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Sweet spy is a television series based in South Korea about a widowed police officer that entangles herself in a web of international espionage. The series is a crime drama that creates a mysterious link between the main characters in the show. The main character played by Nam Sang Mi finds herself entwined with an undercover agent named Han Yuh 2 who opens an old case file that links her to political drama that is occurring in their country of South Korea.

The show is based in South Korea and was created by Kwon Mi Kyung. The show was met with mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike and so far has only run one original season. The show features 20 episodes and was aired on Monday and Tuesday evening in prime time television slots. The television series Sweet Spy also stars Dennis Oh Lee Joo Hyun.

Recently widowed ex-police officer Lee Soon-ae is trying to adjust to life after having her world turned upside down by the recent death of her husband. At the beginning of the show it is unknown what happened in her past. However, as the undercover agent finds her connected to political unrest with major political leaders in the country of South Korea, details of her past start to become leaked out.

The television program sweet spy casts a thrilling atmosphere to the audience, which leaves the viewer tons of questions as to what is going on. The captivating flow of the film has the viewer questioning what has happened prior to the current events taking place. This television series portrays insight into political unrest that can occur at any time in a given country and the underlying issues and scenarios that may be taking place simultaneously. Despite only airing one season and having mixed reviews from critics, this show is sure to keep you guessing about what's coming next and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
July 27, 2010
Cast: Sang-mi Nam, Ju-hyeon Lee, Seon Yu, Dennis Oh
Sweet Spy

Sweet Spy Full Episode Guide

  • Kang June and Eun Joo follow Soon Ae as she goes to see You Il. Soon Ae questions You Il about the death of her husband and she makes a important decision.

  • You Il tries to understand Soon Ae's change of attitude towards him but she only inquires about a photo. Soon Ae and Kang June work on gathering important information from Hyun Chul.

  • Kang June takes You Il by surprise when he suddenly starts a fight. Soon Ae questions Kang June about the You Il situation and Bum Goo makes a choice concerning her.

  • A concerned Soon Ae tries to avoid You Il but runs into him anyway. Eun Joo pays a visit to You Il’s home and Soon Ae speaks to Bum Goo.

  • Kang June meets with Bum Goo to discuss issues including Soon Ae. You Il presents a gift to Soon Ae and his secretary teaches her about how to trail someone.

  • Kang June makes a request to Soon Ae and he inquires about her knowledge of Heuk Ryong Hwae. Park enters as Jae Soo faces harsh questioning from Shim concerning Soon Ae’s information.

  • You Il shows his appreciation to Soon Ae for all of her assistance with the stomach injury. Eun Joo makes a surprising announcement about her new title and the current investigation.

  • A seriously injured You Il asks for Soon Ae’s help to treat his wound. Soon Ae faces distraction at work but Kang June makes a decision concerning the release of information.

  • Soon Ae tells Kang June that she will continue to live with You Il and deals with her growing feelings for him. Hyun Chul makes a request of Jae Soo that pertains to Bum Goo.

  • At work, Kang June pressures Soon Ae and inquires about the situation involving You Il. Soon Ae gets into an argument with You Il and Jae Soo pays a visit.

  • You Il searches for Soon Ae but she shows more concern about a simple driving infraction. After inviting Soon Ae to his home, You Il discovers she has left the room.

  • Soon Ae questions Jae Soo about the status of her romantic relationship with Park. You Il and Son Ae hint at their true feelings for each other while drinking champagne and dancing.

  • You-il is upset by Soon-ae and Kang June’s apparent bond, but holds his feelings back. You-il, the Bum-goo gang, Soon-ae, and Kang June all train together at the gym. As they all begin to leave, Soon-ae is privately confronted by You-il, who offers her a place in the investigation division if she publicly claims they are lovers.

  • You-il takes Jae-soo in his car, and is surprised to see that she requests to be dropped off at Soon-ae’s place of work. Meanwhile, Kang June shows off his masterful martial arts skills at Wang Sah-bal’s gym. Kang June and Wang Sah-bal quickly realize that they don’t know how Soon-ae registered at the gym.

  • You-il interrogates Soon-ae about who Kang June is. The two men meet, shake hands, and leave each other with less than friendly impressions. Soon-ae soon meets up with Kang June later. He questions her about the Bum-goo gang, and then makes a remark about Soon-ae’s dead husband, deeply upsetting her.

  • Officers Jo Jung-hae and Shim are stressed from locating all the files to unsolved cases. A new investigator named Eun-joo introduces herself to the division, wowing everyone with her beauty. Kang June attempts to bond with Soon-ae, as mysterious man You-il seems to be up to something, and an inmate is released from prison.

  • Soon-ae is a passionate police officer who winds up in many dangerous situations. She has various run-ins with people who act as though they are above the law. Soon, a mysterious man who has just left the airport who goes by the name of You-il makes a very handsome, yet irresponsible, impression on the stubborn female cop.

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