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When what appears to be a comet is detected hurtling towards Earth, the world waits in terror for the collision. Instead, a ball of light deposits exactly 4400 people on the banks of lake near Mount Rainier in Washington State, creating a global sensation. The authorities quickly discover that each of these people is in fact someone who disappeared mysteriously over the past decades, beginning in 1946. None of the returnees have any memory of what happened to them, appear to have nothing in common. All of them are the same age as when they vanished, and are wearing the same clothing.

Federal agents Tom Baldwin (Joel Gretsch) and Diana Skouris (Jacqueline McKenzie) investigate the occurrence as part of NTAC, the National Threat Assessment Command, the agency put in charge with dealing with the new arrivals and discovering the cause of their situation.

Soon it becomes apparent that while the abductees may be ignorant of what exactly happened, they are certainly not untouched by the experience, as some of them appear to display strange abilities.

The 4400 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2004.

Where do I stream The 4400 online? The 4400 is available for streaming on USA, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The 4400 on demand at Netflix online.

4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
July 11, 2004
Science Fiction, Drama
Cast: Summer Glau, Jeffrey Combs, Joel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie, Mahershala Ali
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The 4400 Full Episode Guide

  • Season 4 ends with Seattle in chaos and NTAC asking Promise City for help. Meanwhile, Kyle's life is in danger and Jordan attempts to escape from the Marked.

  • Meghan and Diana learn how to remove the entity from Tom, but the procedure is dangerous. Meanwhile, Shawn finds help in his attempt to rescue Kevin from Promise City; and Jordan is betrayed by someone close.

  • Tom and Diana are in a race against time to find the source of a computer virus that is threatening Ubient software, one of the largest software companies in the world. Meanwhile, Maia heads to Promise City where she is visited by her birth parents.

  • Tom finds it hard to continue on the search for Richard Tyler because of chronic dreams about the future he's been having. Later, Richard, who is hiding with Isabelle, is visited by his wife who has been dead for more than a year. Meanwhile, Collier's movement is threatened; and Rebecca Parrish puts pressure on the NTAC for results.

  • Richard, hoping to start over, kidnaps Isabelle. Meanwhile, Tess takes over a diner, forcing Shawn to intervene.

  • A mysterious lockdown at NTAC traps everyone, including Collier and his group, forcing an unlikely alliance.

  • Tom and Diana are concerned when a Delta Force team composed of enhanced soldiers is ordered to capture Jordan, dead or alive. Maia has a vision of the team killing Jordan and what follows scares the hell out of her. She tells Diana that she must save Jordan at all cost. Shawn gets in trouble when he gets sued for supposedly having used his healing powers to get sex from the daughter of the woman he healed.

  • Shannon Reese, thirtysomething patient, is able to teach Tom about her neighbors by using her ability to remove stress by listening to problems. Meanwhile, Tom is less than thrilled to learn that it seems like all residents of Evanston has been given Promicin.

  • Diana finds her sister, April, who has developed an ability that puts Diana in danger. Meanwhile, Shawn is asked to run for office and Kyle protects Isabelle.

  • An elderly woman develops the ability to astral project while remaining unseen after taking Promicin. But when her body is murdered, the woman is stuck in limbo and must find a way to contact Tom and Diana in order to track down her killer. Despite being threatened, Shawn returns to healing people.

  • People begin to see their greatest fears -- from tarantulas to walls closing in -- leading Tom and Diana to look for someone with the ability to make people see only their worst fear. Their investigation finds that several of the victims used the same ATM before the "fear attacks," leading them to a bank. Isabelle could land herself a better living situation if she agrees to be injected with Promicin.

  • Months after the season 3 finale, a student develops a unique ability after taking a Promicin injection. Diana hunts for her sister while Tom heads to the jail to visit Isabelle. After some advice from Cassie, Kyle is able to get Shawn out of his coma. Meanwhile, Jordan battles his conscience and a new director is brought in at NTAC.

  • At the 4400 Center, Jordan gives a press conference about his "resurrection" and a war between good and evil that supposedly already began. Tess and Kevin are still fugitives at large and Jordan enlists a 4400 who has a remote viewing ability to track down the duo. Isabelle and Ryland meet again... Boyd Gelder resurfaces.

  • Kevin runs for his life when he becomes a marked man because of his promicin research; and as Tom and Diana search for him, they discover the depths of his devotion to his work. Also, Shawn meets his idol at the 4400 Center.

  • Tom and Diana are drugged with a hallucinogen, created by a 4400, that causes them to confront significant people from their pasts.

  • NTAC finally locates Gary Navarro, but someone at the 4400 Center tips him off before they can catch him. Meanwhile, Nikki Hudson visits Shawn and asks that he heal her father, who has cancer. After Shawn does, Nikki invites Shawn to dinner, which makes Isabelle jealous.

  • As Isabelle retaliates against the Nova Group for attacking Shawn, Alana learns the identity of the drunk driver that killed her husband and son.

  • Although all evidence and memories of Maia, as well as other 4400 children, have been wiped from existence, Tom and Diana have recurring thoughts of her. With Alana's help, Diana manages to regain her memories, but how can they possibly rescue the 4400 children, who have been sent farther back in time?

  • Maia, along with other 4400 children, is kidnapped, forcing Diana to look through Maia's diaries for clues. Meanwhile, Richard, after learning that Shawn donated money to the Nova Group, tries to convince Shawn to let him share power at the 4400 Center.

  • A shape-shifting member of the Nova Group kills T.J. Kim while in the guise of Tom. Meanwhile, Shawn helps Isabelle to achieve rites of passage that she missed.

  • Isabelle suddenly ages into womanhood, and Richard is horrified to learn that the effect has caused Lily to become an old woman. Meanwhile, T.J. Kim, now a member of the terrorist Nova Group, uses her ability to nearly kill Dennis Ryland at a Congressional hearing.

  • Isabelle suddenly ages into womanhood, and Richard is horrified to learn that the effect has caused Lily to become an old woman. Meanwhile, T.J. Kim, now a member of the terrorist Nova Group, uses her ability to nearly kill Dennis Ryland at a Congressional hearing.