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  • TV-MA
  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 7.1  (2,183)

Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne is a psychological thriller anime series from FUNimation that aired in 2008. The show follows Rin Asōgi, an immortal private detective, who solves cases involving supernatural occurrences, and the eternal ramifications of society's collective memory.

The series is set in a gritty, alternate version of Tokyo and presents a visually striking narrative interspersed with brief periods of nudity and graphic violence. The show features strong female characters and explores complex political themes along with philosophical musings on the nature of memory and mortality.

Rin, the protagonist of the show, is a private investigator with a unique ability. She is immortal, but the price of her immortality is that she experiences intense pain whenever she is injured. Rin is also able to recover from any wound, no matter how severe. The series follows her investigations, which often involve the supernatural, as well as her relationships with other immortal beings, such as Mimi, a fellow immortal who owns a bar and serves as Rin's confidant.

Chris Cason stars as Apos, one of the show's main antagonists, who appears to be somewhat obsessed with Rin, considering her immortality to be a curse. Jamie Marchi plays Mimi, Rin's closest friend, who too is immortal and provides the series with some much-needed comic relief. Mamiko Noto plays Rin's assistant, who despite being mortal, is fiercely loyal and invaluable to Rin due to her resourcefulness and intelligence.

The series often explores the idea of memory and trauma, as Rin struggles to cope with centuries of memories and the emotional toll they have taken on her. The concept of mnemonics is also prominent throughout the show, as several characters have the ability to access stored memories that they can sell or manipulate for their own benefit.

As the series progresses, Rin finds herself drawn into a complex web of political intrigue involving other immortals and a shadowy organization known as the Taboo. With each investigation, Rin learns more about her own past and the machinations of those who seek to control the power of immortality.

The show's visuals are stunning, with dark, brooding backdrops and meticulously detailed character designs that complement the gritty, noir-inspired narrative. The series also features a haunting soundtrack that provides both ambiance and emotional depth to the storyline.

Fans of the supernatural, heavy psychological themes, and anime featuring strong female leads are sure to love Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne. The show's unique take on the nature of immortality and memory make it a must-see for anyone interested in exploring complex themes and alternative worlds. Overall, Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne is a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche and a visually stunning anime series that tells a dark, epic story of eternal life and the consequences of manipulating memory.

Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 2008.

Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne
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And Then, to the Door of the Kingdom...
6. And Then, to the Door of the Kingdom...
July 6, 2008
Apos has something painful in mind for Rin, but he gets off on prolonging the agony. Unless Mimi wants to be alone forever, she'd better find her friend - and fast.
Holy Nights Don't Shine Brightly
5. Holy Nights Don't Shine Brightly
June 1, 2008
Rin narrowly survived being mulched to death by a jet engine, but while her body slowly regenerated, her memories disappeared. Now, she must discover her past before Apos and his angels steal her future.
Ghosts Don't Scream
4. Ghosts Don't Scream
May 4, 2008
The son of an old friend puts his life at risk for a real-world hook up with a virtual sex doll. Rin is ready to help, but this case may be too dangerous even for her.
Flowers Don't Shed Tears
3. Flowers Don't Shed Tears
April 6, 2008
Decades ago, the army used Death Island as a testing ground for biological weapons. Rin is shocked to discover that her sadistic rival Sayara has returned to complete the heinous experiments.
Angels Don't Cry
2. Angels Don't Cry
March 2, 2008
When a man seeking a rare stamp enlists Asogi Consulting, the dead bodies start to pile up. As she struggles to make sense of the madness, Rin encounters a deadly angel roaming the streets.
Cats Don't Laugh
1. Cats Don't Laugh
February 3, 2008
Rin is an immortal private eye with a taste for vodka and knack for attracting things that go bump in the night. On her latest case, she finds herself in the middle of a cloning conspiracy.
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Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rin ~ Daughters of Mnemosyne on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    February 3, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (2,183)