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  • TV-Y7
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (205)

Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends is an animated science fiction series that aired from 1999 to 2000. The show delves into the realm of extraterrestrial beings and their relation to earth. It follows the story of an elite task force called the Global Alliance Treaty Organization (GALLOP) who are tasked with the responsibility of investigating and thwarting all alien activity on earth. The show is set in the aftermath of the famous Roswell incident and explores themes of mystery, intrigue and suspense.

The series explores a variety of popular myths and legends surrounding extraterrestrial life. It examines how different cultures view the existence of aliens and the myths associated with them. The show takes inspiration from popular conspiracy theories and offers an alternative view of history. The story revolves around the Gallop team, which is headed by Colonel Franklin Alexander, as they chase down different alien threats and conspiracies. The team members all have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and roles to play in the team. The characters are all well-defined and have great chemistry, adding to the show's overall appeal.

One of the key members of the team is Nick Logan, who is the show's protagonist. Logan is a former NASA astronaut who suffered a near-death experience during a mission to space. Following his experience, Logan gains special abilities such as heightened senses and strength, which helps him in his mission against aliens. Logan is portrayed as a highly skilled and charismatic leader who leads his team from the front. He is often the first one to jump into action, and his team members look up to him for guidance.

Another member of the team is Anne T. Teague, a scientist with expertise in biochemistry and nuclear physics. Teague is portrayed as a highly intelligent and analytical member of the team, who uses her knowledge to help the team solve complex problems. She is also an adept fighter, who can hold her own in combat situations. Teague's character serves as a strong female role model, breaking the traditional stereotypes in animation shows.

The rest of the team comprises the tough-talking mercenary, Arthur Wood; the tech-savvy hacker, Eddie Fiori; and the telekinetic, Professor Anatol Larraby. Each member adds a unique dynamic to the team, making it a formidable force against the alien threat. The team goes up against a variety of alien species such as Greys, Reptilians, and Anunnaki, who all have different agendas and motives.

One of the standout features of the show is its animation. The series uses a mix of hand-drawn and computer-generated graphics, which gives it a distinctive look. The show also makes use of 3D rendering, which enhances the visual appeal of the alien spaceships and technology. The combination of different animation techniques creates a sense of realism, which adds to the suspense and excitement of the show.

The series also makes use of a wide range of sound effects and music, which adds to the atmosphere of the show. The sound design is top-notch, and the music score complements the visuals perfectly. The show's intro theme, which is a blend of rock and techno, is a standout feature and has become a cult classic among fans.

Overall, Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends is an entertaining and engaging science fiction series that explores the world of extraterrestrial beings. Its unique blend of conspiracy theories, mythologies and science fiction makes it stand out from the crowd. The show's strong characters, animation, and sound design make it a must-watch for animation enthusiasts and science fiction fans alike.

