Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue

Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue is a documentary mini series which premiered on the British television channel, Chanel 4. The show is similar in conception to that of Hell's Kitchen, starring Gordon Ramsay. In each episode Ruth Watson, a seasoned hotel guru, travels to a new hotel and observes the daily goings on as well as the current state of the building's conditions both inside and out.

Watson then does her best to advise the owners about the best tactics they can use to improve their business for their clients. Each episode runs for approximately forty six minutes with the total number of episodes reaching only six.

Wednesdays at 8:00 pm on Channel 4
1 Season, 6 Episodes
September 30, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Ruth Watson, Hugh Bonneville
Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue

Ruth Watson's Hotel Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • Ruth visits Clacton-on-Sea to meet Essex entrepreneur Michael Chittenden who dreams of restoring the seaside town's famous Victorian hotel, once the jewel in Clacton's crown, to its former…

  • Ruth goes to Margate in Kent, where ambitious property developers Louise and Liam are battling to launch their boutique B&B as the recession starts to bite. With their costs spiralling and…

  • Ruth visits Luton, where Franco and his wife Lefi have taken on a mammoth project transforming two 80s office blocks into a 70 bedroom hotel. But as deadlines are missed, and debts mount…

  • Ruth visits Blackpool, where brothers Rod and Shaun Smallwood have ambitious plans to transform a zero-starred fleapit into a fancy four-star hotel. But can the brothers settle on a plan…

  • Diana Graham and Steve Fernie plan to transform their Grade II listed family home into a bespoke B&B in Suffolk. Ruth quickly discovers that their biggest challenge is accepting that Diana…