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The Fashion Show is a reality TV show about design competition where each episode presents a challenge for the designers to work within. Isaac Mizrahi is the host and one of the judges along with Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny's Child. Mizrahi and Rowland observe the workroom where the designers anxiously work up their designs from idea to runway ready. Though Mizrahi can be humorous and colorful in demeanor, he remains disciplined in only observing the designers as they are not encouraged or coached in any way aside from a keep at it attitude. Rowland appears to support Mizrahi's energy as well, so the designers appear to be on their own to sink or swim, or rather loose or win the contest.

The contestants of the show are much like any other contest driven reality show; they are a fair mix of dramatic, eccentric, diva-type personalities that are bound to rally or conflict and make for good TV watching.

Some of the challenges the designer face are basic, while others more vigorous, adding a good dynamic to the contest. Each challenge reveals weakness and strength between the contestants which will pull the audience to rally behind their favorite or change their idea completely on who they support and want to win. Some say The Fashion Show is a knock off of another more popular show. Maybe it is similar, but there are differences. Let's face it, we can't all afford designer digs, but most can afford knocks offs and sometimes like them better! Maybe most of us will be able to afford the designs put into production from this show.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
May 7, 2009
Cast: Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Rowland, Fern Mallis, Anna McCraney
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The Fashion Show Full Episode Guide

  • The designers present their final collection. Who will be crowned the winner?

  • The final designers seek inspiration from earth, wind, and water.

  • The remaining designers get a lesson from the Creative Director at Barney's New York, Simon Doonan, who schools them about the importance of using vintage accessories to create eccentric designs. The designers are inspired making the fashion and competition fiercer than ever.

  • The designers head to the altar to create a fashionable look for gay couples about to get married.

  • The designers head to New Jersey where they are granted access to the lost and found area at Hoboken train station. From these items, each house must present a cohesive collection of weekend looks.

  • Bravo worlds collide as the designers must make-under Real Housewives.

  • After meeting Iman at the National History Museum, the designers each select a time capsule containing items and accessories from a specific year to use for inspiration but to create new, fashion-forward looks that incorporate that timeless pattern, plaid.

  • The designers must create attire appropriate for the evening.

  • The inner workings of the human body influence fashion-line creations. Photographer Douglas Friedman guest judges.

  • In the second season premiere of The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, twelve talented men and women are divided into two fashion houses and each "house" must work together to create a cohesive collection and produce a live fashion show.

  • America chooses the winning designer.

  • The remaining contestants compete for a chance to win the $125,000 prize and have their designs sold in the retail market. America votes for a winner.

  • The pressure is on in this Harper's Bazaar mini challenge, as the contestants must master the art of draping, one of the most difficult and revered skills in the design world. Isabel Toledo, the queen of draping, stops by to judge. In the elimination challenge, the designers really need to shine. Swarovski crystals play a crucial role in the designers' task of creating a standout red carpet gown that would get any client on the best-dressed list.

  • The remaining designers are challenged to create loungewear to complement designer Fernando Sanchez's top selling luxury robes. The winning creation will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and that designer will have an advantage in the elimination round. Questioning their fate, the contestants are whisked to a Tarot card reader who predicts their future in the competition. They come to find that this experience will have more of an effect on their resulting design than they originally imagined.

  • Fashion is cyclical, so learning from past designers is as important as having the vision to create new trends. To assess their knowledge, Mizrahi, Rowland, and Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown test the designers on fashion icons. The contestants are then challenged to create a complete look inspired by a signature piece from fashion icons such as Dior, Balenciaga and Halston. Using a signature piece from a legendary artist's repertoire as inspiration, the contestants must create a complete look.

  • Special guest Becki Newton challenges the designers with creating wearable looks for both work and party.

  • The designers are brought back to school when they are tasked with designing outfits based on different social cliques. Later, two contestants are shockingly eliminated.

  • Having an eye for detail can make or break any designer and in this week's Harper's Bazaar mini challenge, the designers' vision is really put to the test. The elimination challenge this week is all about shape and proportion. Using padding and body enhancing fabrics that lift and flatten, the designers will need to help hide real-women's problem areas while enhancing their assets.

  • For their Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, the remaining designers must lend their designs to an eco-friendly shoe company. After, they have to create the perfect outfit for a pair of high-fashion shoes. Fashion icon George Malkemus appears as guest judge to narrow the designers down to ten.

  • In the premiere, the designers are put to the test, facing off in two challenges - the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, judged by the magazine's Special Projects Director Laura Brown, and the elimination challenge. Guest Judge: Elie Tahari

The Fashion Show News

Out of Fashion or Out of Line? 'Fashion Show' Contestant Calls Issac Mizrahi Four-Letter Word, Winner Announced (Spoiler Alert)

When asked what he thought of “Fashion Show” judge Issac Mizrahi, designer Calvin Tran had a four letter choice word in mind, and it wasn’t C-U-T-E.

At a pre-finale luncheon Monday, Tran called Mizrahi the word you know that rhymes with “witch,” stating he was condescending to work with.

Being true to himself, and true to his design, Calvin was one of three designers who whipped out nine looks in one week for the final fashion show.

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