Teenage Fairytale Dropouts

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Jeremiah is the son of Jack and the Beanstalk. He is friends with Trafalgar. Trafalgar is Merlin the Wizards nephew. They are also friends with Fury. Fury is a wingless fairy. Fury

Saturday 10AM et/ 9AM ct on Seven
1 Season, 26 Episodes
December 31, 2012
Teenage Fairytale Dropouts

Teenage Fairytale Dropouts Full Episode Guide

  • The three friends become inspiration for a movie just for being themselves.

  • Fury and Trafalgar become jealous when Jeremiah gets a new friend.

  • Indigo Robin Hood is banned from the school jousting team so the trio must pull together to create a new team.

  • Things go wrong when the teens try to bring a Hydra egg to school.

  • In order to avoid a birthday party thrown by her aunt, Fury plans a secret bash at schoool.

  • The friends call Pied Pete to help with a mini unicorn invasion.

  • Jeremiah and Trafalgar desperately want to win a reality show, so they use magic to boost their talent.

  • Conrad gets discouraged and grumpy so the friends try hard to show the benefits of being a bunny.

  • When a class field trip goes wrong, the three friends have to make it right.

  • Fury has become obsessed with a reality show.

  • An old pal of Fury's come for a visit and Fury can hardly recognize her.

  • Trafalgar has to put up with cousin Myron and his many talents.

  • Trafalgar is disappointed when Jeremiah is tutored by Merlin.

  • Fury regrets attending a luncheon for misfit faiytales.

  • Problems arise when the fairy tale world clashes with the dragons.

  • Jeremiah wishes to transform Pinocchio to stop his fibs.

  • When the tooth fairy gets ill, Fury wants to step in.

  • Fury stirs up a little trouble because of a controlling attitude.

  • Trafalgar looses his wand when he abuses his magic.

  • Fury gets some crazy competition for a part in the school play.

  • Fury and Trafalgar create a plan to prove an evil streak in a substitute.

  • Fury looses his popularity when he skips a fashion trend.

  • Jeremiah is required to stomp a village but his sweet nature makes it difficult.

  • While Fury is taking care of a unicorn, the unicorn losses his horn.

  • In this series premiere, Jeremiah gets large warts, which have heads that represent different parts of his personality.

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