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The Cleaner follows a man by the name of William Banks who has struggled with a variety of different addictions over the course of his life. However, he is able to eventually quit his addictions and manages to turn his life around. The man decides that he is going to teach other people how to quit addictions themselves, and he dedicates his life to doing so.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 15, 2008
Cast: Grace Park, Benjamin Bratt, Amy Price-Francis, Esteban Powell
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The Cleaner Full Episode Guide

  • William and the team take a complex case involving a drug dealer's daughter, endangering both the team and William's family.

  • Although the job is to clean up a boxer before his next match, William finds that the biggest risk to the man's sobriety is close to home.

  • William weighs protecting Lula and their relationship or putting her face-to-face with the downfall of one of her idols when he decides whether to take the case of a ballerina.

  • William finds a very personal trigger when a new age guru, cashing in on the self-help craze, turns to William for help with her addict son.

  • William takes on a case brought to him by a hospital executive after he receives an anonymous tip that nurses and doctors on staff may be using drugs.

  • William is hired to help a drug addicted cop, but fears he may use his weapon at the intervention. Meanwhile, Akani helps a homeless women and her dog find shelter; and Sweaton helps an alcoholic father and daughter.

  • A pair of identical twins who have little in common except maybe their roads to recovery. Meanwhile, the out-of-control behavior of William's addict friend puts a strain on their relationship.

  • William tries to help a celebrity beat her addiction to drugs.

  • Still reeling from his separation, William decides to detox a pregnant woman at his safe house, rather than utilizing a hospital, a decision he may come to regret.

  • William must deal with two alcoholics and a weekend with Ben turns into a busman's holiday.

  • In the second-season opener, the team helps a national-news anchor (Gary Cole) who claims to have been clean for years and is now a spokesperson for recovery, which makes the situation delicate and calls for discrete action. Whoopi Goldberg guest stars.

  • Neil and Shelly have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful home, successful careers and dangerous addictions to alcohol. Neil's father comes to William, concerned for his granddaughter's safety. William and his team make a risky play posing as Child Protective Services to remove the little girl from the house and scare Neil and Shelly straight. Can they get clean together, or will the price of sobriety be their marriage?

  • William brings Swenton into the Banks home to detox, determined to save him from the fate that Mickey suffered. Meanwhile, Akani and Darnell take on a case from drug dealer Gaza Rashburg. They infiltrate his daughter's sorority house, where Akani discovers that the girl is severely bulimic, while Darnell harbors a personal vendetta against Rashburg.

  • Lisa moved to Los Angeles years ago with dreams of becoming an actress, but thus far, all she has managed is a steady career as an extra. When her visiting brother discovers the depth of Lisa's cocaine problem, he enlists William. He learns that Lisa has been supporting her habit via a credit card scheme and moves to grab her, only to have her finally land a role that could be her break. Meanwhile, Swenton goes missing, and Akani, fearing the worst, races to locate him.

  • A teen pianist who is addicted to meth receives help from William, but he must first handle her dysfunctional family.

  • The mother of a heroin addict hires back an interventionist who worked with her daughter before which failed, leaving William to search for the woman himself.

  • A teenage boy asks for William's help with his father, who went to prison as a result of William's past efforts. The man, now out, is using meth again. William and his team go undercover in a biker gang and discover that their mark is part of a heavy-duty meth ring. As he deals with this fractured father-son relationship, William must cope with the reality that his own son is pulling away from him. Benjamin Bratt stars.

  • A mathematics professor turns to cocaine while in a race against time to publish his research. William is summoned by his colleague and girlfriend. William must get the professor before he loses everything, including his career, his personal life, even the diner owned by his immigrant parents. Meanwhile, William's son discovers a used needle in their house after a dinner party. William is devastated when he learns it belongs to his former sponsor, and now must decide whether to remove him from his life.

  • When a wife from a sleepy suburb becomes involved in a drug ring, her husband calls William for help in cracking the ring and getting his wife back.

  • A mother believes that her daughter has turned to a life of drugs, despite drug tests that come back negative. William is called to help the mother determine once and for all if her daughter is using.

  • After the death of his father, a high school all-star athlete turns to meth to deal with his grief. William Banks, a reformed addict-turned-interventionist, tries to help.

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