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Batman and Robin must save Gotham from many heinous villains who want power, fame or fortune. Watch this entertaining animated series that follows the adventures of Batman and his young sidekick Robin as they save Gotham from the likes of the Joker, the Riddler, Fr. Freeze and more.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1968.

Where do I stream The Adventures of Batman & Robin online? The Adventures of Batman & Robin is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Adventures of Batman & Robin on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
September 14, 1968
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Casey Kasem, Ted Knight, Olan Soule, Jane Webb
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The Adventures of Batman & Robin Full Episode Guide

  • Wrath of The Riddler--Batgirl helps to stop the Riddler from kidnapping Dick Grayson to prevent Bruce Wayne from building a state of the art Crime Lab for Gotham City. / It Takes Two to Make a Team--Robin's confidence becomes an issue as the Penguin, the Joker, and the Riddler try to break up the Caped Crusaders.

  • The Jigsaw Jeopardy--His vanity offended when the Gotham Museum rejects his artwork, the Riddler seeks revenge by blowing up the building. Batman and Robin work through his riddles to try and stop him. / Enter the Judge--A judge who lets criminals get away with their crimes gives Robin a death sentence after he captures him.

  • The Fiendishly, Frigid Fraud--Massive ice balls randomly appear in Gotham City prompting the Caped Crusaders to hunt down Mr. Freeze, but is he really to blame? / The Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper--Mr. Freeze disguises himself as Santa Claus and steals the Diamond Star off the Gotham Christmas tree with Batman and Robin in hot pursuit.

  • Perilous Playthings--Catwoman sets up a trap for Batman and Robin in an abandoned movie studio which has many dangerous toys. / The return of Simon brings trouble for Batman as he continues his criminal plans.

  • A Mad, Mad Tea Party--A dinner party hosted by The Riddler, The Joker, and Mr. Freeze brings some trouble for Batman. / A Game Of Cat And Mouse--Catwoman hatches a plan to steal the Crown Jewels on exhibit in Gotham City.

  • He Who Swipes the Ice, Goes to the Cooler--A visiting foreign dignitary is abducted by Mr. Freeze, along with his fortune in jewels. / From Catwoman with Love--Valentine's Day presents for Batman and Robin from their foes, but are they all trapped?

  • Beware Of Living Dolls--Dollman, a criminal who uses special dolls to carry out his misdeeds, is hunted by Batman and Robin. / My Crime is Your Crime--Batman is sued for false arrest in a strange twist by The Penguin and Joker.

  • The Great Scarecrow Scare--The Scarecrow has a special plan for Commissioner Gordon. / Simon the Pieman--Simon the Pieman, a new villain, comes to Gotham with plans of taking control.

  • Mr. Freeze's Frozen Vikings--A frozen Viking Ship including the crew of Vikings appears in Gotham Harbor but it's all a plot by the sinister Mr. Freeze. / Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?--Catwoman has a circus performer impersonate Robin and join in her criminal activity.

  • The Underworld, Underground Caper-- The Riddler and Catwoman use the underground tunnels of an abandoned sewer to rob Gotham City. / Hizzoner the Joker--The Joker robs the Gotham City Treasury and then uses the money to setup city officials he accuses of corruption. Batman and Robin try to sort out the truth of the madman's plans.

  • Partner in Peril--The Joker, The Penguin, and The Riddler have a contest to see which one of them can pull off the greatest crime and take over the criminal empire in Gotham. / Two Penguins Too Many--The Penguin and Joker use a circus as a distraction to rob a few banks in a tank but some actual penguins cause them some trouble.

  • The 1001 Faces of The Riddler--The Riddler uses disguises to commit crimes and lead the Dynamic Duo into a trap. / The Crime Computer--A computer is The Penguin's favorite tool to help him with his criminal activity.

  • Long John Joker--The Joker tries to look for an actual pirate's buried treasure while filming a pirate movie. / The Big Birthday Caper--Penguin and the Riddler team up to bring the Caped Crusader a special surprise for his birthday.

  • The Nine Lives of Batman--Catwoman uses a gas to help her find out which Gotham citizens are actually Batman and Robin. / In Again, Out Again Penguin--The Penguin, under the guise of being a prisoner, breaks out of his jail cell and frames Batman and Robin for crimes he commits.

  • Bubi, Bubi Who's Got The Ruby?--The Penguin and Catwoman both set their sights on a high priced jewel that has recently arrived in Gotham. / Opera Buff, Joker Style--Can Batman and Robin stop the Joker's crimes before the fat lady sings?

  • The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze--All of Gotham's water will turn to ice unless Mr. Freeze can be stopped but will posing as a criminal work for Batman? / The Joker's on Robin--Batman decides to go solo after Robin gets in his way while trying to apprehend the Joker.

  • How Many Herrings in a Wheelbarrow--Joker tries to keep the Dynamic Duo off his trail while plotting to destroy all of Gotham with a giant laser. / Bird Out of Hand--The Penguin has become the newest costumed crusader but is he for real?

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