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  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.4  (36)

Sweet Home is a captivating, emotionally intense reality TV series that debuted on the Bravo network in 2018. The series is laden with a unique mix of southern charm, high-stakes drama, stress-filled moments, laughter, tears, and heartwarming scenes, all rolled into one distinct package presenting an engaging look into the life and business of a compelling woman, Jennifer Welch. She is the show's main protagonist, returning to television after a hiatus following the success of her previous show, Sweet House Oklahoma.

Set against the backdrop of vibrant Oklahoma City, Sweet Home zooms into the day-to-day operations of Jennifer Welch Designs, a thriving interior design firm led by the vision, taste, and unmatched creativity of its founder, Jennifer Welch. Alongside her trusty team composed of her whimsical assistant, Alex Davis, and her long-time, well-grounded accountant, Angie "Pumps" Sullivan, Jennifer transforms lackluster homes and commercial spaces into aesthetic masterpieces.

A significant hallmark of Sweet Home is Jennifer Welch's interior design style. Her unconventional and bold approach is unapologetically unique, marrying classic, contemporary, and eclectic elements that bear her distinctive signature. Each episode offers viewers a chance to explore different corners of this talent, adding a sense of discovery and awe to watching the show. Onlookers often find themselves not only entertained but also learning from Jennifer Welch’s tips and explanations about her design choices in every episode, making Sweet Home an ideal watch for anyone with an interest in innovative interior design.

The series is far from just about interior design. It’s also a poignant journey through Jennifer Welch’s personal life. Divorced but still living and working with her ex-husband Josh, viewers get a glimpse into the complexities of their unusual setup. Their relationship is peppered with both intimate and awkward moments - a relatable depiction of real-life relationships. It delves into Jennifer’s evolution as a mother to her two sons, dealing with her younger son's learning differences and handling the challenges and peculiarities that come with parenthood.

Sweet Home also beautifully showcases the vibrant culture, values, and lifestyle of the southern American state of Oklahoma, offering viewers an escape from their own surroundings. The depiction of the lifestyle of the city through its people, food, social scene, and weather adds a notable richness to the narrative. The camaraderie between Jennifer, her family, and her close friends showcases the unity, love, and humor that binds them amidst the stressful backdrop of demanding projects, tight deadlines, and the unpredictable hurdles of the business.

The show’s success lies in its relatable content and well-developed characters. Every character in Sweet Home is approachable, and viewers often find themselves laughing or crying along with them. Jennifer’s assistant, Alex, brings comic relief with his quirky behavior and witty one-liners. On the other hand, Pumps is the voice of reason in Jennifer’s life, always seen giving advice and contributing with her grounded perspective. This balance of characters keeps the series engaging and adds a heartening sense of authenticity to this reality show.

Despite its seemingly light façade, Sweet Home never shies away from addressing mental health. It provides an insightful look at how Jennifer and her family deal with her youngest son's difficulties learning due to dyslexia and ADHD. The series adeptly intertwines this challenging situation within the funnier, more upbeat parts of the show, making it a wholesome and refreshingly real viewing experience.

In essence, Sweet Home is a multifaceted series that combines the world of high-end interior design with the genuine, real-life, emotional, and often humorous journey of one woman and her closely-knit circle. The series is a charming mix of professional high-jinx, personal trials, and transformations, which will both entertain and provoke thought in viewers. Whether you're a fan of reality tv, design enthusiast, or a connoisseur of human relationships, Sweet Home, with its distinctive southern charm and engaging narrative, promises an enjoyable watch.

Sweet Home is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 2018.

Sweet Home
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Queso Cabana
8. Queso Cabana
December 25, 2018
Jennifer has big designs for her friend’s cabana, but an unexpected snag threatens to shut the whole project down. Meanwhile, Alex’s evacuation plan is put to the test when a tornado hits OKC.
Drag Queen Demo
7. Drag Queen Demo
December 17, 2018
It’s a family affair as Jennifer transforms the former home of a famous drag queen into a place for her parents
Judge, Jury, and Inspector
6. Judge, Jury, and Inspector
December 8, 2018
Jennifer tackles the redesign of the Judge's office and gives the JWD lobby a make-over. Meanwhile, Jennifer is out to get revenge on Tim for his taste test prank.
The 10-Year Itch
5. The 10-Year Itch
November 30, 2018
Jennifer redesigns a house she first worked on over a decade ago, but has to decide whether or not to make a costly decision. Meanwhile, Josh agrees to photograph Pumps' kids with disastrous results.
Millennial Mansion
4. Millennial Mansion
November 23, 2018
Jennifer and her team take on redesigning a luxurious mansion owned by a wealthy millennial couple, but not without a few curveballs thrown their way. Meanwhile, Pumps is the victim of a not so sweet-smelling prank.
P Is For Pumps
3. P Is For Pumps
November 16, 2018
When she discovers the state of Pumps' living room, Jennifer decides to surprise her BFF with a design makeover. But an unexpected discovery threatens to ruin Jennifer's covert plan. Jennifer, Josh, and Pumps take an extreme measure to quit nicotine.
Pumps It Up!
2. Pumps It Up!
November 9, 2018
Jennifer takes on two drastically different designs - a hip office for one of her best friends and a bedroom for a twelve-year-old girl. Pumps sets out to prove her daughter wrong and become the ultimate dance mom.
Judge's Chambers
1. Judge's Chambers
November 12, 2018
Jennifer Welch and her design team tackle a renovation in the home of a prominent Judge and his family in an area dubbed the "Beverly Hills" of Oklahoma City. Josh faces a career crossroads, while Pumps leans into over-mothering her three teenagers.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 12, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (36)