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Step By Step, a comedy which aired on ABC from 1991 to 1998, can now be seen in syndication on the Hub network. This family-oriented sitcom explores moral issues, growing pains, and other contemporary subject matter in light-hearted fashion. The show's format is a modern twist of the 70s show The Brady Bunch, giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of two single parents named Carol and Frank Lambert who marry and move in together with their respective children. The success of the show relies on the juxtaposition of the two families and the sarcastic one-liners that is exchanged between them. The drama unfolds as Frank's children J.T., Alicia, and Brendan are forced to share a suburban two-story home with Dana, Karen, and Mark. One episode might find Carol all riled up because she suspects Frank is cheating on her with one of his clients, while another episode might follow Alicia as she goes on her first date, much to Frank's disgust.

Step by Step is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (160 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 1991.

Step by Step is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Step by Step on demand atAmazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Fridays at 9:00 PM et/pt on CBS
7 Seasons, 160 Episodes
September 20, 1991
Cast: Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, Staci Keanan, Brandon Call, Patrika Darbo
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Step by Step Full Episode Guide

  • In the Series Finale, Carol and Frank and family (no none of them have moved yet) have a major decision to make when an offer on the old homestead is made. Leaving everyone in the family excited to be moving on...except it's youngest member, Lilly.Meanwhile, Carol battles Lilly when the little stinker begins acting up in school. Throwing paint and balls as she fights to get her own way.

  • After two long years traveling the world the Codeman returns and he's bearing gifts. A 50 thousand dollar check to Frank and Carol being the most prominent of the ones handed out. But the winfall soon sends the two into a bickering free fall that has Cody worried they might break-up.

  • Al's over confidence of getting the lead role in an upcoming play has her heart broken and angry when she doesn't get the role. Instead she's given the lowly role of a maid and understudy to the star of the play. She refuses to learn the lead role and places the entire play in jeopardy when it comes out that the star of the play can't go on.

  • Frank has tickets to a Bucks-Bulls game and invites JT along and the two end up having a great time. Until that is, JT, asks Frank to switch seats with him and ends up winning a truck during a half-time contest. Frank sees it as his truck sense he bought the tickets but JT sees it a different way and the two butt heads.Meanwhile, Dana begins a new woman's safety seminar and invites a handsome police officer to teach them how to defend themselves. A move that has Dana and Karen in a battle for the officers attention.

  • Frank and Carol's "perfect" marriage is put on display when Frank is forced by Carol to miss his Bucks game and attend a couples meeting with people from the church. The meeting soon dissolves into a bitter dispute about everything that's wrong in the marriage.Meanwhile, JT and Rich need 400 dollars to take Dana and Sam on a ski trip. So the two resort to trying out as male strippers and get caught.

  • Frank's arch enemy has him reluctant to attend their high school's 25th anniversary reunion. A blow hard named Roy Tucker, who's only joy seems to be in reliving his past wins over Frank. Though once the reunion begins a secret comes to light that may, for the first time, give Frank the advantage. Meanwhile, JT and Rich throw a pay-per-view watching party to get the money to buy a new TV. Unaware they are also responsible for babysitting Lilly. Lilly later disappears when JT won't pay her attention.

  • JT plays Santa at the mall and accidently reveals himself to Lilly and causes numerous problems when he has to explain to the youngster what he was doing.

  • Rich and JT began to fight like a married couple and forces Frank to intervene and push them to solve their problems. Solution? Getting therapy with Dana. Though it's poor Dana who feels like pulling her hair out by the roots once the first session begins.Meanwhile, Karen has a new boyfriend who also doubles as her personal gopher. A situation that prompts Carol to once again meddle in her daughters relationship.

  • Rich's old friend, Cassie, arrives back in town with her family and picks back with Rich where they left off in Jr. high. This doesn't sit well with Dana who becomes increasingly jealous as Rich spends all of his time with Cassie. Forcing Dana to do the unthinkable in her quest to win back Rich's attention.Meanwhile, Frank's scheming Cousin Bert Lambert arrives back in Port Washington and Frank is convinced that he's back in town to cause some kind of trouble.

  • It's Halloween and the kids host their own party at an old anandoned house that features JT meeting a girl who's already dead. Meanwhile, Lilly gets frightened at her own party.

  • Dana is upset when her poem recieves a lesser grade than Karen's in college and suspects the teacher is only giving Karen good grades to butter her up. A fact that she is soon proven right on when the teacher indeed hits on Karen. It is then up to the girls to expose the creep for what he is.Meanwhile, Marks surprises everyone when he announces he has a new 'sugar mama'. A girl that's bent on trouble and leads Mark into her chosen lifestyle the more time they spend together.

  • A Hollywood producer comes to Port Washington (Why? who knows) and holds auditions for the role of a waitress in his upcoming film. Karen, Dana and Al tryout, but its Al who blows everyone out of the water with her subtle performance. So good in fact that they add a second scene re-written especially for her. With all the set side hoopla now going to her head, Al, decides she's found what she wants to do with her life.

