
Que Sera Sera 13
13. Que Sera Sera 13
March 26, 2009
After Hye Rin and Tae Ju's engagement ceremony, Jun Hyuk tells Mr. Cha Hyung Min that he will marry Eun Soo. When Mr. Cha doesn't allow it, Jun Hyuk says he is not asking permission. Kyung Jin is anxious about losing the earnest money deposit as the day to pay the rest for the apartment comes. So, Kyung Jin meets Tae Ju to give him the purchase agreement and his money back. She asks him to let Eun Soo know she gives him all back. Eun Soo rushes into the real estate agency when Tae Ju is there.
Que Sera Sera 12
12. Que Sera Sera 12
April 13, 2009
Tae Ju stops by his old apartment to put it on sale. He calls Eun Soo and tells her to find a new job. When she asks why, Tae Ju says Hye Rin is having a hard time, and he can't stand watching Eun Soo struggling. But, she says there is no reason to have a hard time because of people she doesn't care about. She also tells him not to judge based on what he thinks. Meanwhile, Kyung Jin, Eun Soo's stepmother, looks around the apartment with Ho Young, which Tae Ju wants to buy for Eun Soo's family.
Que Sera Sera 11
11. Que Sera Sera 11
March 26, 2009
Tae Ju tells Eun Soo he wants to end their relationship and get married to Hye Rin because he doesn't want to live being scared of spending money. Eun Soo is heartbroken but lets him leave. Hye Rin tells Jun Hyuk that she will marry Tae Ju and asks him to respect Tae Ju as part of her family.
Que Sera Sera 10
10. Que Sera Sera 10
March 26, 2009
Tae Ju asks Hye Rin to end the deal because he loves Eun Soo, but Hye Rin says Tae Ju doesn't have a right to decide, and she is the one who has to decide what to do and when to end. And she tells him to wait until she makes up her mind. Hye Rin also goes to Eun Soo to ask her to break up with Tae Ju, but Eun Soo says Tae Ju is her man, and they love each other sincerely. Hye Rin slaps Eun Soo's face, and so does Eun Soo. Meantime Eun Soo rejects Jun Hyuk's marriage proposal.
Que Sera Sera 9
9. Que Sera Sera 9
April 13, 2009
Eun Soo goes to a showcase in Singapore with Jun Hyuk as a reward for the highest performance among the interns. Hye Rin tells Jun Hyuk that she will ask Tae Ju to join because it would be convenient to look around if they go together as two couples. In Singapore, all of Tae Ju's attention is focused on Jun Hyuk and Eun Soo. Hye Rin tells Tae Ju that Jun Hyuk and Eun Soo sincerely care for each other, so he should accept the fact.
Que Sera Sera 8
8. Que Sera Sera 8
March 26, 2009
At "the Night of Fashion," Hye Rin attends with Tae Ju, and Jun Hyuk comes with Eun Soo. After an argument with Tae Ju, Eun Soo kisses Jun Hyuk out of her anger. Jun Hyuk notices that Hye Rin has feelings for Tae Ju. Tae Ju warns Eun Soo not to go out with Jun Hyuk, but Jun Hyuk says Eun Soo is his girlfriend during a family dinner.
Que Sera Sera 7
7. Que Sera Sera 7
March 24, 2009
Jun Hyuk tells Eun Soo if she continues to work at a saloon, it will affect her job evaluation for a full-time position. Jun-hyuk notices that Eun Soo needs money, so he asks her to help with the project he is working on personally instead of working at a saloon. When Hye Rin finds out Eun Soo works at Jun Hyuk's place, she tells him to switch to a man. But Jun Hyuk tells Hye Rin not to intervene in his business since he decides who works for him. Tae Ju is shocked to hear this from Hye Rin.
Que Sera Sera 6
6. Que Sera Sera 6
March 25, 2009
Tae Ju starts to work at the World Department Store and runs into Eun Soo in the library at the company. He asks how she passed the official job interview. She is offended by his sarcastic manner and says not to look down on her anymore. Meanwhile, creditors rush into Eun Soo's apartment to look for Kyung Jin, her stepmother. Eun Soo starts to work at a saloon to pay her mother's debt and runs into Jun Hyuk, who comes to meet his friends.
Que Sera Sera 5
5. Que Sera Sera 5
March 26, 2009
When Eun Soo is wasted, she reports Tae Ju for sexual harassment to the police. After being interrogated at the police station, Tae Ju goes to her and asks her why. When Tae Ju is aggressive, she wants to report him again for trespassing and attempted assault. He talks it out with her nicely, and she confesses she likes him. Tae Ju accepts Hye Rin's proposal to act as her boyfriend. Eun Soo asks Tae Ju to go out with her but hasn't heard from him since. She starts getting anxious about it.
Que Sera Sera 4
4. Que Sera Sera 4
March 25, 2009
When Tae Ju works for the event at the department store, he needs one more model for facial masks. He asks Eun Soo, who works at the department store, to be a model for his event. He notices her discomfort and takes her out from the stage. When he peels off the facial mask on her face, her face is swollen with rashes. Tae Ju wants to use Hye Rin's background as a wealthy family to promote her fashion show, but she refuses. He tells her to throw away her vanity or pride and do whatever it takes.
Que Sera Sera 3
3. Que Sera Sera 3
March 24, 2009
Hye Rin's mother calls Jun Hyuk to tell him to move out because she can't stand that he and her daughter are in the same house, which makes her uncomfortable. At the wedding of Mi Yeon, Tae Ju's ex-girlfriend, she gives him a hotel room key. Tae Ju gives the key to the groom, saying that the bride doesn't like the room and asking if she should change the groom too. The angry groom punches Tae Ju. Hye Rin, who is at the wedding as a guest of the groom, sees Tae Ju fighting with the groom.
Que Sera Sera 2
2. Que Sera Sera 2
March 24, 2009
Tae Ju has to take care of Hye Rin, who is totally wasted. He can't leave her on the street and finds a motel while trying to figure out what to do with her. Eun Soo has several job interviews, but it is not easy to get a job. She hasn't heard from her mother, who is supposed to send her living expenses, and has no balance in her bank account. In the end, she starts part-time as a sales staff for promotions at the World Department Store to make money.
Que Sera Sera 1
1. Que Sera Sera 1
March 25, 2009
One early morning, Tae Ju breaks up with a girl he has dated for three months and comes home to be ready for work. When he arrives at his apartment, his joyful mood is ruined. Eun Soo, who he has never seen before, is sleeping at the door. She comes for her sister, and doesn't believe he lives here. He thinks he managed to make her leave, but the doorbell rings while he is taking a shower. When he opens the door, Eun Soo runs into his apartment, enters the bathroom, and locks its door.
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Que Sera Sera is available for streaming on the MBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Que Sera Sera on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    March 25, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (90)