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A Los Angeles tanning salon can be an interesting place, particularly if the lives of the people who work there are examined. That is what the "Sunset Tan" show does. It takes a look at the personal lives and dramas of those who are working at a local Los Angeles tanning salon. Viewers get to explore even the parts of their lives that most people would prefer to keep quiet. It is the perfect kind of show for people who like to get their noses into the business of other people. This is what makes for a great television drama, and that is what this is.

Sunset Tan is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on May 28, 2007.

Sunset Tan is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sunset Tan on demand atAmazon, NBC, hayu, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on E!
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
May 28, 2007
Reality, Drama
Cast: Erin Tietsort, Nick D'Anna, Janelle Perry, Devin Haman
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Sunset Tan Full Episode Guide

  • Tension beings to build as Nick moves in with Ania's parents in Beverly Hills.

  • Realizing her 30th birthday is fast approaching, Erin struggles to balance her relationship with Ty and her work at the same time.

  • The opening of the new salon in Las Vegas has Janelle worried that Nick and Keely will be at each others throats.

  • Jeff and Devin are forced to end a scuffle after Keely insults Nick, forcing a heated argument between the two, with Ania joining in.

  • During a retreat to Devin's ranch in Nashville, one of the Sunset Tan coworkers falls off a horse.

  • After Janelle reveals that Erin has been secretly dating Ty, Erin's father insists he met Ty.

  • After getting discouraged when he hears Ania is dating again, Nick needs some cheering up. Thankfully Jeff and Devin are there to take him to Las Vegas.

  • "Sunset Tan" hotties Holly and Molly go at it in a titillating competition filled with swimsuits, super soakers and more. Who'll be No. 1?

  • The Olly girls are fired because of a party they threw at Jeff's house; Janelle is put on probation; Erin takes a job at the Santa Monica salon.

  • Jeff and Devin go to Vegas with Janelle and the Olly girls; George Maloof introduces Jeff and Devin to two promos who end up being the Oklahoma version of the Olly girls.

  • Jeff and Devin talk with a salon owner who is interested in moving to Los Angeles.

  • Erin's dad makes a surprise visit; an ex-Playmate and her three daughters get spray tans.

  • Ania fills in at the salon and works with Nick for the first time, much to his dismay.

  • Nick's girlfriend joins the staff; the Olly girls study for tanning certification.

  • Miss Sunset Tan is revealed along with a new manager in Las Vegas; Erin makes a decision on whether to stay in Los Angeles; Nick decides his future.

  • Competition between managers heats up, resulting in a trip to Las Vegas to see who is the best fit.

  • Casting for Miss Sunset Tan begins; and Keeley is annoyed with Roxanne over her managerial skills.

  • Erin visits her family in Oklahoma; a tanning machine breaks and costs Nick a lot of money in commissions.

  • Nick tries to court customers in Las Vegas; and Janelle gives Erin a heavy workload.

  • Nick gets frustrated with the regional manager; and Erin tries to adjust to the Hollywood lifestyle after moving from Oklahoma.