Roswell Conspiracies
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Numbered Days: Part 2
40. Numbered Days: Part 2
June 3, 2000
Wraith comes face-to-face with the Alliance's last-ditch effort to save the Earth from the Shadoen Multitude.
Numbered Days: Part 1
39. Numbered Days: Part 1
May 27, 2000
The Shadoen finally reveal their intentions to the world with a demonstration of their destructive capacities.
38. Confrontation
May 20, 2000
Forces converge on Rinaker as the alien races unite to attack the Alliance. Rinaker reveals his true identity and orders that Walter and Nick Logan be destroyed. With annihilation imminent, one of the team makes the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone... including Rinaker.
Conspiracy Revealed
37. Conspiracy Revealed
May 13, 2000
Logan is imprisoned and receives a visit from Sh'lainn. She proposes to perform a mental link, allowing Nick to to uncover his past memories.
Back Spin
36. Back Spin
May 6, 2000
Fitz uses an unauthorized memory eraser on a woman after she encounters aliens. When she has a seizure, the agents rush her back to the base for treatment. The patient turns out to be a wanted felon with a tracking device that leads the authorities, the press and every UFO nut right to the Alliance's doorstep.
Third Degree
35. Third Degree
April 29, 2000
Rinaker gathers the agents together to reveal (through a series of flashbacks) that there is a traitor in their midst. All evidence points to our hero, Nick Logan.
Devil Inside
34. Devil Inside
April 22, 2000
Asiri aliens, Odin and Loki, escape from an Alliance maximum containment unit. Logan and Sh'lainn capture Loki thinking he will lead them to Odin. However, the trickster has allowed himself to be captured so that he can steal a crystalline key that will release a Banshee-Imprisoned frost giant.
33. Rain
April 15, 2000
Spirit aliens, knows as the Kollncha, exist in a dream dimension, and they can control the weather. Agent Trueblood's people can communicate with them through dreams. When Rinaker wants him to capture one, Trueblood's loyalties are put to the test, but what they don't know is that the Lycanthropes want one of these creatures as well.
Vodun Among Us
32. Vodun Among Us
April 8, 2000
Agent Ling's Vodun symbant, Bavol, betrays him, allowing the other Vodun to take over the bodies of Logan and the rest of the personnel at Alliance HQ. Only Sh'lalnn and Rinaker are left to stop the raid- even if it means destroying the base.
Target: Hero
31. Target: Hero
April 1, 2000
An alien child is sent to Earth to protect him from the ravages suffered by his homeworld at the hands of invaders. Growing up into a Superman-like hero, the man known as Jarak proclaims himself Earth's protector and begins helping the people with his superhuman abilities.
Beast Within
30. Beast Within
March 25, 2000
Agent Ling resents Logan's ability to "see" aliens. Knowing this, the Voduh entice Ling with an offer to become more than human. Ling's new abilities could be more than anyone bargained for.
Father of Terror
29. Father of Terror
March 18, 2000
In Cairo, a Vampire named Meru is trying to fulfill a prophecy by resurrecting the ancient vampire Sethaka, Father of Pharaohs. To do this he needs "pharaoh blood" and "the key"- both of which are in Nema's family. As blood is drained from the captured Nema, the god-like Vampire is awakened and unleashes his plan to bring the world under Vampire control with the aid of the Great Sphinx.
When Giants Walked the Earth
28. When Giants Walked the Earth
March 11, 2000
Nema infiltrates teams of researchers who have discovered an ancient Cyclops robot. The Juggernaut is accidentally activated and captures Nema. Under its control, she attacks Logan and Fitz and awakens another of the sleeping giants to reactivate an alien pulse cannon. Although Nema explains that they're trying to save Earth from a Shadoen invasion, Rinaker orders the robots and their weapon destroyed.
27. Showdown
March 4, 2000
Walter is held hostage by the Vampires at a nuclear power plant. It is another ploy to lure Logan into a trap that is also meant to attract a mammoth sunspot creature that feeds on radiation. Thinking that Walter is dead, Nick vows to destroy the creature that Sh'lainn knows is just an innocent victim.
Showdown: Part 2
26. Showdown: Part 2
April 24, 2000
Hanek reveals to Nick that he's building a teleporter whose power source is the life force of Banshee victims. He plans to capture the entire clan that Sh'lainn is bringing to Nick's rescue. However, Hanek doesn't count on the Banshee releasing the Minotauri bounty hunter, Kahn Mart. When Sh'lainn is captured, Nick must choose whether to save her or his stepfather.
Showdown: Part 1
25. Showdown: Part 1
April 17, 2000
Walter Logan is held hostage by Vampires, and in a frantic call alerts Nick to come to his rescue. The situation is orchestrated by Hanek to lure Nick into a trap. When Sh'lainn senses that he is in trouble, she goes to her Banshee sisters for help, not realizing she's playing right into Hanek's hands.
Area 51
24. Area 51
