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This children's show from British producers features stop motion animation. All of the characters on Rubbadubbers are animated toys often enjoyed by kids while taking a bath, including a purple whale named Winona and a pink frog called Tubb. The action takes place in the bathroom prior to the child entering the room, with each toy expressing a wish that transports them into a dream world. At the end of each episode, the toys eagerly announce that it's time for the child to take a bath.

Rubbadubbers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on March 16, 2003.

Rubbadubbers is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rubbadubbers on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

4 Seasons, 54 Episodes
March 16, 2003
Kids & Family
Cast: John Gordon Sinclair, Sean Hughes, Maria Darling
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Rubbadubbers Full Episode Guide

  • Finbar keeps losing Tubb's word game because he doesn't know the right name for everything. Becoming the Mighty Word Shark, Finbar suddenly knows what everything is called except for one big green flapping stamping creature that no one has met before. Finbar invents a name for him and discovers that making up your own words is fun!

  • Terence wants to be the first with the news for once, but the other Rubbadubbers keep beating him to it! Messenger Terence discovers that everyone loves good news and no one likes bad news. But Terence eventually finds that you can turn bad news into good news!

  • Tubb just wants to read a postcard from Benjie and Sis's grandmother in peace, but there's nowhere quiet in the bathroom. Wishing there were more rooms to choose from, Tubb finds himself in charge of Tubb's Towers. Having lots more rooms means Tubb has lots more work.

  • The Rubbadubbers tell Reg to take a break from lookout, even though he loves keeping watch for Benjie and Sis. Wishing he could be on lookout all the time, Reg finds himself in charge of his own lighthouse. Reg quickly discovers that being on lookout all the time is really tiring.

  • Tubb imagines it would be great to have real hair, but when he finds himself entering the Hairville Hairstyle Contest with Trendy Terence, Far Out Finbar and Curly-Wurly Sploshy, he discovers that having great hair takes a lot of work!

  • Reg is trying to read his book, but the Rubbadubbers are playing noisily. When Reg asks them to let him read in peace, they want to know what his book is about. Reg wishes he could be in a quiet library where he can read all day long. With his wish granted, Reg soon discovers that reading is no fun when there's no one to tell the amazing things you've read about.

  • When Finbar decides to dress up as a monster, Terence thinks there really is a monster loose in the bathroom. But the other Rubbadubbers aren't so sure. Wishing everyone believed him, Terence turns into the leader of a monster hunt. Following a creature with flashing yellow eyes, a splashing tail and sharp teeth, Terence discovers that appearances can be misleading.

  • Tubb, Reg and Sploshy are playing bubble sports in the bathroom. Tubb wins a game. Then Sploshy wins one. But Reg isn't the best at any game. Wishing he were the best at something, Reg finds himself in Sportsworld competing in lots of games. While he never comes in first, Reg discovers the thing he's best at is being an all-rounder!

  • After Sploshy sees a shooting star, she makes a wish but it doesn't come true. If only her wishes did come true! Sploshy finds herself in the desert with her own personal genie. When Sploshy's wet wishes upset everyone that lives in the desert including her genie, she finds herself in troubled waters.

  • Finbar is telling the other Rubbadubbers a ghost story, but his ghost noises are too funny to be scary! Wishing he could meet some real ghosts, Finbar is transported to a ghostly school. His students frighten Finbar with their terrifying variety of scares and Finbar quickly sees that it's better to be funny than scary.

  • Finbar likes getting presents, but doesn't want to give them in return. When he imagines the Rubbadubbers have to give him presents all the time, Finbar discovers that giving a gift is just as great as receiving one.

  • Reg is having difficulty drawing the Sun because it's round. When he wishes there weren't any circles, Reg is transported to Squareworld where everything is square. Reg quickly discovers how useful circles can be.

  • After Benjie and Sis get new school uniforms, Terrence wishes he could wear something different. Transported to Tailor Tubb's Tie Town, Terence discovers hundreds of ties to wear. But every tie Terence tries on brings trouble. So much so, that he wishes he had his old tie back!

  • When everyone wants to concentrate on building a tower, Sploshy just wants to clown around. After wishing they would be clowns with her, boss clown Splosho appears at the circus. While trying to concentrate on a circus trick, Sploshy discovers how much silliness she can truly take.

  • When the Rubbadubbers play at dressing up, Tubb wishes he could wear all of the costumes. Little Red Riding Tubb soon discovers that it's better to share the costumes!

  • Sploshy loves the idea of zooming around a farm on her very own tractor. Imagining she's on a farm, Sploshy discovers a farmer has lots of jobs like collecting the eggs, milking the cow, and shearing the sheep.

  • The Rubbadubbers want to play something new, but Reg's memory banks don't have any new games in them. When Reg imagines himself in Gameland, he finds that the best games are the ones you make up.

  • Sploshy wants everyone to copy her dance exactly instead of adding his or her own moves. When Sploshy imagines everyone copying her, she is transported to Copyland. Sploshy quickly discovers it's more fun when everyone does his or her own thing.

  • Terence loves making bubbles and the Rubbadubbers love to burst them. Terence wishes that he didn't have to worry about running out of bubbles. Now everything Terence touches turns into bubbles. Terence soon discovers that his friends are more important than bubbles!

  • All the other Rubbadubbers are keeping a secret from Terence. Terence wishes to be a spy, so he can find out what his friends are planning. Terence discovers that when you learn the secret you can spoil the surprise.

  • Finbar decides that he wants to choose who is in the Green Hat Gang. Finbar quickly discovers that everyone has something to contribute and everyone should be in his gang.

  • Finbar is tired of always being the rescuer in Sponge Rescue. When he and the Rubbadubbers become castaways, Finbar discovers that waiting to be rescued is even more exhausting than doing the rescuing!

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