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The Hero stars the former WWE wrestling star, and Hollywood actor, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. This reality competition show pits contestants against each other to win America's votes. The goal is to be labeled "The Hero" and take home the cash grand prize. Throughout the show the contestants are faced with physical and mental challenges, from climbing buildings to crawling through a spider filled corridors. The contestants are attempting to prove, not to each other, and not to Dwayne Johnson, but to the viewers, that they have what it takes to be a hero.

Each week there are two challenges. The first is a team challenge. This challenge requires the competitors to work together to accomplish a goal. These challenges are designed to build teamwork, and showcase the physical prowess a hero should have. The prize at the end of the team challenges is money donated to the American Red Cross, and extra time on the second weekly challenge. The second challenge is called The Hero's Challenge. This is an individual challenge for one contestant only. Each week a contestant is voted into this challenge by their teammates. The goal here is to complete the challenge, usually a combination of physical prowess and mental acuity, to win fifty thousand dollars in cash. The contestant has two choices if they complete the challenge. The money they won can either go into the pot for the grand prize, or they can take it home with them. What does a hero do? Take the money to help their family and their community? Or give the money back to the team?

The show revolves around the question: what is a hero? How does a hero behave? The contestants answer this question through facing fears, physical feats and facing temptations. The game is never the same twice. The Hero competitors must be ready for anything, and to prove that no matter what, they are heroic. Contestants must make choices about money, about betraying teammates, and even about putting themselves in jeopardy. And in the end, America gets to vote on which contestant is the winner.

The Hero is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on June 6, 2013.

The Hero is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Hero on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
June 6, 2013
Cast: Lydia Callins, Patty O'Neil
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The Hero Full Episode Guide

  • The votes have been counted and "The Hero" is revealed.

  • In the final episode before America's vote, contestants face their fears and heights as they rappel down the tallest building in Central America face-first.

  • Contestants test their skills with primitive weapons and make their way through a dangerous underground cave in the Team Challenge.

  • Things become complicated in the Team Challenge when contestants are forced to take a lie detector test about each other. A contestant gets tear-gassed and Lydia bares a secret in the War Room.

  • The Rock reveals an unexpected twist in the game. During the Team Challenge, contestants take death-defying leaps off a building and climb 40 stories up an abandoned elevator shaft.

  • With doubt and mistrust already rampant among the contestants, new temptations complicate matters further as the contestants navigate the Panamanian jungle and handle huge snakes in the Team Challenge. In the Hero Challenge, one contestant must climb atop a towering bridge.

  • The contestants must push an all-terrain vehicle through the streets of Colon City, fly in helicopters and navigate a dangerous "dry dock" as it fills with water rushing in from the Panama Canal.

  • In the series premiere, nine strangers move into their luxury Panamanian penthouse eager and ready to start the competition. Host Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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