R&B Divas: LA

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R & B Divas LA is a show about the rich and famous. These R& B singers are the best within the industry and now they are under one roof. Everyone clashes heads and some women are left crying at the end of every single show. Sitting together, having a few drinks and discussing their lives forces people to state their opinions. These opinions always evolve to someone saying something they shouldn’t and an argument happening. These arguments can range from which one of these divas has certain shoes on to whom they are married to and what kind of lifestyle they live. They compete for everything and all of them have pride within themselves to be the best diva.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TV One
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
July 10, 2013
Drama, Music
R&B Divas: LA

R&B Divas: LA Full Episode Guide

  • The divas visit a resort in Palm Springs. Chante isolates herself from the others after offending them.

  • Lil' Mo admits that she wants to have a baby with Karl.

  • Tensions increase in the group. Stacy causes a fight.

  • Michel'le and Lil' Mo sort out the problems between them. Chrisette's artist showcase hits trouble.

  • Stacy, the newest member, is struggling with group. Brave makes a music video. Michel'le changes her sound to electronica.

  • The show features Leela's cancer charity event and Jesse Jackson's birthday.

  • Michel'le goes out on with a date. Leela plans a special concert for her friend who is suffering with cancer.

  • The cast reunites to discuss the season.

  • Warren Campbell records with The Divas. Chanté is upset over her failure to land a lead vocal, and Michel'le has to deal with a big performance in San Diego.

  • The Grammys are just around the corner and Chrisette feels apprehensive about walking down the red carpet. Leela promotes her new album after a meeting with Anthony Hamilton.

  • The Puerto Rico project comes a step closer and the divas meet up with producer Warren Campbell to get it underway.

  • With the Puerto Rico project looming, the Divas set aside their differences to collaborate on it.

  • Leela and Chrisette connect with the other Divas whilst Chante asks the ladies to be a part of her Ladies Anthem track.

  • Claudette gets hired for a performance at Carnaval de Poncé to promote Puerto Rico, then tries to recruit Chrisette and Leela to join her along with the other Divas. Meanwhile, Michel'le deals with the ramifications of her suicide attempt.