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The Detonators is a reality documentary series that first aired in 2009. The series looks at a team of demolition experts who are one of the few persons who are able to implode massive buildings in the US. The series follows the team as they go about destroying a building during each one of the series

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 28, 2009
Cast: Garrett Fisher, Braden Lusk, Paul Worsey
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The Detonators Full Episode Guide

  • Two big problem blasts.

  • Two massive smokestacks are about to be blasted.

  • Explosives expert Dr. Paul Worsey reveals the tricks of the trade at the blast of a 2500 foot long steel bridge in Bismarck, North Dakota.

  • Explosive experts Dr. Paul Worsey and Dr. Braden Lusk look at exactly how blasters take down huge concrete buildings.

  • Four extremely large structures need to be leveled in a record setting time in Weirton, West Virginia.

  • Nick Allder is a veteran SFX technician who's been working in feature filmsfor over 40 years. Amongst his achievements are an OSCAR (for the legendarychest bursting alien in Alien) and a BAFTA for the Fifth Element. Now Nickis in Prague, working on Blade II, a big budget Hollywood blockbuster whichsees Wesley Snipes joining forces with his vampire enemies to take on a newcommon enemy, the Reapers. The Reapers are a race of super vampires intenton taking overt the world and they require special attention when it comesto taking them out. Like being shot 200 times. Nick and his crew implementthe explosive sequences that take place when a crowded nightclub becomes thescene of a gory showdown.

  • Dr. Paul Worsey and Dr. Braden Lusk head to Foxburg, PA, where they will show how a building can be taken down in a tight area.

  • A close look behind the scenes at the blasts of two structures that just can't be brought down with a wrecking ball, as conducted by explosives experts Dr. Braden Lusk and Dr. Paul Worsey.

  • Urban buildings are brought down by explosive experts Dr. Braden Lusk and Dr. Paul Worskey, with unprecedented accuracy in Glasgow, Scotland and Birmingham, AL.

  • A pair of steel structures are scheduled for demolition.

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