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Street Customs is an epic television reality television series, that falls into the genre(s) of both reality tv and in sport. Street Customs stars the talented Ryan Friedlinghaus and Carmen Belanger Martin. Also, Street Customs was produced by Craig Piligian. Furthermore, Street Customs primarily airs on both TLC, as well as on the Discovery channel and this television series has been rated PG.

This reality television series is mainly focused on a man by the name of Ryan Friedlinghaus. This television series shows off Ryans incredible talent for car customizing, as well as his extremely unusual way of maintaining the West Coast Custom family which includes various technicians and artisans. Street Customs will show you all of West Coast Customs original designs. All of which, helped them to achieve the top spot in the car tuning game. It also shows you exactly how they build these custom builds, as well as the process they must follow for it to be successful. Showing the real details and showing the strong, compassionate talents, and the craftsmanship it takes, in order to accomplish such outstanding car customizing.

All of these cars that feature on Street Customs has that powerful street edge and they have been built with impeccable skill, true passion, and a load of hardwork. All of which are things that West Coast Customs and Ryan Friedlinghaus represent and also demand. In this television show, you will get to see car customizing of all cars from hot rods, to luxurious vehicles. Also, you will witness the hardwork, skills, and passion that is put into these vehicles. As well as have all of these things under the same roof and all working together. Plus, you will see how desirable Ryans skills are, even by famous celebrities and well known figures we see on television everyday, as they request his services. This television show will display drama, frustration, panic, and true dedication as each car gets closer and closer to being finished. Leaving everyone amazed at what the vehicle looks like once it is finished.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
October 11, 2007
Cast: Ryan Friedlinghaus
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Street Customs Full Episode Guide

  • Ryan and his crew give the WCC makeover to a Lamborghini and transform it into the ultimate eye catching speed machine. Ryan learns how to flame a car when a donor of the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles asks him to work on a special project.

  • Ryan and his West Coast Customs crew customize an old '37 Model A Ford, going old school turning a clunker into a classic Hot Rod to help promote Ryan and his wife Meagan's new line of clothing, "Wrench.

  • Members of the San Manuel Native American tribe of Southern California, bring their $350,000 Maybach to West Coast Customs in the hopes that Ryan can add his special WCC touch. Then Ryan is asked to work on a special project by a very unique client.

  • When Ryan visits the Vans Headquarters to check out his customs shoe line, he's asked to customize a 1974 Mercedes van. The van's unique see through poly-cast roof proves to be a huge challenge to fabricate, especially when it cracks during assembly.

  • Sylvester Stallone asks Ryan to customize '55 Ford truck for an action film that he is directing and starring in. Sly needs three identical versions of the truck to be used in the film, prompting Ryan to call in reinforcements from Rory's alma mater.

  • A 1969 GTO body will be merged with a 2006 version of the rally-car racer Tanner Foust.

  • Ryan and his West Coast Customs crew give a '58 Chevy Nomad a complete makeover for NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace including the installation of a racing engine. Rusty wants the car ready in two weeks so he can take it out for a lap at the Auto Club Speedway. But a request for a moon roof throws a wrench into their build schedule. To make matters worse, a delay in the paint department puts the entire shop behind. Rory leaves to take care of an eye problem and everyone is surprised by how much the shop is affected by his absence.

  • Ryan customizes Paris Hilton's pink Bentley. Also, actor-musician Evan Seinfeld comes to the shop with his Escalade and his wife follows closely with her Smart Car.

  • A Dodge Challenger is transformed by the crew as they turn it into a convertible. Plus, Ryan heads to Berlin to check out the progress of his new WCC sho, as tensions at home build.

  • The crew works on the promotional truck from Chronic Taco restaurant chain. There is a large amount of work to do and a short time to do it in. Plus, one worker is AWOL, forcing Ryan to make a personnel change.

  • A Bentley is customized by adding a Segway lift within the trunk.

  • Ryan & his crew customize a Subaru Impreza & a Mitsubishi Lancer for twins Dillon & Cole Sprouse, the teenage stars of "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody." Ryan gives the two vehicles the complete WCC makeover & a surprise Christmas morning delivery.

  • Ryan and his old pal from West Coast Choppers, Jesse James, catch up as he helps customize his 1990 Chevy pickup truck.

  • Clothing designer Christian Audigier has his military styled Hummer turned into a one-of-a-kind convertible.

  • The crew heads to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, where they are teaching a class.

  • Ryan designs a tribute to fellow hot-rod customizer Boyd Coddington (1944-2008) in the form of a '67 Barracuda.

  • Ryan teams up with custom wheel design company Asanti, to create a Mercedes Benz masterpiece for them to display at this year's SEMA Car Show. Rap superstar Snoop Dog drops in with a special request.

  • West Coast Customs reconnects with the client that put them on the map - basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal. Ryan has built many cars for Shaq in the past, and now it's time to take it to the next level to win back Shaq's business. Ryan and his crew come up with an idea for a super-customized Cadillac DTS appropriately named "The Shaquillac." Also, to honor the West Coast Customs fans around the world, Ryan hold's a "No. 1 Fan" contest. The winner receives the full West Coast Customs treatment to their car.

  • After customizing cars for celebrities and the super-wealthy, Ryan decides to give back to a worthy cause. He comes up with an idea to build the "Ultimate Contractor's Truck" for Habitat for Humanity, an organization that supplies affordable housing to those in need. After getting his crew started on the Contractor's Truck the shop gets back to the celebrity build when actress/model Estella Warren drops by. She wants Ryan to customize her older model Chevy Camaro to give as a present to her boyfriend's son for a graduation gift.

  • Gary Dourdan, star of the TV show CSI, cruises into West Coast Customs with a plan for his classic Dodge Charger that could be the biggest challenge the shop has ever faced. Meanwhile, Toyota of America commissions WCC to transform the mild-mannered, eco-friendly Prius into a slick ride, built for the next generation. While Sean drags his feet on fabrication of the Charger, several departments threaten to mutiny. And one West Coast employee goes from Ryan's doghouse to the jailhouse.

  • West Coast Customs goes global when it transforms a standard Range Rover into a never-before-built concept car, the "Range Stormer," for a member of the royal family in Dubai. World motocross champion, and Ryan's friend, Brian Deegan, pops into the shop to turn his truck into a superbad, off-roading machine. The Stormer build proves more difficult than anticipated and the tension is high when representatives of the Dubai royal family visit the shop to check on it. With the deadline rapidly approaching, Ryan nearly loses faith, but his crew shifts into overdrive and pulls an all-nighter to get the job done.

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