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The Secret is a tv series with many twists and turns. Hee-Jung and Ji-Eun lived with their father Jong-Man, who is a truck a driver. However he recently ordered them out of the house in a fit of anger. Jun-Ho who has a clothing store located on a small street has gotten himself into debt, and to make things worse his shop was ransacked by thugs while he was closing up who then proceeded to beat him up.

Mean while Jong-Man revealed to Ji-Eun a deep secret about her mother Myung-Ae and showed her a picture revealing the truth. Ji-Eun was stunned with her fathers news and tries to plead with him, but he just coolly puts on his coat and drives away in his truck. Ji-Eun still stunned by the news is left to cry to herself about the shocking revelation.

The series takes place in South Korea. It is intense but like any drama series, it needs to be viewed from the start to be able to fallow the plot and yes it is suitable for family viewing.

Secret is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on July 20, 2010.

Secret is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Secret on demand at, Viki online.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 20 Episodes
July 20, 2010
International, Romance
Cast: Benjamin Castaldi
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Secret Full Episode Guide

  • Yoo Jeong gets to hear from Gae Ok the unbelievable truth concerning San. Upon hearing it, she feels like her whole world is crashing down around her.

  • Yoo Jeong gets to hear from Gae Ok the unbelievable truth concerning San. Upon hearing it, she feels like her whole world is crashing down around her.

  • Min Hyeok and Yoo Jeong now face a decision to make after being pressured by Do Hoon and Se Yeon.

  • Yoo Jeong and Min Hyeok both confirm their feelings for each other.

  • Yoo Jeong and Min Hyeok admit their feelings for each other.

  • Se Yeon is hurt when Min Hyeok's feelings for Yoo Jeong are confirmed in front of her eyes. Engulfed in sadness and loneliness, she gets very close to Do Hoon.

  • Min Hyeok, who has been wandering about in search of Yoo Jeong, finds her in utter distress at her father's bakery. He gives her his shoulder to cry on.

  • Wanting to keep Yoo Jeong by his side, Min Hyeok threatens her that he will harm Do Hoon if she doesn't stay within his sight.

  • Chairman Jo is unsuccessful in getting in touch with the board of directors and Min Hyeok is eventually removed from the post of K-Group president.

  • Yoo Jeong runs into Hye Jin unexpectedly. She chases after her in desperation only to hear shocking information about what had happened.

  • Min Hyeok who helped Yoo Jeong get to the hospital, leaves her side as soon as she regains consciousness.

  • Woo Chul and Yoo Jeong, who have been forced out of their home, go to Do Hoon's house but they are treated inhospitably.

  • Yoo Jeong finally comes out of jail. All she can think about is finding her son, San, and reuniting with him.

  • After delivering her baby while still behind bars, Yoo Jeong brings up her son amidst much difficulty.

  • Till the very end, during the police and prosecutor investigations, Yoo Jeong insists that she drove the car on her own and she hopes that Do Hoon can reveal her unjust circumstances.

  • Min Hyeok, the son of Korea's leading hotel chaebol, spends many dark days after being forced to break up with his girl friend, Ji Hee.

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