Super Bowl

If you are looking for an action packed sports day and you thrive on competition,than this event is just for you. The Super Bowl is a timed honored tradition that takes place every year, usually in Febuary. It originated in 1970 and it was a merger agreement that happened between the NFL and the AFL.This agreement began this way and stayed this way until 1970. After 1970 it became known as a conference between the two teams. During the summer of the previous year the championship begins and teams compete in order to play during this event. The American Footbal league and the National Football league conference is the highest rated professional game of the football season.

There are two other time honored traditions within this annual game, known as Super Bowl Sunday. One being the commercials and for some they just tune in to see the commercials. Companies are known to spend several billion on commercials in order to get their products out there. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the highest rated days for commercials and it's also the day that drives a tremendous amount of any future business. The Super Bowl is also a time honored traqdition for food. Many parties and events are held throughout the day and night. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on food and drink for this event.The Super Bowl also presents a time for artists and musicians to get their talent out there. If an artists is looking to boost sales for an album or to use it as a platform to announce a tour than this is an excellent platofrm to do it. Billions of people watch it worldwide and it also house a way for some talent ot reach new fans in the world.

The super Bowl is time honored tradition for many reasons. If you are interested in watching a game, watching an artist perform, or simply looking for an excuse to pig out, this day is definitely for you.

Sunday 6:30 PM EST on NBC
53 Seasons, 57 Episodes
January 15, 1967
Super Bowl

Super Bowl Full Episode Guide

  • The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams compete to determine the championship of the National Football League.

  • Super Bowl LII will be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th modern-era National Football League championship game. Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Super Bowl News

Super Bowl Ratings Lowest in More Than a Decade

The Patriots, Maroon 5, and a low-scoring game didn't make a winning recipe.

NFL Ratings Were Up in 2018

Donald Trump's attempts to stir anti-football sentiment seem to have backfired.

Don't Have Cable? Here's How You Can Stream Olympics Coverage

The Olympics are going to be all over network and cable TV for the next couple weeks, but if you want to watch without cable, you'll have to get creative.

Justin Timberlake Planned to Use Prince Hologram at Super Bowl?

Sources say JT decided against using the high-tech ghostly image at the last minute.

Fans Not Impressed with Justin Timberlake's Prince Tribute

The pop star's Super Bowl halftime show generated some unexpected controversy.

Super Bowl Falls Short of Record Ratings

Super Bowl LI might have been the most exciting big game in a very long time, but it wasn't the most-watched. A new series that debuted after the game also posted less-than-spectacular ratings.

Lady Gaga Won't Share Super Bowl Stage with Beyonce

Yes, Beyonce is from Houston. No, she won't be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. At least that's what Lady Gaga says.

Lady Gaga to Perform at Super Bowl

This season's Super Bowl half-time show promises to be a big one, even if Beyonce doesn't show up for a third year in a row.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial Causes Twitter Outrage

When you think about controversial Super Bowl commercials, a few companies come to mind...but Coca-Cola is not usually one of them. With GoDaddy sitting this Super Bowl out (maybe Danica Patrick finally found her dignity), viewers needed a new company to be outraged at based on their 30-second ad. Enter Coke. The beverage giant aired a quiet ad featuring shots of American families of various ethnicities, all while voices sang "America the Beautiful" in a number of languages, ranging from English to Spanish to Arabic.

Peyton Manning: The Colt That Became A Bronco

Peyton Manning spent many a year donning an Indianapolis Colt's horseshoe. How fitting he may enter his NFL career's twilight years similarly equine. Poetic witicism aside, USA Today and ESPN report that the four-time NFL MVP quarterback and former Super Bowl MVP has asked that agent Tom Condon start contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos. ESPN's Chris Mortensen broke the news late Monday morning on SportsCenter.

New Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall May Face Assault Charges

The Chicago Bears could now spend the 2012 season's first several games without newly acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall. reported early Wednesday morning that New York law-enforcement arrested the former Miami Dolphin early Sunday morning after a nightclub fight - just four days before the Dolphins completed the trade that has him Windy City-bound. Quoting details from the New York Post, ESPN.

MIA Could Face Breach Of Contract Action Over Super Bowl Gesture

Rapper MIA has now landed not just her ass in a sling, but the NFL and NBC right alongside her. Madonna isn't too happy, either. Giving a camera the finger during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI halftime show alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj has brought a storm down on everybody, and may find her in breach of contract if she isn't careful.

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