April 10, 2000
A saucer sighting staged by the Alliance goes terribly wrong when the craft is shot down by air force jet fighters. Ti-yet and the saucer are captured and taken to the infamous Area 51. Rinaker assigns Logan, Blaze, Nema and Fitz the dangerous mission of infiltrating the highly secured underground base to recover their friend and destroy any evidence of the Alliance. However, they stumble on information that could be more dangerous than the mission itself.
Amok Vampire
23. Amok Vampire
February 5, 2000
Valra, a renegade Vampire, acquires a taste for Banshee blood when she bites Sh'lainn and eventually drains her, mutating them both into Vam/Banshee hybrids. Valra uses her newfound power and influence over Sh'lainn against Nick to try to overthrow Hanek and INTRAcom. Now the Alliance and Hanek must work together to stop Valro.
Whatever Fitz
22. Whatever Fitz
April 3, 2000
Logan is injured in a skyjacking attempt made by Oni aliens who have something to hide. Fitz must impersonate the hobbled Nick, and a clue leads him to Mt. Fuji with Sh'lainn where they quickly get themselves into a crusing predicament as they encounter the Oni and Yakuza ninjas.
21. Crackerjack
March 27, 2000
While looking for Logan, Sh'Lainn finds herself at a Lycanthrope's hideout, where she sees a familiar face -- but appearances can be deceiving.
The Last Sasquatch
20. The Last Sasquatch
March 20, 2000
Rinaker dispatches Nick and Ti-yet to contain a Sasquatch that recently went on a rampage.
Flying Saucer Down
19. Flying Saucer Down
March 13, 2000
An Alliance court-martial looks into Nick's handling of a containment and cover-up operation in Seattle.
The Cub
18. The Cub
January 1, 2000
After a STAR assault takes out a Lycanthrope weapons dump/hospital, Logan is entrusted with a Lycanthrope cub.
The Partnership
17. The Partnership
December 25, 1999
The Alliance learns that three powerful Vampire families are planning a merger. Logan infiltrates the clandestine gathering by impersonating one of their own. Meanwhile, Fitz encounters an old flame that makes Nema jealous and complicates the mission.
Queen of the Banshee: Part 2
16. Queen of the Banshee: Part 2
December 18, 1999
Blaze and the Banshee warriors prepare to attack the Alliance for kidnapping Queen Mab. It is the Vampires who actually captured the Queen and framed the Alliance in hopes of turning their two worst enemies against each other. The diversion creates the perfect opportunity for the Vampires to sneak into the Banshee lair and sap all the energy from the energy of Light.
Queen of the Banshee: Part 1
15. Queen of the Banshee: Part 1
December 11, 1999
Mab, queen of the Banshees, disappears from the clan, and the Banshees suspect that the Alliance could be responsible for her abduction.
The Conduit: Part 2
14. The Conduit: Part 2
December 4, 1999
The bystander from Nick's first alien encounter reveals himself as an ex-Alliance operative.
The Conduit: Part 1
13. The Conduit: Part 1
November 26, 1999
Logan's investigations and incarcerations have begun to feed his xenophobia -- and his paranoia.
The Vodun Uprising
12. The Vodun Uprising
November 19, 1999
The Air Force captures an Alliance flyer and finds two caskets and dozens of small glass orbs on board.
11. Countdown
November 12, 1999
Sh'lainn predicts that everyone in the Bunker will die in less than 12 hours, but Rinaker ignores the Banshee's fears.
10. Chupacabra
November 5, 1999
Strange cattle behavior in South America convinces Rinaker to send Nick and Sh'lainn to find out exactly who, or what, is the mysterious Chupacabra.
Bounty Wars
9. Bounty Wars
October 29, 1999
Queen Mab releases the stasis fields holding two Minotauri warriors in suspended animation.
Fusion Breed
8. Fusion Breed
October 22, 1999
Mysterious cattle mutilations attract the attention of the Detection and Detail teams.
The Roswell Incident
7. The Roswell Incident
October 15, 1999
On July 4, 1947, a flying saucer was reported to have crashed near Roswell, N.M.
Snowman's Chance
6. Snowman's Chance
October 8, 1999
After a Lycanthrope breaks into Ti-yet's prison containment cell and attacks him, Ruk is transferred to a high-security facility.
5. Peacemaker
August 27, 1999
When a Lyncathrope terrorist group takes over the Briarwood Country Club, Sh'lainn sides with a Lycanthrope defector during an Alliance mission.
Troubled Past
4. Troubled Past
September 24, 1999
Logan's unauthorized search for Walter brings down the wrath of Rinaker and reveals the true nature of Sh'lainn's assignment as his partner.
Mountain Retreat
3. Mountain Retreat
August 27, 1999
When an Alliance team disappears in the Himalayas, Rinaker sends Nick and Sh'lainn to investigate.
The Bait: Part 2
2. The Bait: Part 2
August 27, 1999
Logan and Sh'lainn barely escape the Alliance's assault on the train they were taking to New Mexico.
The Bait: Part 1
1. The Bait: Part 1
August 27, 1999
A mysterious organization contracts bounty hunter Nick Logan to capture Thrope, a dangerous fugitive.
  • Premiere Date
    August 27, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (205)