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  • 2019
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.7  (475)

The Dog House: UK is a heartwarming reality TV show created by Channel 4 that aims to provide a home for shelter dogs by finding them a loving family. The show originally premiered in 2019 and features Andrew Buchan, Perry Fitzpatrick, and Jade Odle. The show takes place in the Wood Green Animal Charity Center in Cambridgeshire, England, where hundreds of dogs are waiting for their forever homes. Each episode focuses on a few selected canines and follows their journey as they meet a potential family that could offer them a forever home.

Viewers get to know the stories behind the dogs, as their previous owners have had to give them up due to various reasons, such as not having the time to look after them or moving to a new house that does not permit pets. The animal shelter staff brings in experts to assess the dogs' personalities and match them with suitable families. Then, the dogs and the prospective owners get to know each other over a series of visits and activities.

The show highlights the struggles that shelter dogs face, such as anxiety and lack of social skills, which might make them less appealing to potential adopters. However, the staff at the Wood Green shelter works tirelessly to provide training and socialization opportunities for the dogs to improve their chances of finding a forever home.

The Dog House: UK offers a refreshing take on reality TV, focusing on the emotional connections between humans and animals rather than dramatic conflicts between individuals. Viewers get to see the joy that comes with adoption as a family finally meets their new four-legged member and takes them home.

The hosts of the show, Andrew Buchan, Perry Fitzpatrick, and Jade Odle, add an additional layer of warmth and humor to the show, as they follow the dogs' journeys and provide insights into the adoption process. They offer honest feedback to the prospective owners, highlighting the importance of commitment and patience when adopting a dog from a shelter.

The show has been praised by both dog owners and non-dog owners alike for its heartwarming and uplifting message. The animals featured on the show are often those that might have been overlooked, and the show provides them with an opportunity to find a loving home. Many viewers have reported shedding tears of joy as they witness the transformation of the dogs from anxious shelter dwellers to happy and contented members of a family.

In conclusion, The Dog House: UK is a wonderful watch for anyone who loves animals and wants to witness the joy of adoption. The show strikes a perfect balance between heartwarming stories and educational information about adopting a dog. Andrew Buchan, Perry Fitzpatrick, and Jade Odle provide an excellent hosting dynamic that adds an extra layer of interest to the show. Overall, this is must-watch TV for animal lovers everywhere.

The Dog House: UK is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2019.

The Dog House: UK
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Episode 12
12. Episode 12
January 1, 2023
This heartwarming unscripted series tails the adorable pups at a British animal rescue center and the hopeful dog owners looking to have their lives transformed by a four-legged friend.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
January 1, 2023
Rob and Andy arrive at Wood Green ready to take home a new furry roommate. The O'Neills hope a new pup will help family patriarch Michael with his recent dementia diagnosis. After buying her first home, Tasmin looks to complete it with a new dog.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
January 1, 2023
While a ten-year-old searches for his best furry friend forever (BFFF), a retired nurse looks to pour her love into something new, and a biker seeks a travel buddy.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
January 1, 2024
Tom and his girlfriend Maxine are ready for their first dog together, Boris the bulldog seeks a companion, and a mother and daughter in mourning seek healing at Wood Green.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
January 1, 2023
Beth and Jemima look to bring home a pal who can fit in with their dog-enthusiast friends. Trinity and Paul, along with their two pups, hope to recruit a fifth member to their pack. Then, Tina searches for a companion that isn't afraid of her wheelchair.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
January 1, 2023
As her daughters get older, Laura looks to shower someone new with her affection. Justin and Richard already have a name picked out for their future pup. Lizzie and Jason hope a new companion will help ease the nerves of their former stray Billy.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
January 1, 2023
Following a series of health problems, Ben hopes to find a dog to help fill his days. Rob and Leigh Ann meet a potential playmate for their aptly named Cocker Spaniel Storm. Phil and Tracey hope it's love at first sight with Dalmatian cross Buster.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
January 1, 2023
A family of dog enthusiasts looks to adopt their first pup. Two cousins hope to expand their family with help from Wood Green. A recent retiree seeks a furry partner for her next adventure.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
January 1, 2023
Wood Green helps find pups for an aspiring musician, a family facing a difficult diagnosis, and a married couple struggling after the loss of their beloved dog.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
January 1, 2023
A single mom hopes a dog will help her teenage sons' relationship, while Cocker Spaniel Bizzy, who needs some training, wants Barrie to choose her as his co-pilot. Then, a couple who works from home seeks a furry friend to motivate them to get outside.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
January 1, 2023
With his sister away at college, Harry looks for a best friend to match his energy. A hopeful dog owner is already prepared for a pup, but sassy fluffball Balloo brings pandemonium. Then, a couple seeks a companion for their aging cockapoo Marnie.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
January 1, 2023
A single dad looks to add to his energetic household, while Yvonne and Graham hope a new pup will broaden the horizons of their clingy dachshund. After an unfortunate accident, bonded terrier pair Rome and Daisy are in the market for a new furever home.
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The Dog House: UK is available for streaming on the Channel 4 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Dog House: UK on demand at Max and Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.7  (475)