Sunset Daze

This show takes place in Arizona. The Sun City is a place where many people go after retirement. This show reveals how these people live their lives on a day to day basis. Many of these people are bored, so this leads them into trouble. Some of these people hate this city and wish they never retired in the first place. Other people mind their own business and enjoy having the freedom of retirement.

Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on WE tv
1 Season, 11 Episodes
April 28, 2010
Cast: Michael Jason Allen
Sunset Daze

Sunset Daze Full Episode Guide

  • Linda is chosen to plan the prom event. Who will be crowned king and queen and who will win the dance competition?

  • Joanne and her husband decide to renew their vows. Joanne puts Sandy and Linda in charge of the event at the lake.

  • Ann wants her husband to drive a real race car while he still has some of his eyesight.

  • Linda and Bruce's relationship continues to go downhill while some of the girls are placing bets on golf cart races.

  • Jack is trying to date a new lady and take pilot's lessons. Meanwhile, Sandy has a drink in hand while celebrating her daughter's three-month sobriety.

  • LeWanda has a party where the girls learn how to pole dance with a hot male instructor.

  • Sandy returns to the shooting range to ask Mark out.

  • Widowed Sandy takes a ride in a hot air balloon, while ex-nun Ann goes extreme.

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