The Cyanide & Happiness Show

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Based on the popular, decade-old webcomics, Cyanide & Happiness is just as a devilishly side-splitting on screen as it is on paper. This black comedy is a nihilistic, self-deprecating, hilarious sketch animation franchise for the ages. Each episode of the series showcases comedic shorts aimed at procuring "the human excretion known as laughter from your face hole via fast-paced weird comedy."

1 Season, 30 Episodes
November 12, 2014
Adult Cartoon, Animation & Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Dave McElfatrick, Joel Watson, Rob DenBleyker, Mike Salcedo
The Cyanide & Happiness Show

The Cyanide & Happiness Show Full Episode Guide

  • A lonely milf is double-teamed by a naughty professor and a bad boy who's into pain. Hot asses, gaping holes and piles of sweaty bodies go wild, leading up to this season's explosive money shot.

  • You plan a break in, you do a break out, you go and join your buddies in the super hero house. An unhappy Abby Babble starts to scream and shout! Find out what it's all about.

  • Tonight's Top Story: Chip Chapley cheerfully chugs along at NVM News, while an alienated Abbie Babble attempts to address PainTech's plotting ploys to profiteer from people's pain.

  • Star Spangled Bastard! Mega Mom! Salmon Boy? Sure! When the world needs saving from a deranged killer robot, we call These Guys! One of them is a carrot!

  • A mysterious number in a truck stop bathroom leads a scientist and a billionaire to the ends of the universe and back. Two online video pranksters explore the outer limits of embarrassment.

  • Ultrasoldier is back and he€™s more ultra than ever! Bullets fly and tears cry as we learn his tragic ultra-origins. The newest gadget on the market has taken the world by storm€¦ a pain-storm, that is.

  • The creators of "The Cyanide & Happiness Show" explain the origins of Lunk.

  • The creators of "The Cyanide & Happiness Show" explain the history of everyone's favorite "All-in-One Automatically Agonized Appliance," the Painbot!

  • Jack learns an important lesson on history and a spiritual mystic uses alternative methods to solve local school's IT problem.

  • Super Dad and Mega Mom use their new found powers to protect those from harm. The Wonder Percent decides to take action against the corrupt one percenters. A Narrator contemplates his purpose in life. A band of super heroes unite to end the fiery force of an evil super villan.

  • Detective Schmidt puts more than his life on the line to protect the Mayor. Higgins shows his new partner how to solve a case. Two cops learn the importance of family. Learn how to paint with Bill Brass.

  • Hat Buddies and America's patriotic heroes, Star Stangled Bastard and Eagle.

  • Ventriloquists and anatomically interesting sea creatures.

  • Time travel proves to be a messy business. Visitors from the future prove that being rude never ends. An inappropriate joke in a Walmart breakroom has annoying results that ripple through time. Intolerant time travel gets out of hand.

  • A cop on a bicycle chases down Douchey McGee. A ninja clan tries to steal an ancient dagger, but is intercepted by Hunk Fu. A janitor tells the tale of Coach Murphy who helped push a junior league baseball team all the way to nationals with his motivational letters.

  • Truck driver Monster Chuck decides to give wrestling a try. Carl applies to Humperdink University to keep his family tradition alive by becoming a porn star. Marcy ends up on a blind date with a horse, and the Constrictor contemplates his life choices as his career takes him down a dark path.

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