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Rex the Runt is a British television series that features short episodes of ten minutes in length. The entire series is filmed in flat claymation style. The main characters are a small dog named Rex and his fellow dog friends Big Bob, Vince and Wendy. Some typical episodes include zany adventures such as Rex going back in time and Rex and the gang meeting aliens on Easter Island.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 21, 1998
Cast: Elisabeth Hadley, Steve Box, Andrew Franks, Colin Rote
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Rex The Runt Full Episode Guide

  • The Gang discover a prototype hover mower whilst clearing out Bob's shed. The major design fault is obvious when it burrows into the ground, creating a tunnel that leads all the way from the back garden to Australia. A shouting match with some dingos follows, at the end of which an enraged Bob accidentally throws Vince down the hole, precipitating an adventure of global proportions.

  • In this homage to Rebel Without a Cause Bob joins a gang of delinquent youths. He takes to wearing a single glove and one of Wendy's earrings. Wendy, Rex and Vince are worried by the change in Bob's character. When he gets arrested they hope he will see the error of his ways, but it only makes a life of delinquency seem more glamorous to him.

  • Rex has been taking cookery classes from Loyd Grossman, but his creations are so disgusting that the Gang have been hiding them in the pantry, rather than eating them. When Arthur Dustcart discovers Rex's culinary abominations he sees their potential as modern art. Bob, eager for a spot in the lime-light, pretends that he is the creative genius behind the odorous oeuvre and becomes a famous artist. Unfortunately Rex turns up at the private view and wreaks havoc.

  • When Rex goes off on a well-earned break, Vince, Bob and Wendy are left behind to perform the Beast of Crannock Moore a supernatural drama in the tradition of Edgar Allen-Poe. Bob and Wendy audition various unlikely creatures, including a gonk, an action figure and a flee. Eventually they cast Wayne, a zebra who plays the ukulele, as the Beast. Rex returns from holiday and is appalled by the fiasco the show has been turned into.

  • Wendy has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Science for the truth serum she's been working on in the spare room. The dress code on the invitation to the award ceremony says Scientific yet sexy: no white coats and Wendy decides to get her hair done. While she's out Bob and Rex consume the serum, which makes for a revealing afternoon particularly when Wendy returns and they tell her she's bald.

  • Having conned Rex into giving away his own ear, Dr Dogg carries out illicit genetic experiments on it and discovers the Plasticene Gene. In search of retribution, and Rex's ear, the gang pay Dr Dogg a visit. Dr Dog genetically engineers Rex a new ear, but, as a side-effect, Rex is covered in blue fur and worse still, the whole place is filled with clones of Vince.

  • Rex discovers the Rocket Raymond jetpack that Bob's been making him for his birthday. Despite Bob's warnings, Rex puts the pack on and blasts off into space without the controls, crash-landing on a planet full of small cute aliens who want to burn him at the stake. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Bob and Wendy spend the night snacking and waiting for Rex to call in for advice on his mobile phone.

  • Wendy and Vince join the Army. Vince's potential is quickly spotted and he is promoted to General. Wendy excels as a Private and it seems that a glittering career beckons for her too. Everything goes pear-shaped when Vince causes a war with France and he and Wendy are forced to go AWOL. Back home Bob has crossed a hairdryer with a microwave oven to create a machine that makes whatever or whoever it's pointed at invisible.

  • Bob's large girth is losing him friends. He turns to Dr Dogg for some drastic plastic surgery. Bob is very pleased with the results, but the rest of the Gang are terrified by his monstrous new physique. Rex dons the surgeon's mask and restores his friend.

  • After a row about whether to spend the bank holiday at the beach, the Gang end up at Gordons Garden Centre where Vince is taken hostage by a talking carnivorous plant. Things go from bad to worse when the whole place turns out to be a giant spaceship controlled by a deranged alien plant-pot called Gordon, bent on kidnapping all earthlings named Gordon.

  • Bob's cavalier approach to laying a patio angers a group of militant ants who carry the gang's house away and threaten to throw it off a cliff. Meanwhile Rex goes to Dr Dogg for some psychotherapy and Wendy calls in an exorcist, Oswaldo Halitosis.

  • Wendy's on heat and the Gang's house is besieged by amorous hounds. The Gang draw down the blinds and prepare to repel borders, but one dog, Handsome Rex catches Wendy's eye and she agrees to go out on a date with him. Vince and Rex insist on chaperoning her. By the end of the evening Rex has made a new friend, Vince has fallen in love with a lobster, Arthur Dustcart's had his underpants cleaned and Wendy's in a very bad mood.

  • Rex arrives home to find that there's a mouse in the kitchen. But this is no ordinary mouse, he is preternaturally strong, extremely aggressive and refuses to be kicked out. The Gang even resort to getting Tiddles the Cat round to sort him out. Then the mouse reveals that he was once Rex's pet mouse, Morris, who Rex sold to Dr Dogg for animal experimentation. A tearful reunion ensues.

  • Life gets complicated when Wendy accidentally throws Rex out with the rubbish.

  • Wendy is brainwashed by TV evangelist heart-throb Johnny Saveloy who is leader of the "chemicalology" cult.

  • Rex, Wendy and Bob spend a weekend at Aunty Brenda's University of Love learning about "the mysteries of the bedroom."

  • Short on cash again, the gang form a band and enter Stinky Basil's "Search for a Star" competition.

  • Wendy shoots Vince and is put on trial, although he is unharmed besides the huge bullet hole. She is acquitted and becomes a big TV star.

  • The gang's house has disappeared. They attempt to recover it using Bad Bob's "Go-Back-In-Time-O-Tron."

  • In an attempt to reach New Zealand, by helicopter, the gang crash on a tiny island and Rex is abducted.

  • Bob discovers he has a brilliant idea for curing hiccups and the gang temporarily become very rich.

  • The gang is Lost in space and happen upon a branch of 'Poultry Pantry,' the interstellar fast-food chain.

  • The gang goes to the North Pole and drill a hole to find out with is at the center of the Earth.

  • After Bad Bob shoots the TV, the gang's ordered to go on exciting adventures by the man who runs Television.

  • The gang miniaturize a submarine and go on a wonderful journey through Vince's brain.

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