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Cutting It In the ATL is a reality television series premiering in May of 2015 on the WE TV cable channel network. As its name implies, the show is set in Atlanta, GA which the characters of the show describe as the hair mecca of the world. The main stars of the show each self describe themselves as the following: the Natural Hair Boss, the Minister of Weaves, the Commander In Chic, and the Countess of Class. The ladies are feisty but attempting to come together to create a successful hair and beauty conglomerate in the trendy and popular southern city.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm on We tv
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
May 11, 2015
Cast: Dedra Allen
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Cutting It: In the ATL Full Episode Guide

  • The ladies go head-to-head in the battle to be crowned ATL's Head Beauty Boss in Charge! It's an all-out war to get top honors but surprises shake the bosses. Maja hatches an evil plan; will she keep her crown?

  • Beautii debuts her new products at the year's biggest beauty show but Mushiya plans to steal the spotlight. Maja saves the day; Pat smells trouble.

  • Mushiya loses her last ally when she blows up at Maja. Dedra needs Maja but is the price too high? When Dedra jumps to the other side, Pat schemes.

  • Mushiya schools LaKenya in power plays then gives Beautii a D minus. Dedra shocks the ladies with her new venture. When Beautii runs into Mushiya, the two face off.

  • Dedra's surprised by the ladies at her event for her beauty school. Beautii throws LaKenya a super sexy birthday bash, but drama and fighting take over when Beautii overhears Mushiya talking trash.

  • A throwdown between Beautii and Tre' disrupts Maja's infomercial. Dedra hustles to gain support for Jdoah Beauty Academy from her frenemies.

  • Maja releases a new infomercial, but her enemy shows up with a surprise for her. Later, Stephen does Maja's dirty work, stunning Pat.

  • Mushiya works on a top-secret project; Beautti hosts a peace offering that turns ugly; Dedra works with her enemy at a fashion show.

  • Maja strikes back at Pat after ruining her brunch. Mushiya confronts LaKenya and they face off sending a weave flying! Dedra builds her empire.

  • Stephen throws a brunch honoring Maja, but the morning takes an unexpected turn when Dedra & Pat show up. Maja confronts Mushiya about her parade antics.

  • Dedra blasts Maja on the radio exposing her past. Beautii asks Maja to invest in her business. LaKenya's new choice threatens her relationship with Maja. Salon owner, Pat, confronts Maja in a shocking showdown.

  • Dedra blasts Maja on the radio exposing her past. Beautii asks Maja to invest in her business. LaKenya's new choice threatens her relationship with Maja. Salon owner, Pat, confronts Maja in a shocking showdown.

  • Dedra discovers Maja's shocking secret, and plots revenge with a new scheming friend. Mushiya and Maja battle over their natural hair lines at a beauty event. LaKenya is forced to choose sides.

  • Minister of Weaves, Maja reunites the salon owners for a one-on-one, confidential tell-all filled with shocking revelations, untold secrets, behind-the-scenes dirt, and explosive never-before-seen footage.

  • Mushiya's master plan divides the owners; LaKenya's launch party causes drama when an unexpected guest shows up with an entourage.

  • Maja's birthday party takes a surprising twist. Dedra doesn't attend, but still shocks everyone. Mushiya goes 'unnatural.'

  • Maja decides to show LaKenya what true mentorship looks like. In an effort to be 'more Maja-like,' Beautii crosses the line. Dedra makes a shocking discovery about one of the owner's and is excited to share.

  • Beautii's party to celebrate 25 years in the business takes a turn for the worse, when Mushiya reveals Beautii's secret to Maja, forcing a confrontation. Mushiya gives her husband a sexy surprise.

  • Maja's 'truce' dinner quickly turns south when Beautii and Dedra turn up the drama, and the tension divides the stylists.

  • Beautii and Mushiya compete in a battle of styles at a hair show and there is drama backstage.

  • Mushiya hosts a charity event at The Damn Salon, but Dedra won't play by The Damn rules. Maja salon is under siege. Beautii shares a secret with Mushiya.

  • When the ATL Minister of Weaves, Maja, invites top salon owners to brunch to discuss a business proposition, jealousy and drama threaten her master plan, leading to divisions and alliances.

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