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  • 2003
  • 1 Season

Scooby-Doo! Caped Wonders from Warner Bros. is an animated television show that revolves around the adventures of the famous crime-solving gang, Mystery Inc., as they investigate bizarre and supernatural occurrences. Unlike other Scooby-Doo shows, this one focuses on superheroes and their dastardly foes.

The show features the timeless characters of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma. They are joined by a new character, Deacon, who is a fanboy of superheroes and a talented inventor. With his gadgets and comic book knowledge, Deacon assists the gang in their battles against evil villains.

The gang travels across the United States and beyond, visiting towns and cities where caped wonders are in trouble. In every episode, the gang uncovers a mystery, and with their collective smarts, they solve it.

The show's format follows a standard mystery-solving trope. At the beginning of each episode, the gang stumbles upon strange happenings, which they eventually find out are the result of a villain's masterplan. The villain usually has a personal motive, like achieving wealth and success, or carrying out revenge.

Throughout the episodes, the gang uncovers clues, interrogates witnesses, and explores haunted locations to solve the mystery. They always manage to unmask the villain, who is usually someone unexpected, in the final climactic scene.

The show's most prominent feature is its superhero-themed episodes. Each episode features a superhero, who is in some trouble, and needs the gang's help to get out of it. The villains they face are Super-villains or Antagonists similar to their comic book counterparts with a supernatural or magical twist.

In an episode titled "Batman: The Caped Crusader," the gang visits Gotham City, where they meet the Dark Knight himself. Batman is accusing of stealing an ancient artifact. It's up to Mystery Inc. to clear his name and unmask a villain who is behind the theft. Other superheroes that make an appearance are Wonder Woman in an episode called "Wonder Woman: The Amazon Warrior" and Superman in an episode called "Superman: The Man of Steel." And obviously, it's not just DC superheroes, as Mystery Inc. also encounters lesser-known superheroes like Silver Cyclone, Captain Marvelous, and The Whirlwind Wizard.

Apart from the visual aesthetic, the show also has a unique soundtrack. Music has always played a crucial role in the Scooby-Doo franchise, and Caped Wonders is no exception. The show's opening theme is an upbeat, rock-infused number, which instantly brings out the show's superhero tone. Each episode also has a different score, which suits the mystery and supernatural elements of the story.

The show's overall tone and themes are enjoyable for both adults and kids. It has the same classic Scooby-Doo humor, with slapstick and witty moments, along with an added dose of superhero action. The show's action sequences are well-animated, and they showcase the superhero characters' powers and abilities.

Scooby-Doo! Caped Wonders from Warner Bros. is an enjoyable show that blends the best of both worlds - Scooby-Doo's classic mystery-solving formula and the superhero genre. It's a show that both young and old viewers can enjoy. It is a perfect family-friendly show with remarkable characters and has plenty of action, humor, and suspense to keep you entertained.

Scooby-Doo! Caped Wonders is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 2003.

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The Scarab Lives!
5. The Scarab Lives!
April 28, 2003
The gang's favorite comic book superhero, the Scarab, comes to life as a super villain.
The Heart of Evil
4. The Heart of Evil
August 16, 2012
When Dynomutt and Blue Falcon arrive in Crystal Cove, they team up with our Mystery Inc. gang to solve the mystery of a horrible Dragon-man Robot that's terrorizing the city. But, the Dragon is searching for something...and manages to kidnap Blue Falcon and Scooby...thinking that Scooby is Dynomutt! It's soon discovered the Dragon is working for Dr. Zin -Dr. Quest's nemesis. And Zin is searching for the ultimate power source that Blue Falcon had many years ago. The gang teams up with Dynomutt and flies the Falcon Car to Dr. Zin's evil volcano lair where an epic battle ensues. The power source is revealed to be actually inside's what powers him and keeps him alive. But, it also turns out that the Dragon-man Robot isn't a robot at all. It's Dr. Zin's evil daughter trapped inside the suit and he's trying to save her.
Mystery Solver's Club State Finals
3. Mystery Solver's Club State Finals
January 31, 2011
The Mystery Inc. gang has been invited to compete in the annual TEEN MYSTERY SOLVER'S CONVENTION. A weekend affair where mystery solving teams from around the country compete to solve a mystery. But when the mystery turns out to be the DISAPPEARANCE OF THE TEAMS THEMSELVES, it is up to the sidekicks of each team - led by Scooby Doo - to find out why their friends have been taken. It's a mystery they need to solve by the end of the weekend... or they'll never see their friends again.
The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld
2. The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld
April 28, 2003
Velma becomes Dr. Watson for a day when she assists a robotic Sherlock Holmes in a futuristic amusement park.
Return of Commander Cool
1. Return of Commander Cool
April 28, 2003
While dressed as his comic book idol, superhero Commander Cool, Shaggy receives a blow on the head and believes he actually is the fictional character. With Scooby as his sidekick, Mellow Mutt, Shaggy and the kids investigate an "alien" who's been sabotaging the Colossal Toy Company, where "Commander Cool" action figures are made.
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Scooby-Doo! Caped Wonders is available for streaming on the Warner Bros. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Scooby-Doo! Caped Wonders on demand at Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 28, 2003