  • Karen's headed to college and finally feels like an adult until she meets her fellow classmate, Carol. Only in Carol's "mind" would she think that taking everyone of her daughters classes wouldn't upset Karen, which it does. Setting up a confrontation between mother and daughter.Meanwhile, Dana and Rich butt heads over his grades, or lack there of, as she pushes him to study harder. Also, JT goes shopping without ever leaving the house (and gets caught).

  • When everyone has dates and can't find any place to be alone, JT and Al stumble upon a plan. Using the newly opened Salon (after hours). But when it's Al and Drew's night, the others demand time too and instead of privacy it turns into a huge party paid for by JT's mental retardation.Meanwhile, Carol sets Jean-Luc up on a blind date and finds him unwilling to even meet the girl. Though he does eventually give in.

  • The opening day for 'Let Your Hair down' is drawing close and everything is looking good. That is until the The First Lady (of the United States) announces she wants Jean-Luc to cut her hair. But he refuses and it's up to a VERY frustrated Carol to get to the bottom of the problem.Meanwhile, Frank's constant interference in Al's date life has her fed up. Though he really goes over the line when he picks out her next date and sets it up without asking her.

  • JT involves himself in Dana and Rich's relationship by insisting that Rich has no say so what so ever (true). Rich soon rebels and decides to go out with JT on a Saturday night instead of Dana. A chance meeting a at a party later that night gives the love birds a chance to make up.Meanwhile, Carol's stage mother antics reach new levels of annoying when she goes against Mark's wishes and attends his Championship basketball anyway...and starts a melee.

  • Lilly sees Dana and Rich making out and this forces Frank and Carol to tell the youngster about the bird and bees. Meanwhile, JT and Rich discover the joys of gambling.

  • Sam's financial situation goes south and she is forced to take on a new roommate, a male roommate. This throws JT for a loop and he of course comes to the conclusion that they'll soon be sleeping together. Causing even more friction between him and Sam.Meanwhile, Carol loans Jean-Luc money and lets it get under her skin when she watches him waste it.

  • Sam's prowess at event after event has Rich pushing JT to be a man and pick an event that he can beat her at. JT though doesn't see the problem until a bully forces Sam to actually defend JT. Prompting JT to have a bizarre gender-bending dream. Meanwhile, Lilly is nervous about a trip to the doctor and turns to Jean-Luc to give her the courage to go through with it. But as it turns out, Jean-Luc also must go through the same treatment.

  • Karen's ploy to get a hot guy to ask her out back fires when he instead asks out Al. The date though turns sour when he expects Al to put out and later spreads a rumor that he did score with her. A rumor a jealous Karen clings to until the very end. Meanwhile, Frank and Rich become addicted to the new MAXIMUM Sports channel and nelgect the woman in their lives. Fortunately, for them, Jean-Luc rides into rescue the pair before serious damage is done.

  • When JT and Rich take on the job as sports agents to an up-and-coming college hockey player, they find themselves becoming his personal servants and dating service'with Karen serving as the main course. Meanwhile, the battle between the hairdressers and the contractors begins when Carol and Jean-Luc challenge an overly-macho Frank and his pal, Moose, to a game of bowling.

  • Rich and Dana (along with JT and Sam) attend a wedding and each fantasize about their future if they got married. Dana imagines herself trapped in a trailer in the backyard of the Foster-Lambert crew and Rich imagines Dana as a high powered attorney with no need for him.Meanwhile, Jean-Luc and Frank attempt to put together Lilly's new playset. But Frank's cold keeps getting in the way until Jean-Luc proposes a solution.

  • Dana, Rich, Sam and JT head for Chicago for a concert and this prompts Carol's return to her paranoid/delusional side of years gone by. Ordering the maintainence man to take the door off of Dana's hotel room door. Though it's Dana (and Sam) who must make the big decision about s-e-x.Meanwhile: AL scores a date with the pizza-on-the-guy, Drew, who turns out to be plus size. His size though is the least of Al's concerns as he turns out to be a jerk.

  • Jean-Luc keeps the family guessing as to which celebrity's hair he'll be soon cutting. Meanwhile, Rich and Dana try to take charge of Lilly's 6th birthday party.

  • Frank's fantasy about a lazy, drunk Sheriff cleaning up an Old West features Carol as a dance hall girl and JT as his moronic son.

  • Rich gives a locket to Dana, but will it's previous owner cause trouble for the in-love twosome? Meanwhile, Frank appears to be going through a mid-life crisis.

  • JT moves into his own apartment (Carol's old beauty salon) and discovers the real world. Meanwhile, Jean-Luc pays a little too much attention to Lilly.

  • Frank's camping trip with his best friend takes a turn when Carol drops the news that Virgil, Frank's best friend, is sick and she invited Jean-Luc to go in his place. The trip though is eventful as Jean-Luc and Frank claim to be doctors to avoid being the handyman but end up being needed as doctors.Meanwhile, Rich and Dana's relationship is thrust into question when Dana goes out with a handsome friend from high school who has ideas of more than friendship.

  • Carol refuses to let Al and the others go to a rock concert until it's revealed that she attended and did drugs at the infamous 60's concert, Woodstock. The concert though features Al actually entertaining the idea of doing drugs, the same one Carol did.Meanwhile, Jean-Luc finds himself in the middle of a bizarre domestic dispute of sorts when he has to fend off the advances of Carol's married friend.