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After being rejected in over 30 job applications, Yoshino Koharu finally gets an offer. She probably should have read the contract more carefully...

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
April 6, 2017
Action_Adventure, Comedy, Anime
Cast: Ayaka Nanase, Reina Ueda, Chika Anzai, Atsushi Ono
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Sakura Quest Full Episode Guide

  • Will the festival be a success? Will Mr. Kadota make it back in time for the play? What will Yoshino do when her contract expires?

  • Dark rumors of civic plotting abound as the revival of the Mizuchi Festival draws near.

  • A fashionable pastry shop wants to open a new store in Manoyama, but will the Board of Merchants be able to find a location?

  • Erika continues her stay with the Ministers, and Shiori tries to convince her that Manoyama isn't such a bad place. Also, the hunt for the Golden Dragon comes to an exciting conclusion!

  • Erika attempts to escape from Manoyama, but ends up staying with the Ministers. Meanwhile, Yoshino and Sanae try to gather support from shop owners for the Mizuchi Festival revival.

  • The Ministers open up an old school to serve hot lunch, and come up with a new plan to promote the old building when that doesn't go so well.

  • Maki receives a reply about her application for a role in a movie, and must once again reflect on her dreams. Meanwhile, Yoshino tries to figure out how the town can use one of their old, shut-down schools.

  • The seniors of Warabiya stage a revolt against the Kingdom of Chupakabura, and the Queen herself is taken hostage!

  • The Ministers begin their search for the festival treasures, and introduce some of the more remote seniors to the Internet.

  • Ushimatsu's desperate attempts to pull something from the pond reveal a dark past.

  • A group of Spanish cryptid enthusiasts visit Manoyama in search of the Chupakabura. Meanwhile, Yoshino and the others work to find b and b's for Manoyama.

  • It's summer break! Yoshino reunites with old friends and family when she visits her hometown. Maki and Sanae go back to Tokyo, while Shiori and Ririko work on a B and B proposal.

  • The day of the Founding Festival finally arrives. Will the help of the TV network pay off? How will it change Manoyama?

  • Yoshino and the Ministers prepare for the Kingdom of Chupakabura's Founding Festival, and are repeatedly surprised at who signs on to help out!

  • The matchmaking tour continues! Meanwhile, Ririko investigates the tale of the town's dragon, and discovers some new things about herself in the process.

  • The singles in the local Community Club organize a matchmaking tour with women from the city, with Yoshino and the Ministers as tour guides.

  • Shiori reveals her plan to bring together the Board of Merchants and the Tourism Board, along with the rest of the town.

  • Yoshino and the Ministers struggle to find the right dish for their new C-Rank Gourmet plan. Meanwhile, Shiori finds that her sister has a mysterious relationship with an old classmate.

  • The movie shoot and all the activity in town forces Maki to further reflect on her acting aspirations, as well as her relationship with her father.

  • Manoyama is the setting for a new zombie movie. The Ministers are on the scene, helping out with the shoot, but for some reason Maki is reluctant to get involved.

  • Yoshino recruits a local artist to help the team design a big project for Manoyama Sculpture. Meanwhile, Sanae reflects on her work and its meaning.

  • Yoshino investigates the town's passion for kabura, which leads to a strange showdown between their two kabura-based mascots!

  • Yoshino faces her first trial as queen: sell one thousand boxes of the tourist board's mistakenly-ordered snacks before their expiration date is up!

  • After being rejected in over 30 job applications, Yoshino Koharu finally gets an offer. She probably should have read the contract more carefully...

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